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In The Mailbox: 11.04.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Bob Zimmerman at Behind The Black is doing a pledge drive. I kicked in and you should too.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Rural Minnesota knows what’s up.

McG’s Tally Book: Back On The (Supply) Chain Gang
357 Magnum: Rats, Meet Sinking Ship
EBL: Lieutenant Governor Of Virginia Winsome Sears
Twitchy: Tom Nichols Pretty Grumpy About GOP Truck Driver Who Won NJ Senate Seat, also, Winsome Sears Dumps More Salt In The Lincoln Project’s Open Wound
Louder With Crowder: Emails Reveal Why The CDC Changed Their Definition For Vaccine
Vox Popoli: Another One Bites The Ice, The Anti-President Doubles Down, and I Stand With Them
Gab News: Remember, Remember, The 3rd Of November
Stoic Observations: Multipolar Democracy
Granite Grok: Did Pfizer Submit False And/Or Corrupt Trial Data?

Adam Piggott: The Greasy Pole #19 – The Addicted To Porn Episode
American Conservative: Don’t Be Too Happy Glenn Youngkin Won
American Greatness: Trump Nearing The Crossroads, also, Racine County Sheriff Refers Election Fraud Charges Against State Elections Commissioners To County DA
American Thinker: Virginia Must Clean House At Its Department Of Education, also, In 2022, The Democrats’ Biggest Enemy Will Be Voter Revulsion
Animal Magnetism: Hunt Week Totty Thursday
Babalu Blog: House Passes Resolution Supporting Cuban Protesters Despite Progressive Democrats, also, Cuban Dictatorship Increases Number Of Dissidents Forcibly Exiled
BattleSwarm: 2021 Post-Election Tidbits
Behind The Black: Boeing Wins FCC Approval For Its Own Satellite Internet Constellation, Today’s Blacklisted Americans, and Court Rejects Blue Origin’s Lawsuit Against SpaceX Moon Lander Contract
Cafe Hayek: Yet On An Age-Adjusted Basis…
CDR Salamander: The “Unsexy But Important” Is Sexy To The Professional. Where Are Our Professionals?
Da Tech Guy: More Under The Fedora Election Thoughts, also, The Democrats Lost Big In Virginia Because They Let Their Marxist Masks Slip
Don Surber: Vax Mandate Deadline Moved Until After The Holidays, also, Time To Dump Clueless Obama
First Street Journal: Mask Mandate Fights In Pennsylvania, also, A Victory For Normal People
Gates Of Vienna: Taking The Fifth, COP26 – Sodom & Gomorrah On Steroids, and The RINO Won After All
The Geller Report: Durham Arrests Clinton Dossier Operative, also, GOP Truck Driver Who Spent Just $153 On Campaign Upsets Democrat NJ Senate Kingpin
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Don’t Know Much About History, and Zooming In On CW Leonis
Hollywood In Toto: Media Run Lame Ghostbusters Defense For Woke Eternals, also, How Comedian Steven Lolli Beat The System
The Lid: The Ragin’ Cajun Blames “Stupid Wokeness” For Va. Election Results
Legal Insurrection: Winsome Sears Challenges Joy Reid To Debate Over Racism Allegations, Rittenhouse Prosecution Implodes With State Witness Richard McGinnis Of Daily Caller, and Virginia’s New AG Jason Miyares Will Investigate Loudoun County Schools Over Rapes
Nebraska Energy Observer: If We’re Not Careful
Outkick: Tennessee Feeling “Healthy” After The Bye, Peyton Manning Suggests Browns Player Sh*t Himself Out Of Cleveland, and NFL Reporter Exposes The View On Kaepernick Slavery Comparison
Power Line: The Hive Does CRT, St. Augustine’s Climate Summit, and Tax Cuts For The Rich!
Shark Tank: Gov. DeSantis Leads On Clean Energy
Shot In The Dark: White Progressive Hipster Affectation #2, Strib Editorial 2041, and Even Odds
The Political Hat: School Smut Hypocrisy, also, The Latest Things That Are Now Racist – Jedi Knights, Baby Carriers, & Classical Music
This Ain’t Hell: We’ve Investigated Ourselves And Found We Did Nothing Wrong, Marines Schooled By Brits, also, Congratulations Winsome Sears
Victory Girls: Democrats Determined To Go Big AND Go Home, also, Biden Is Clueless About His Own Administration
Volokh Conspiracy: OSHA Finally Issues Emergency Jab/Testing Mandate For Large Employers
Weasel Zippers: Democrat Supercut – Racisms, Racisms, Racisms!, Nineteen States Suing Administration Over Jab Mandate, and NJ Governor’s Race Heading To Recount
The Federalist: Audit – Wisc. Could Have Counted Enough Illegal Votes To Tip The Election To Biden, How Jab Coercion Drove Me Out Of West Point, and U. Mich. Paid CRT Grifter $266/Minute For Zoom Lecture
Mark Steyn: Penny For The Percy

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