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In The Mailbox: 12.14.21 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Kiyohime has had enough of this padoru nonsense.

357 Magnum: How’s That Bail Reform Working Out?
EBL: Democrats Are So Obsessed With Fake Hate They Ignore The Real Deal In Waukesha, also, Denmark’s Inger Støjberg Gets Jail For Separating Muslim Men From Their Child Brides
Twitchy: Elon Musk Returns Fire On Fauxcahontas, also, The Iowahawk Solution To The Student Loan Crisis
Louder With Crowder: Ron DeSantis Unleashed – “Democrats Must Be Punished At The Ballot Box”
Vox Popoli: The Tide Is Turning, Good Thing They’re Vaccinated, and Pureblood Actor Sues ABC
Gab News: Rumble Once Again Shows Their True Colors

American Conservative: Bishop Barron & His Bible
American Greatness: Sen. Richard “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal (D-CT) Helps Conn. Commies Celebrate 102nd Anniversary Of CPUSA, also, Justice Department Moves to Conceal 1/6 Police Misconduct
American Power: For Taliban-Ruled Afghanistan And The World, A Crisis Looms
American Thinker: The Medical Profession Implodes, also, Donald Trump – The Right President At The Right Time
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Otterific News
Babalu Blog: 700+ Cubans Arrested On 7/11 Still In Prison On Human Rights Day, also, After Huge Losses In Hispanic Support, Florida Democrats Want To Censor Conservative Spanish Radio
BattleSwarm: Paul Krugman Is Always Wrong – Inflation Edition, also, A Rant On The Biden Economy
Behind The Black: Red China Launches Second Comsat For Its Manned Space Missions, Superheavy Prototype #4 Installed On Orbital Launchpad, and More Delays For Blue Origin’s BE-4 Engine
Cafe Hayek: More Panic Porn Reporting
CDR Salamander: A Lithuanian Test Case For NATO
Da Tech Guy: Schadenfreude Alert, Or, Getting What You Vote For, Seven “Let’s Go Brandon” Stores In NEW ENGLAND?, and The Best Advice/Warning You’ll Ever Get From A Priest
Don Surber: What Hillary Meant By Democracy, Rittenhouse Prosecutor Flips His Lid, and Elon Musk May Be Jack Ma-ed
First Street Journal: Girls Can’t Be Boys & Boys Can’t Be Girls
Gates Of Vienna: “I’ll Bust Your Head, Grandpa!”, Quiz IV – Eighteen Clues, and New Chancellor’s Pal Gets Slap On Wrist
The Geller Report: Sen. Chuck U. Schumer (D-NY), Who Accused President Trump Of Collusion With Russia, Is On Putin’s Payroll, also, Pedo CNN Producer Bought Vermont Ski House To Abuse Children There
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Eyes On Asteroids, and COVID Unmasked
Hollywood In Toto: Meet The Untouchables – The Public Figures Mainstream Comic Won’t Mock, Is Don’t Look Up Proof  That Politics Trumps All During Awards Season? and Spiderman – No Way Home Is The Anti-Woke Blockbuster We Crave
The Lid: CNN’s Don Lemon Trashes Fox While Ignoring His Network’s – And His Own – Unprofessional Reporting
Legal Insurrection: SCOTUS Refuses To Halt NY Healthcare Worker Jab Mandate Lacking Religious Exemption, Texas School Board Attempts To Censure Conservative Members, and Democrats Resolve To Beat Big Meat
Nebraska Energy Observer: The Eternal Battle, also, Start “Small”
Outkick: ESPN Lies Again About “Noose” In Bubba Wallace’s Stall, Michelle Tafoya Mysteriously Disappears From NFL On NBC Weeks After Blasting Kaepernick, and After Losing $41 Million Last Year The Athetic Reportedly Reopens Desperate Talks With NYT
Power Line: A Politicized Tornado, Harris In Paris – Under Her Skin, and On Crime, Liberals Still Don’t Get It
Shark Tank: Demings Supports Fake “Whistleblower” Rebekah Jones
Shot In The Dark: And We Shall Call It “Minneapolis Syndrome”, The New Normal, and Travesty
STUMP: Old Politicians – Trump Vs. Biden Vs. Clinton
The Political Hat: Twelve Posts Of Christmas, Day 2
This Ain’t Hell: Air Force Makes First Discharges For Jab Refusal, Ex-Army Officer Strips In Anti-War Burlesque Show, and Da Nang Dick Helps Commies Celebrate Centenary
Transterrestrial Musings: The Select Committee Hoax, Homer Hickam, and The Supply Chain
Victory Girls: SCOTUS Discards Religious Exemptions, Afghanistan – Thousands Abandoned, Intelligence Gone, and Nominee For Vice Chair Of JCOS Cool With Gender Advisors
Volokh Conspiracy: Fifth Circuit Denies Injunction Pending Appeal In Jab Mandate Case
Weasel Zippers: Biden Promised To “Shut Down The Virus”; His CDC Director Says That Won’t Happen, Democratic Mayors Under Fire Over Rising Crime, and Bad Orange Woman Dodges Question On Why Biden Is Restarting Student Loan Payments
The Federalist: Bezos Parties After Leaving Trapped Amazon Workers To Die In Warehouse, Senate Drops Bipartisan Plan To Draft Women After Constituent Outrage, and Billie Eilish Calls Porn “Disgrace To Women”, Claims It “Destroyed” Her Brain
Mark Steyn: Rockin’ Around The Holly Jolly Christmas Tree, Web-Slinger, But No Friendly Neighborhood, and Christmas Crackers

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