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In The Mailbox: 11.09.21

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

From the Kekistani Meme Market on MeWe.

Red Pilled Jew: Potassium Metathorinate
357 Magnum: How’s That Affordable Bail Working Out?
EBL: So How is The Rittenhouse Trial Going?
Twitchy: Biden Treasury Nominee Says We Want The Oil, Coal, & Gas Industries To Go Bankrupt
Louder With Crowder: Gov. Attacks GOP Truck Driver As “Dangerous Man”; Senator-Elect Durr Hits Back Hard
Vox Popoli: Perhaps God Will Show Them Mercy, Did You Get A Hot Shot?, and Why They Didn’t Stop The Trials
Gab News: Craving The Cup – Logos Reignited 


Adam Piggott: Hotel Australia
American Conservative: How Did Armenia Lose Nagorno-Karabakh?
American Greatness: Dozens Of SEALS File Suit Against DOD For Denying Religious Exemptions To The Jab, also, Where Are The Neon-Hatted Proud Boys?
American Thinker: In Defense Of The Bourgeoisie
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Robot Ants News
Babalu Blog: Cuban Dissidents Not Backing Down In Face Of Regime’s Historic Oppression
BattleSwarm: The Mainstream Media Are Lying Liars Who Win Pulitzers For Their Lies As Long As Their Lies Help Democrats, also, Anti-Woke Academics Found New University Of Austin
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted Americans, NASA Admits Manned Lunar Landing Can’t Happen Before 2025, also, Japan’s Epsilon Rocket Launches Nine Smallsats
Cafe Hayek: Quotation Of The Day
Da Tech Guy: Dumb Energy Policy? That Depends On Their Goal, also, Pork, Pork, & More Pork
Don Surber: Bob Woodward Missed The Scoop Of His Life, also, Trump’s Support Grows
First Street Journal: Gov. Beshear Hurts The Poor In Ky., also, Gov. Tom Wolf Dances To Avoid Court Ruling
Gates Of Vienna: Life In The Corona GULAG, It’s Time For Millstones, and Oceania Has Always Been At War With Eastasia
The Geller Report: Calif. Gov. Newsome Missing For 12 Days After Booster Jab, also, Powerful Democrat Senator’s Son Says Dad “Hates The American Dream”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Stars & Teeth, and This Too Shall Pass
Hollywood In Toto: Confessions Of A Burned-Out Film Critic, William Shatner Calls Former  Fellow Star Trek Alumnus George Takei “Unsettled Individual”, and Defending Nothing But Trouble…Really
The Lid: Democrat-Led Michigan Refuses To Remove 25,000 Dead People From Voter Rolls
Legal Insurrection: MIT Alumni Withdrawing Financial Support Over School’s Drift Into Wokeness, SC & MT School Board Associations Withdraw From NSBA Over “Domestic Terrorist” Letter, and Recall Petition For LA DA Chesa Boudin Certified 
Nebraska Energy Observer: Fuido & Brandon, also, Done Right
Outkick: Charles Barkley Tells KD “I’m Anti-Social Media”, Idea Of Odell Beckham Jr. Landing In Seattle Gathering Steam, and ESPN’s Monday Night Football Lies That Najee Harris Slept On Floor At Alabama
Power Line: James O’Keefe Speaks, Pete Buttigieg’s Slush Fund, and Climate Of Dystopia
Shark Tank: In-N-Out Burger Heading For Florida?
Shot In The Dark: So Then This Happened, Weird, and There Was A Time
STUMP: A Deeper Dive Into Increased Deaths By Race/Ethnicity and Geographic Patterns, U.S. 2020-2021
The Political Hat: Yes, Critical Race Theory IS Taught In Schools
This Ain’t Hell: Now This Is The Army We All Know & Love, The Transportation Secretary & America’s “Racist Roads”, and Metallurgist Who Falsified Navy Sub Steel Tests Pleads Guilty
Transterrestrial Musings: Durham’s Investigation, Begun, The Woke Wars Have, and Pr0n
Victory Girls: Pentagon Memo Says Military Family Members Left Behind In Afghanistan
Volokh Conspiracy: Theater Prof Facing Possible Firing For Being Insufficiently Outraged
Weasel Zippers: Biden Flack On Jab Requirement For Domestic Travel – “Everything’s On The Table”, also, “Meatflation” To Ruin Thanksgiving & Christmas
The Federalist: How Kyle Rittenhouse’s Persecutors Destroyed Their Own Case With Their Own Star Witness, also, Top Spygate Hoaxer Adam Schiff Squirms Under First Tough Questions In Five Years On The View
Mark Steyn: Steyn In For Farage, also, Poets Cornered

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