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Aspiring Rapper Update: Lawsuit Accuses Seattle CHOP ‘Warlord’ of Pimping Hoes

Posted on | January 22, 2022 | 1 Comment

‘Raz’ Simone (right) during Seattle’s CHOP occupation.

Just in case anyone forgot the relevant definition:

Aspiring Rapper
North American euphemism for a member of the urban criminal class. This unusual occupation is usually mentioned in conjunction with the subject either being slain or being taken into custody for a violent or property-related crime. A relative of the subject usually points out that the subject’s demise or incarceration comes at an extremely inopportune moment, occurring just as the subject was “turning they(sic) life around.”

Solomon “Raz” Simone hasn’t been arrested or shot dead yet, and he’s had more career success than most aspiring rappers, but we can categorically include him as “a member of the urban criminal class”:

Seattle rapper Solomon “Raz” Simone is reportedly being sued by five women alleging sexual abuse and assault. According to KUOW, four of them say the 32-year-old sex trafficked and abused them. One of the alleged victims, identified only as Pearl, claims Simone sex trafficked her in Las Vegas for over a year, until she finally broke free in 2017.
Pearl paints a grisly picture of what she says she went through. When Simone felt she wasn’t being obedient, he would supposedly lock her in a confined space for days and force her to have sex. Veteran police detective Bill Guyer looked into Pearl and some of the other women who came forward with similar stories involving Simone but after over four years of waiting, the five women filed a civil lawsuit. . . .
Court documents reportedly state Simone targets “young, vulnerable women” who are involved in sex work or susceptible to it. The plaintiffs allege he “wins them over with affection, and pitches the relationship as a chance to grow, find success and be a part of his family.”
Once in Simone’s grip, they say he “imposed strict rules on what they could eat and how to act” while placing a money quota on them, meaning they must bring him a certain amount of money to stay on his good side. To make their quotes, the women say he’d pressure them to strip or perform sex acts, and then he’d take their money they made, using “coercion, threats and violence to make them comply.”

Andy Ngo reminds us that Simone was the “so called ‘warlord’ of the deadly 2020 Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), also known as the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” (CHOP), where crime was rampant:

Simone was very visible … at the beginning of the occupation of 6 blocks of Seattle which began after the Seattle Police were ordered to abandon the East Precinct after multiple consecutive nights of riots in the wake of the death of George Floyd.
During the armed occupation, Simone led marches, gave speeches to the protesters and acted as spokesman with the media for the occupation.
During that time, he was videoed assaulting people in the zone and pulling out AR-15s from the trunk of a white Tesla and giving them out to anyone who would stand a post in the occupation.

It seems to be the belief of white liberals (and Seattle now rivals Boston as a focal point of white liberalism in America) that enforcing any law is a “civil rights” violation if a black man is arrested. And such is the implicit racism of their worldview that white liberals think black people are not shrewd enough to exploit the opportunities thus created. But the foundational belief of white liberalism, that black people must always be viewed as victims of “social injustice,” offers carte blanche to any clever hustler who can find ways to play the race card for strategic advantage. This is the synopsis of Al Sharpton’s entire career, really, and why shouldn’t the drug dealer/pimp “Raz” get some of that lucrative action?

Besides which, he’s an aspiring rapper. There are hoes out there and they ain’t gonna pimp themselves, if you know what I mean.

Y’all just a bunch of racists trying to oppress this man . . .



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