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In The Mailbox: 01.21.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

Starting to wonder if there isn’t something to this.

357 Magnum: Safety As A Public Good
EBL: Meat Loaf, RIP
Twitchy: Nick Searcy Calls Out Texas Dem Gene Wu For Being A Jerk About Meat Loaf’s Death
Louder With Crowder: Joe Rogan Unloads On How Bad “Preposterous” CNN Sucks
Vox Popoli: Communists Vs. Globohomo, Boris Lied & He’ll Be Fried, also, A New Campaign
According To Hoyt: If You Buy Only One Book This Year, also, Sleeping On The Job
Monster Hunter Nation: Dave Wolverton/Farland, RIP, January 2022 Update Post, and The One Year Anniversary Of Utter Failure
Bill Whittle: Cerberus – How Natural Enemies Collaborate To Control Your Information, Money, & Power

Adam Piggott: The Ukraine – Are You Ready To Die For Your “Nation”? also, Just What Is The Democratic Process?
American Conservative: We Need Graveyards Still
American Greatness: Make Congress Great Again, also, District Judge Blocks Biden’s Jab Mandate For Federal Employees
American Power: Ukraine Fears Minor Attacks Are In Russia’s Game Plan
American Thinker: How To Lose Friends & Influence People
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Class War Friday
Babalu Blog: Cuban Dictatorship Blames U.S. Embargo For Milk Shortage – But There’s Milk In The Dollar-Only Stores, Cuba In Top 50 Of Nations Persecuting Christians, and Some American Mayors Want To Bring Cuban Slave Doctors To The U.S. 
Baldilocks: Hidden & Revealed
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm For January 21
Behind The Black: Debris From Russian ASAT Test Barely Misses Chicom Satellite, Latvian/Bulgarian Commercial Partnership To Launch Cubesats To Monitor Space Weather, and ULA Successfully Completes First Launch Of 2022
Cafe Hayek: “Middle-Class Stagnation?” also, Let’s Separate School & State
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday, also, Russians To The East, North…And From The South?
Don Surber: If You Didn’t Vote For Trump, Shut Up About Biden, also, NBC – Trump 29, Biden 5
First Street Journal: The Philadelphia Police Solve A Murder, The Karening Of The Left, and There’s No Threat Quite Like An Empty Threat!
Gates Of Vienna: I Am A Liberal, And So Are You!, “The System Is Now At The Level Of The DDR In 1989”, and “The State Is Tiny Compared To God”
The Geller Report: More Voters Believe Trump Was Legitimately Elected Than Biden, also, Since Boycott Of Jews Announcement, Ben & Jerry’s Parent Company Stock In Unprecedented Dive
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, M81 In IR
Hollywood In Toto: Hollywood Journalists Protect Liberal Stars From Themselves
The Lid: Ted Cruz – Big Tech Censorship “Single Greatest Threat” To Free Speech & Fair Elections
Legal Insurrection: Virginia Republicans Continue To Clean House, Fairfax County Public Schools Have Students Play “Privilege Bingo”, and Mainstream Media Panics Over K-12 Education Transparency Proposals
Nebraska Energy Observer: Scattershot Friday – The Nick Edition
Outkick: NFL, NFLPA Agree To Stop COVID Testing For All Players, Aaron Rodgers Crushes Joe Biden For Jab Demands, Dan Le Batard Condemns Sports Networks For Ignoring Red China Human Rights Violations
Power Line: The Apocalypse Is Here, Susan Vass – Remembering Louie Anderson, and Keeping Up With The Leftist Lexicon
Shark Tank: Rep. Murphy Touts $1 Billion For Everglades Restoration
Shot In The Dark: The Hennepin County Way, also, Question
STUMP: Top Causes Of Death By Age Group, 2020 – Raw Numbers
The Political Hat: Woke Math Is Communist Revolutionary Math, also, Firing Line Friday – How Do We Cope With Young Black Crime?
This Ain’t Hell: Valor Friday. Texas Man Indicted For Stolen Valor, and Illegal Alien Steals Disabled Vet’s Identity To Get Welfare
Transterrestrial Musings: Jordan Peterson & Vladimir Putin, also, The January 6 Narrative
Victory Girls: Putin Demands NATO Withdrawal From Eastern Europe, also, March For Life 2022
Volokh Conspiracy: Why Did Justice Roberts Not Dissent In WWH Mandamus Case?
Weasel Zippers: WHCOS Ron Klain Blames Trump For Americans Disapproving Of Joe Biden’s COVID Ineptitude, Bad Orange Woman Says If You’re Upset Over The Economy Have A Drink & Relax, and WH Staffer Starts Screaming To Make Sure Biden Doesn’t Answer Any Questions From Reporters
The Federalist: The Expanse Falters But Does Not Fail In Season Six, The CDC Has Destroyed Public Trust By Pushing Obvious Lies, and How The U.S. Needs To Deter Red China From Taking Over Taiwan
Mark Steyn: “Alternative Futures”

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