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In The Mailbox: 01.26.22 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Neil Young says what?

357 Magnum: Trust The Science? There’s Too Much Fraud
EBL: Civilization: The Great Thaw
Twitchy: Target Toothbrush Guy David Leavitt Wants To Know Why It’s Easier To Buy A Gun Than Vote
Louder With Crowder: Jordan Peterson Tells Neil Young Where To Stick His Open Letter About Joe Rogan
Vox Popoli: Two Cities At War, also, Ivermectin Vs. The Jab

Adam Piggott: Science Vs. God, also, Do Doctors Pray?
American Conservative: Drone Swarms In Ethiopia
American Greatness: Journalists Need To Learn How To Lay Bricks, also, Virginia Shuts Down Plans For Race-Based Math Curriculum
American Power: For Putin, It’s Not Just About Ukraine, also, Bodies Stacking Up As Progressive Pols Blame Everything But Themselves
American Thinker: Never Forgive Or Forget The Enablers Of The Destructive COVID Panic
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily They Call It Science News
Babalu Blog: Russia & Cuba Begin Talks On “Strategic Partnership”, also, After Over 200 Protesters Disappeared, UN Wants An Accounting From Cuba
Baldilocks: The Miseducation Of The American Christian Negro
BattleSwarm: The Time Of The Turning? also, Texas AG Paxton Sues Google (Again)
Behind The Black: NM Legislators Propose Tax On Virgin Galactic Tourist Flights, Strong Opposition To Proposed New Regulation By Federal Safety Board, and Axiom Awards Contract For Building Houston Space Station Factory
Cafe Hayek: Errant Assessments Of “Income Inequality”, also, Can’t Be Too Safe From The COVID Monster
CDR Salamander: The Indispensable Nation – A Return Of Forces To Europe
Da Tech Guy: Five Quick Russia Thoughts Under The Fedora, also, Cops Are Taking A Hike
Don Surber: Nice Is Just A Town In France, also, Democrats Dump BLM
First Street Journal: The Incomparable Genius Of Larry Krasner! also, “I Can’t See How Anyone Would Feel Good About This”
Gates Of Vienna: Spain Ends COVID Restrictions Because Almost Everyone’s VaxxedThe Muslim Brotherhood In Sweden, Part 10, and No Green Pass!
The Geller Report: NY State Supremes Strike Down Governor’s Mask Mandate, also, “Americans Are Safer In Kyiv Than In LA”
Hogewash: Not Found On Spotify, Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, and A Galaxy On Edge
Hollywood In Toto: Russell Brand Calls Out Australia’s Insane COVID Police State, also, The Time I Almost Worked With Meat Loaf
The Lid: General Eisenhower Guaranteed The World Would Never Forget
Legal Insurrection: UT Austin Students Fret Over Defunded Police Not Monitoring Sex Offenders, CUNY Profs Sue – Claim Union Is “Anti-Semitic & Anti-Israel”, and Washington U In St. Louis Holding Event On “Professionalism As A Racist Construct”
Michelle Malkin: #FreeMartyG – Exposing America’s Secret Prisons
Nebraska Energy Observer: In The Whirlpool Of Chaos
Outkick: James Harden Reportedly Wants Out Of Brooklyn, Rice Swim Coach Speaks Out Against Trans Lia Thomas Situation, and Ronda Rousey Expected Back In WWE
Power Line: Woke Ballet At Princeton, Part 1, Planes Trains & Automobiles For Thee, and The Media Narrative On Crime & Policing Is Changing
Shark Tank: “We Are The Rock Of Freedom In The United States”
Shot In The Dark: The Entropic Life, also, Imitation
The Political Hat: The Metastasizing Cancer That Is Critical Social Justice
This Ain’t Hell: Tuesdays With The Libs Of TikTok, Tuesday FGS, and New Mexico’s Governor Militarizes Schools
Transterrestrial Musings: School Choice, A Large-Scale Invasion Of Ukraine, and Our Democracy Oligarchy
Victory Girls: Biden Limits Use Of Monoclonal Antibodies, also, Woman In CDC Monkey Crash Falls Ill – We’ve Seen This Movie
Volokh Conspiracy: Federal Disability Law May Require Schools To Mandate Masks
Weasel Zippers: State Dept Spox – “We Do Not Have A Count” Of Americans In Ukraine, also, Bad Orange Woman Admits Defunding Police Is Partially Responsible For Soaring Crime Rate
The Federalist: CNN Outdoes Itself With Cringe Propaganda Segment On “Suburban Women” Who Don’t Mind School Closures, Finnish Government Puts Christianity On Trial, and G4 Host Complains Gamers Don’t Like Her Because She’s Not As “Bangable” As Olivia Munn
Mark Steyn: “What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?”, Steyn Live Every Weeknight, and A Battle For The Soul

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