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In The Mailbox: 10.26.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.
357 Magnum: Your ISP Is Spying On You
EBL: 15 Minutes Of Shame
Twitchy: “You Can Feel The Energy”, also, Jezebel Fact-Checks Chappelle’s Claim That Hannah Gadsby Isn’t Funny
Louder With Crowder: Unfunny Hannah Gadsby Lashes Out At Dave Chappelle, also, Every Reason To Fire Fauci Other Than Torturing Dogs
Vox Popoli: Seeing Through Shapiro, also, Red China Bets On Surrender

Adam Piggott: The Physical & Spiritual Fight
American Conservative: Five Simple Reforms For The Next Republican Administration
American Greatness: Wisc. Judge Says Men Shot By Kyle Rittenhouse May Be Called Rioters, Looters, Or Arsonists – But Not Victims, also, Loudoun County Parents Forced To Sign NDA To Read New Racist Curriculum
American Power: Astros Vs. Braves Is Rob Manfred’s Nightmare World Series
American Thinker: Children As Human Shields In Loudoun County, also, Why Pete Buttigieg Prefers Diapers
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Climate Change News
Babalu Blog: Pastor Arrested For Peacefully Protesting On 7/11 Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison, also, Cuban Priest Condemns Government’s Violent “Rapid Response Brigades”
BattleSwarm: Did Google Break The Law? also, Homelessness Is A Profit Center For The Democrats
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted Americans, Japan Launches GPS-Type Satellite, and How Deadly Is COVID-19, Really?
Cafe Hayek: Hey There, Comrade!
Da Tech Guy: Voices Of Life – Rebekah Hagen Of The Abortion Pill Reversal Network, Quick Under The Fedora Thoughts, and Pennsylvania – The Worst Of The Worst
Don Surber: 45% Of Americans Don’t Buy Global Warming Propaganda, Bollywood Can Replace Alec Baldwin & His Ilk, and No Prizes Awarded Because The Nominees Were White Men
First Street Journal: Let’s Go, Brandon! also, Heather Long Gets A Promotion
Gates Of Vienna: Yet Another Mentally Ill Mujahid, Pollyanna Please Come Home, and Empty Beds When RI Hospitals Were “Overwhelmed”
The Geller Report: Calif. Unemployment Claims Account For One-Third Of America’s Total, Israeli Muslim Murders His Mom Because She Converted To Christianity, and IAF Begins Training For Strike On Iranian Nuke Program
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, In A Galaxy Far Away, and Slow Blogging For A While
Hollywood In Toto: Did SNL Admit Biden’s Mental State Is In Question? also, Comic Book Creators Turn To NFTs
The Lid: Pelosi Tries Rallying Democrats Around Neutered Agenda – “Embrace The Suck”
Legal Insurrection: Black Student Senator At Berkeley Faces Recall For Refusing To Represent Whites, Mom Says School Safety Agents Should Stay With NYPD, and “Defund The Police” Advocate Ilhan Omar Blames Minneapolis Police For Crime Spike
Nebraska Energy Observer: For All The Saints, also, Two Old Friends
Outkick: Texas Restricts Transgender School Athletes To Participating As Gender Assigned At Birth, ESPN Employee Lies About Diversity, and Lane Kiffin Had No Idea Who’s Playing In The World Series
Power Line: Baseball Is No Morality Play, Certainly Not A Woke-Left One, Bordering On Insanity, and Our Scientific Overlords
Shark Tank: Simpson Whines About Ladapo’s “Unprofessional” Behavior
Shot In The Dark: Meet The Petard
The Political Hat: Critical Hand Theory, also, Bring Back The Monroe Doctrine
This Ain’t Hell: After 23 Kids Arrested For Brawling At School, Dads Step In, Watch Those Pronouns & Gender Assignments, and Pablo Would Be So Proud
Transterrestrial Musings: Another Commercial Space Station
Victory Girls: Puppy Killer, Explain Yourself, also, Enes Kanter Takes On Red China With Shoes & Tweets
Volokh Conspiracy: Court Allows Discovery Of Funding Sources For Nunes’ Family Farms Libel Lawsuit
Weasel Zippers: Now Democrats Hate Congress Too, Mass Shooting At Boise Mall, and Months Later, Pentagon Confirms Over 450 Americans Stranded In Afghanistan
The Federalist: How The “Rachel” Levine “Four-Star Admiral” Photo Op Damages U.S. Security, Before Having The IRS Snoop On All Americans’ Bank Accounts, It Needs To Audit Joe Biden, and Ohio’s School Board Association Latest To Leave NSBA
Mark Steyn: When Your Lover Has Gone, also, Melting General Lee

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