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In The Mailbox: 01.26.22 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

I’m giving serious thought to having a special post (or maybe just additional section for this post) in honor of “Blog About Mass Formation Psychosis Day”. If you have a post on the topic, send me the link and I’ll hook you up.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Neil Young gets an answer from Spotify.

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box Episode #1609
357 Magnum: New Music Sucks – That Seems To Be The Consensus
EBL: Civilisation – Romance & Reality
Twitchy: Virginia Rep Nick Freitas Torches Democrats Whose Kneejerk Reaction To Disagreement Is To Cry “Racist” Or “Sexist”
Louder With Crowder: Kid Rock Unleashes New Anti-Fauci Anti-Biden Banger “We The People” With “Let’s Go Brandon” Chorus
Vox Popoli: Diversifying Ukraine, also, And Here…We…Go

Adam Piggott: Gamma Strike, also, We’re Not For Sale
American Conservative: Our Sinking Ship In Europe, also, Joe Biden’s Low-Energy Blunder
American Greatness: Donald Trump & The Future Of MAGA, also, Gov. Youngkin (R-Va.) Opens Tip Line For Parents To Report Teachers Teaching Critical Race Theory
American Power: Media Got Its NPC Update – Biden Wasn’t Snapping At Doocy
American Thinker: I Regret Getting The COVID Vaccine
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Cuban Peso In Free Fall Against US$ While Inflation In Cuba Hits 300-500%, also, The History Of Spanish-Language Radio In Miami & The Democrats’ Attempt To Shut It Down
Baldilocks: Fewer Bugs, More Features
BattleSwarm: Is The Bloom Off The Bush?
Behind The Black: Pushback – Class Action Suit Against NY’s Racially Discriminatory COVID Policy, Today’s Blacklisted American, and Planetary Scientists Fight Back – “Pluto Is A Planet!”
Cafe Hayek: What Of The Photo Of The Space-Helmeted Woman? also, Bill Walton Talks With George Will & Some Other Guests
CDR Salamander: What Can Get A Vice-Admiral Fired? also, 28-Year Crisis In The Making
Da Tech Guy: P-5 Days And Counting – Conditional Blogging Note, also, No Heart For You!
Don Surber: Government Of The Government, For The Government, By The Government, also, A Mass Shooting Every Day This Year So Far
First Street Journal: The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Will Bunch Is Horrified That Some Democrats Actually Want To Fight Crime
Gates Of Vienna: The Grounds For Nuremberg II, “We Are All Hostages To The State”, and Serious Threat To National Security
The Geller Report: Canadian Truckers Revolt Against Jab Mandate, Biden’s Mass Release Of Single Adult Male Illegals Across The U.S., and Administration Withdraws OSHA Jab Requirement After SCOTUS Defeat
Hogewash: BREAKING – Biden Administration To Obey The Law, Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, and Eta Carinae
Hollywood In Toto: Meet The Artists Against Free Speech, also, Jimmy Kimmel Fangirls Over “Narcissist” Fauci (Again)
The Lid: Fight America’s Century-Long Slide Toward Socialism
Legal Insurrection: “There Are Only Nine Meals Between Mankind & Anarchy”, Intersectionality On College Campuses Is Making America’s Political Divide Worse, and AG Jason Miyares (R-Va.) Continues Cleaning House, Fires University Lawyer Serving As J6 Investigator
Nebraska Energy Observer: Lupus Tenebrosus – Chapter 18, also, Run For The Hills – Heee’s Back!
Outkick: MMA Fighter Quits Her Stripper Job Weeks Before Winning Biggest Fight Of Her Career At UFC 270, David Ortiz Elected To Cooperstown – Bonds & Clemens Strike Out, and ESPN’s Mark Jones Likes Tweets Connecting Aaron Rodgers To QAnon & Trump After Packers’ Loss
Power Line: Hall of Fame Excludes Curt Schilling Because Of His Politics, Vaccine Risk? What Vaccine Risk? and Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut
Shark Tank: Annette Taddeo Fights DeSantis’ Redistricting
Shot In The Dark: I Wanna See Some History, Science Evolves, and “Common Sense”
The Political Hat: California Agrees Not To Teach Students To Worship Aztec Gods After Lawsuit
This Ain’t Hell: Blast From The Past – Jarrett Gimbl, DOJ Says Guardsmen On State Orders Can Unionize, and It’s Deja Vu All Over Again
Transterrestrial Musings: Chrome, Masks In School, and Biden’s SCOTUS Pick
Victory Girls: Nancy Pelosi Will Run Again To Save Us From Stuff & Things, also, Superman Going From Super Woke To Super Broke
Volokh Conspiracy: NBC News Reports Justice Breyer Will Retire
Weasel Zippers: Florida Man Does Something Not Meth-Related For Once, Biden Polling Hits New Record Low, and White House Unleashes Hashtags Against Putin
The Federalist: Mitt Romney To Fundraise For Liz Cheney At Vax-Mandated Event, Capitol Police Are Spying On Congressmen & The Constituents They Meet, and Nearly Half Of Democrats Support Putting Unvaxxed Americans In Camps
Mark Steyn: Public Enemy Number Ten, Making A Wasteland In The Name Of Compassion, and Vlad, Dick, & Trans

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