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In The Mailbox: 10.19.21 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Just another bunch of Commies screwing up the economy, as they do.

357 Magnum: Don’t Bring A Hatchet To A Gunfight
Red Pilled Jew: The Jab – A Rite Of Passage
EBL: Colin Powell, Dead At 84, also, Acapulco
Twitchy: Terry McAuliffe’s Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Campaign Gets Worse, also, “Get Your Retraction Ready Now”
Louder With Crowder: Jill Biden Tries Saving Her Confused Husband From Himself, Fails
Vox Popoli: Cracks In The Pedocracy, The Ideas, They Perpetrate, and The Hidden War
Gab News: Santa Claus Fired By Major Retailer Over Jab Mandate

Adam Piggott: Strangers In The Midst
American Conservative: The Woke Profession Of Faith At American Universities
American Greatness: DHS Insider Reveals Administration Polices That Allow Sex Traffickers & Cartels To Operate In U.S., also, Dealing Honestly With Election Issues
American Thinker: Why I’m Betting Biden Serves His Full Four Years, also, There’s Been No Mandatory Jab EO
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Defund The Feds News
Babalu Blog: Apartheid Is Alive And Well In Cuba, Surprise! Bankrupt Cuban Regime Subsidizing Spanish Far-Left Podemos, and The Ghana Pallbearers In Cuba
BattleSwarm: Colin Powell, RIP, also, Democrats Want The Cops They Slimed In 2020 To Enforce Jab Mandates In 2021 – Cops Tell Democrats To Get Stuffed
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, The Icy Phlegra Mountains On Mars, and First FAA Hearing On Starship Environmental Assessment Dominated By Supporters
Cafe Hayek: Balance Budget Requirements Are A Tool For Keeping Government Limited
CDR Salamander: Ukraine – Tough Kid In A Tough Neighborhood
Da Tech Guy: The Jab Mandate Trap For Business, also, Jimmy Carter Redux
Don Surber: The Mandate Should Bring Biden Down, Degradation Then Recession, and Poland May Save Europe Again
First Street Journal: Patricians Like Will Bunch Really Don’t Understand Reality, also, Anna Orso Does Not Like Being Questioned!
Gates Of Vienna: Vaccine Roulette, Senegal Enriches The Culture Of Apulia, and Fake News, Fake Interpreters, Fake Refugees
The Geller Report: Regime Secretly Flying Underage Illegals Into NY At Night, Media DEAD SILENT On How Florida COVID Cases Down 88% Over Last Six Months, and Soros-Backed Loudoun County Prosecutor Sought To Jail Father Of School Rape Victim
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Mmmmm, Donuts – Not!, and Let Them Eat Treadmills
Hollywood In Toto: Show “Business” Doesn’t Apply To Woke Hollywood, also, I Know What You Did Last Summer Makes A Bad Franchise Even Worse
The Lid: State Department IG Looking Into Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster
Legal Insurrection: RI Teachers Union – We Didn’t Want To Sue Nicole Solas, We Had To, also, Indiana AG Todd Rokita Leading 17-State Effort To Protect Parents From Biden & Garland Intimidation
Nebraska Energy Observer: Illness & The Family, also, How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Outkick: Washington State Coach Nick Rolovich Fired For Refusing Jab, Aaron Rodgers Also Owns “Woke PC” Losers, and Buy A Custom #3 Monte Carlo Dale Earnhardt Casket 
Power Line: Derek Chauvin Finds A Lawyer, The Latest From Our Confused Old Man In The White House, and Nine Months Into Biden’s Presidency, Trust In Government Has Plummeted
Shark Tank: Florida’s Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Running As Progressives
Shot In The Dark: All Things Must Pass, also, Too Good To Fact-Check
STUMP: A Look At The Changing Age-Related Mortality Risk Of COVID
The Political Hat: Anti-Civil Liberties Union, also, A Feature – Not A Bug
This Ain’t Hell: RIP Colin Powell, Hypersonic Missiles Operational By 2023, and Pipe Aboard The New Four-Star
Transterrestrial Musings: Starship Landings, also, “If SpaceX Were an Oil Exploration Company…”
Victory Girls: American Press Goes Full Soviet, also, Bari Weiss Mashes The Potato On CNN
Volokh Conspiracy: Qualified Immunity Reform Stalls In The States, And At SCOTUS
Weasel Zippers: Economists Say We’re In A Recession After Just Ten Months Of Biden, also, NYC Commission Votes To Remove “Incredibly Racist” Thomas Jefferson Statue From City Hall
The Federalist: DeSantis Invites Cargo Ships To Florida Ports As Vessels Idle In California Backlogs, also, Biden’s Approval Ratings Plummet To 37% In Abysmal New Quinnipiac Poll
Mark Steyn: Que Sera Sera, The Future Is Showing Up, and Serfs Instead Of Citizens

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