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In The Mailbox: 10.19.21 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

F*** Joe Biden and his mandates too.

357 Magnum: How California Destroyed Its Trucking Industry
EBL: Chicoms Start The Long March, also, General Burgoyne Surrenders At Saratoga
Twitchy: WaPo Telling Americans To Lower Expectations Does NOT Gp Over Well
Louder With Crowder: Rapper Drops “Let’s Go Brandon” Track, Hits #1 On iTunes Hip-Hop Charts
Vox Popoli: Murder, He Suspected, Rule By Pervs & Pedos, and Red China Refuses To Flex
Stoic Observations: Hanging With Mr. Cooper

Adam Piggott: COVID Refugees
American Conservative: Lament For The Pickup Truck, also, It’s Time To Disobey COVID Mandates
American Greatness: What Happened To Our Beloved Military?, also, New Capitol Video Contradicts DOJ/Media Narrative About J6
American Power: As Afghanistan Sinks Into Destitution, Some Sell Children To Survive
American Thinker: The Unvaxxed Are Looking Smarter Every Week, also, Did Zuckerberg Buy The Oval Office For Biden?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Another Cuban General Is Dead – 16th Since 7/11 Protests, also, “Growing Old In Cuba Is Like Living In Hell”
BattleSwarm: A Pilot On The Southwest Airlines Jab Snafu, also, Ruy Teixeira 2002: Hispanics Will make The Democrats A Permanent Majority – Ruy Texeira 2021: Not So Fast
Behind The Black: ULA’s Atlas-5 Successfully Launches The Lucy Probe, Chicoms Get Failed Satellite To Proper Orbit, and Rocket Lab Reschedules Next Launches
Cafe Hayek: Economists Have Long Been Aware Of The Monopsony Theory, also, The Amount Of Government Financing Is Not Independent Of The Means Of Financing
CDR Salamander: The Navy In Afghanistan At Flood Tide – On Midrats, also, Zinni On Wargaming – Value & Danger
Da Tech Guy: Well, I Was Wrong On Scheller, Five Chappelle Thoughts Under The Fedora, and The Chestnut Man
Don Surber: Biden Makes Trump Look Even Better, I Just Checked – Jonah Goldberg Is Still Stupid, and Left Turns Machin Into Coalfinger
First Street Journal: The “Journalism” Of The Philadelphia Inquirer, also, Lexington Ties 2019 Record!
Gates Of Vienna: Urgent – More Housing For Culture-Enrichers!, Nice Work If You Can Get It, and Mad Vax Disease
The Geller Report: France To Close Mosque That Promoted Armed Jihad, Totalitarian Virginia Tech To Restrict  Football Game Chants Critical Of Joe Biden, and TSA Employees Refusing The Jab
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, If You Enjoy Flying Now…, and Eight Asteroids
Hollywood In Toto: Why The Howling Is More Than a Subversive Werewolf Thriller, also, Last Duel Is A Major Misfire
The Lid: Katie Couric Wasn’t The First – FDR, Truman, & The Jews, also, Yitzhak Rabin’s Vision Of Peace Wasn’t What The Liberals Claim
Legal Insurrection: Is “Insurrection” Cool Again?La. School Boards Association Quits NSBA, and George Soros Drops $1 Million In Austin To Keep City From Hiring Police To Fight Rising Crime
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, The Feast Day of Our Lady of Walsingham (US Version)
Outkick: Mayor Groot Seen Maskless At WNBA Game In Violation of Her Own Mandate, Patrick Mahomes’ Hateable Brother At It Again, and Starting 11 – Chaos In Knoxville Edition
Power Line: Texas Poised To Redistrict Either Sheila Jackson Lee Or Al Green Out Of Congress, also, The Carter Blues Again
Shark Tank: Deutch & Crist Push Renamed Carbon Tax Legislation
Shot In The Dark: Filed Under “Things I Never Knew Were Problems”, Go Home, Facebook, You’re Drunk, and Semantics
The Political Hat: Terry McAuliffe Protects The Darkness
This Ain’t Hell: Whatever Happened To West Point’s Commie Cadet?, Ft. Drum Soldiers To The Rescue, and NG Two-Star Whines About Army Nail Polish Policy On Twitter
Transterrestrial Musings: That Chicom “Orbital Weapon” Test, also, The Biden Administration’s Bad Luck
Victory Girls: Kamala Harris Stumps In Churches For Democrats In Va., also, Colin Powell Dies, Everyone Rushes To Find Narrative
Volokh Conspiracy: Justice Thomas’ Opinion In Little Sisters Of The Poor Provides Another Path To Challenge The OSHA Jab Mandate
Weasel Zippers: Ethics Watchdog Accuses Bad Orange Woman Of Violating Hatch Act, also, Energy Secretary Granholm – “We Don’t Have Much Moral Authority To Call Out Red China” 
The Federalist: Under Administration Plan, Poor Would Be Three Times More Likely To Get IRS Audit Than Wealthy, also, McAuliffe Agrees Schools Shouldn’t Tell Parents If Kids Are “Gender Fluid”
Mark Steyn: Tragic Event Of No Broader Application, Once Upon A Time In The West, and The Ages Of Woman

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