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In The Mailbox: 10.21.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.
357 Magnum: New York City & The Shoplifting Tsunami
Red Pilled Jew: Quick Takes
EBL: Brian Laundrie Found?
Twitchy: “That’s What Happens When You Try To Live In The Fantasy Of A Teenage Girl”, also, Illustrated Warning Of What DC Might Look Like If Climate Change Isn’t Addressed Backfires
Louder With Crowder: Megan Kelly Shares Shocking Story Of What Her Sons’ School Taught Third-Graders
Vox Popoli: Wanna Bet? also, Just Stop Already
Stoic Observations: Looking Back On When I…
Gab News: Their Silly Shame Words Aren’t Working Any More

American Conservative: The Social Costs Of Scarcity
American Greatness: MI Parents Sue AG Garland Over Plan To Target Anti-School Board Protests, also, NYC Lawyers Who Firebombed Police Car Last Year Plead Guilty
American Power: Biden Has Lost Support From All Groups But Especially Hispanics & Independents, also, GOP Gaining In Virginia Governor Race
American Thinker: On The Front Lines Of The COVID War, also, Corporations Pull Out The Long Knives For Their Employees
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Sidewalk Bums News
Babalu Blog: Cuba’s Communists Skip Annual Payment To Paris Club Creditors, also, Young Tampa Cuban-Americans Stand Up For Freedom In Cuba, Against Communist Tyranny
BattleSwarm: Dozens!
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, Israel & UAE Sign Pact To Work Together On Space Projects, and ROK’s New Nuri Rocket Fails On First Launch
Cafe Hayek: JP Sears Continues – Thankfully – To Speak Out
CDR Salamander: Culture, Competition, & Conflict
Da Tech Guy: Just Desserts…And The Fingers In The Pie, Under The Fedora, also, Moms For America Tells Biden’s DOJ Where To Stick Their Intimidation
Don Surber: Berkeley Students Willing To Fund The Next 9/11, NYT – Conservatives Are Happier Than Liberals, also, Who Does She Think She Is, Joe Manchin?
First Street Journal: The #ClimateActivists Don’t Care What You Want Or Need, also, They Can’t Handle The Truth!
Gates Of Vienna: Something Is Rotten In Rhode Island, More Heads Must Roll!, and The Muezzin Will Yodel In Cologne
The Geller Report: Biden’s “Moderate” Taliban Behead Woman Volleyball Player, also, Tex. School District Official Orders Teachers To Present “Opposing Views” On Holocaust
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Things We Don’t Know About Venus, and Karmic Blues
Hollywood In Toto: It’s Over – Cancel Culture Has Already Won The Chappelle Fight, also, Bergman Island Is Lovely To Behold – And That’s About It
The Lid: Biden Report Links Illegal Immigration To Socialist Climate Change Propaganda
Legal Insurrection: Michigan Drops Investigation Of Prof Who Triggered Students By Showing 1965 Othello, also, Coastal Carolina Prof Faces Firing After Brushing Off Fake Racist Accusations From Student Activists
Nebraska Energy Observer: How?
Outkick: Fenway Crowd Breaks Into “F*** Joe Biden” Chant After ALCS Game 5 Loss, Chicoms Remove NBA Game From Broadcast After Enes Kanter Speaks Out, and Could Ed Orgeron & Lane Kiffin Reunite At Ole Miss Or LSU?
Power Line: The Dying Citizen, Merrick Garland Testifies, and The NYT Skirts The Supply Chain Crisis
Shark Tank: Anthony Sabatini Endorsed By Madison Cawthorn
Shot In The Dark: Yesterday’s “Hate Speech” = Tomorrow’s Headline, Heroes Are So Hard To Find, and Clarification
STUMP: Chicago Police – Jab Mandates & Pension Threats
The Political Hat: The Woke War On Teachers – Terminating Whistleblowers, Purging Dissenters, & Unions Against Dissidents, also, End of Cyber “Innovation Zone” In Nevada – Cyborg Catgirls Hardest Hit
This Ain’t Hell: CWO4 Mike Durant Jumps Into Ala. Senate Race, Stolen Purple Heart Returned, and Marine Vet Disarms Alleged Robber
Transterrestrial Musings: A New Space Station, also, The True New Jim Crow
Victory Girls: Trump Launches Social Media Network, also, Fauci Lied, Noone Should Be Surprised
Volokh Conspiracy: Why Aren’t Texas Abortion Providers Actively Resisting SB8?
Weasel Zippers: “When We Talk About The Number, We Shouldn’t Even Talk About The Number”, Joe Rogan Comes To Dave Chappelle’s Defense, and Reuters Claims Pics Of Empty Grocery Store Shelves Are Fake
The Federalist: AG Garland Admits Federal War On Parents Sprang From NSBA Letter, Not Evidence, also, New Court Evidence Confirmed Kamala Harris Abused Her Power To Help Campaign Donors
Mark Steyn: The Assumption Of Permanence

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