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In The Mailbox: 10.12.21 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

As you may have noticed, we’ve added counterjihad site Gates of Vienna to our list of blogs, and Jeff Goldstein has picked up the gauntlet again at Protein Wisdom after getting the boot from Twitter.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Ereshkigal from Fate/Grand Carnival as shown in Newtype magazine.


357 Magnum: The Rise Of The Australian Police State
Red Pilled Jew: Creating A Preference Tsunami
EBL: It’s “Saint” Matthew Shepard Day
Twitchy: CNN – American & Southwest Airlines Say Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Supersedes Conflicting Texas Order
Louder With Crowder: 11-Year Old King Shoots Home Intruder, Mocks Him For Crying After Being Shot
Vox Popoli: Never Listen To The Elite, Superhomo, and Dead Pilots In Flight
Gab News: Gab’s Response To The ADL

Adam Piggott: The Enemy In Our Midst, also, Coming Out Trad Day
American Conservative: Take-Off Time For Solidarity, also, Social Media Profits Off Conservatives
American Greatness: Southwest Airlines CEO Says No Employees Will Be Fired Over Jab Mandate, also, Our Representatives, Not The J6 Protesters, Defile The “Sacred” U.S. Capitol
American Power: What Happens When The Last Jew Leaves Afghanistan, also, Remarkable Shape-Shifting On The Left’s CRT Takeover
American Thinker: The Benefits Of Blue State Bankruptcy, also, Mahan & The Problem Of China
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Border Crisis News
Babalu Blog: Cuban Food In Miami, Tampa, & New York, also, Lucy – The Computer Application That Aims To Revitalize Totalitarianism In Cuba
BattleSwarm: Are Biden’s Jab Mandates About To Destroy The Airline Industry?, also, Supply Chain Disruption Update
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, Michael Knowles – Celebrating Columbus, and Starship/Superheavy Update
Cafe Hayek: A Current Ill-Consequence Of Deficit Financing, also, The (Il)logic Of Vaccine Mandates
CDR Salamander: Drydocks Matter
Da Tech Guy: Is This A Bug Or A Feature? COVID Edition, Report From Louisiana – On Newspapers, and Help Wanted!
Don Surber: Officer Cleared In Shooting Of Attempted Kidnapper/Rapist, Bigger Social Security Checks Mean More Trouble Ahead, and Reindeer Shut Down Windmills
First Street Journal: Bullets Flying In The Bluegrass State, also, The Patricians Really, Really Don’t Like The Plebeians!
Gates Of Vienna: Giorgia Meloni’s Speech In Madrid, Taharrush In Tarragona, and Come Join The Hive!
The Geller Report: Virginia Father Arrested At School Board Meeting After His Teen Daughter Was Raped & Forcibly Sodomized By Trans Student In Public School, also, Poll – Majority Of American Voters Believe Cheating Tainted Biden’s 2020 Victory
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, also, Discovering North America In Space
Hollywood In Toto: From Dusk Til Dawn Isn’t Worthy Of Its Cult Following, also, How The Media Make Cancel Culture Worse
The Lid: Kamala Harris Space Video Uses Child Actors Instead Of Regular Kids
Legal Insurrection: Providence RI Schools Move To Terminate CRT Whistleblower Teacher, Mass. Teacher Fired For Opposing CRT/LGBTQWTFBBQ Agenda In Schools, and Loudoun County Dad Accuses School Board Of Covering Up His Daughter’s Rape By Trans Student
Nebraska Energy Observer: Weak Men Produce Hard Times, also, It’s A Matter Of Trust
Outkick: Gruden Drama Comes Down To Words Vs. Actions, Gruden Resigns As LV Raiders Coach After More Email Leaks, and Gruden Gone While Rappers & Deshaun Watson Continue to Represent The NFL
Power Line: South By Southwest, also, Woke Mob Fails to Cancel Geophysicist’s Lecture Despite MIT’s Cowardice 
Protein Wisdom: The Arrogance Of Ignorance, I Question The Timing Part 67889456, and The Cure IS The Virus
Shark Tank: Government Buses Potentially Filled With Illegals Enter Florida
Shot In The Dark: Build Bull Blocker, also,  Well That’s a Big Slip-Up!
The Political Hat: University of San Diego To Prospective Faculty – DIE Or Else!
This Ain’t Hell: Navy Nuke Engineer Charged With Trying To Pass Secrets, Taliban Claims U.S. Will Provide Humanitarian Aid To Afghanistan, and There Are More Odd Things Going On 
Transterrestrial Musings: Breezewood, also, Laughing Wolf
Victory Girls: If It Weren’t For Columbus, We Wouldn’t Be Here, also, Sinema Leaves Protesters Out In The Cold, Skips Race
Volokh Conspiracy: Does A Medieval English Statute Supersede The Second Amendment?
Weasel Zippers: McAuliffe – Saying Critical Race Theory Exists Is Racist, Homeland Security Orders ICE To Stop Raiding Illegals’ Workplaces, and Pelosi Thinks Press Isn’t Selling Biden’s Build Back Better Plan Hard Enough
The Federalist: The 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen – It Was Bought By Mark Zuckerberg, also, Mom Reports School To Police For Promoting Gay Porn To Kids
Mark Steyn: Happy Holidays!, The Stampede To Stupid, and Blaming The Weather

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