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Lesbian Love Triangle: NYPD Cop Murders Ex-Girlfriend’s New Lover

Posted on | October 14, 2021 | Comments Off on Lesbian Love Triangle: NYPD Cop Murders Ex-Girlfriend’s New Lover

Allegedly, I hasten to add:

The off-duty NYPD officer who allegedly shot her ex-girlfriend and killed the woman’s new lover may have snapped because she was clinging to hope that they’d get back together, a high-ranking police source told The Post Thursday.
Officer Yvonne Wu, 31, had recently split with her ex, Jenny Li, 23, but was still spending the night on occasion at Li’s home in Brooklyn — and may have lost it when she saw her there with another woman, the source said.
“She was still staying there on and off. She was still staying there some nights. It’s not that strange, maybe she thought it could still work out,” the source said.
Wu, who works at the 72nd Precinct and lives on Staten Island, allegedly opened fire on Li and her 24-year-old new lover, Jamie Liang, at the home on 19th Avenue near 79th Street in Bensonhurst Wednesday night, according to police.
“When the cops get there, she says, ‘I shot them both. The gun’s inside,’ calm as can be,” the source said.
Liang was found with a bullet wound to the chest and was taken to Maimonides Medical Center, where she died. Li was in serious but stable condition on Thursday, police said.

Notice something about this story? Neither the word “lesbian” nor the word “gay” appears anywhere in it. This is standard practice when referring to homosexuals who commit crimes, whereas if a homosexual is the victim of a crime (e.g., Matthew Shepard), “gay” is in the headline. In this case, where one homosexual (allegedly) shoots two other homosexuals, they went with the former rule, I guess.

As if the headline “Killer Cop in Lesbian Love Triangle” wouldn’t sell more newspapers? See, that’s my real beef with this kind of political correctness — insofar as journalism is a business, the profit motive would suggest the word “lesbian” in the headline of a story like this, much the same way that the word “rape” should always be in the headline of a story about rape. A legalistic term like “sexual assault” doesn’t sell papers the way “rape” sells papers. One reason the news business is in such dire condition is that political correctness is the enemy of the kind of lurid scandal-sheet mentality portrayed in L.A. Confidential.

What America needs is journalists who think more like old-school reporters — wearing fedoras and wide lapels, smoking Chesterfields and driving a 1949 Packard — and less like college professors.

If you ever get a chance to use “Lesbian Love Triangle” in a headline, why would you pass up such an opportunity? Like you’re afraid of being sued or something? Let’s stipulate the possibility that one or more of the women involved here — including the deceased Jamie Liang — may have been bisexual, but the nature of this particular love triangle would justify the word “lesbian” as an adjective, if not as a noun.

Or that would be my defense, anyway, if it turned into a libel suit.

Speaking of libel suits, Ace thinks Joe Rogan may have a case against CNN for smearing him by claiming he took “horse dewormer” as treatment for COVID-19. And whether or not that were defamation, per se, I certainly hope Rogan will sue CNN over this, because discovery is a bitch. If Rogan can get clear the “motion-to-dismiss” hurdle, he might obtain some internal CNN memos about how they’ve been covering COVID-19. Anything bad that happens to CNN is good for journalism.

Anyway, the alleged lesbian cop — notice how I used the word “alleged” there? — has worse problems than being called names by a blogger. New York City has gone kind of soft on crime with De Blasio as mayor, but I’m pretty sure that murder is still a felony there. Maybe she’ll plead insanity, and her defense team can call me as an expert witness.

ATTORNEY: “Would you say my client is crazy?”
McCAIN: “Definitely. She’s deranged, demented, berserk, bonkers, daft, wacky, zany, nutty as squirrel farts, a few fries short of a Happy Meal, and cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.”
ATTORNEY: “And how does that apply to her shooting rampage?”
McCAIN: “Like I always say, Crazy People Are Dangerous.”

Case closed. Court is adjourned.



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