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In The Mailbox: 01.27.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

“If you talk about mass formation psychosis, you must be crazy!” THEY say.

McG’s Tally Book: Today Is Everybody Blog About Mass Formation Psychosis Day
Daily Dose Of Vitamin Fred: MFP And We!
Nebraska Energy Observer: We Must Make Today Everybody Blog About Mass Formation Psychosis Day
EBL: COVID-19 Indoctrination Song
Da Tech Guy: A $10 Word For Something That’s Not New
Hogewash: Everybody Blog About Mass Formation Psychosis Day

Twitchy: Dean Obeidallah Is Simping For Joy Reid, also, USA TODAY Says It’s Downright Dangerous That Americans Don’t Trust Their Public Health Officials
Louder With Crowder: Ron DeSantis Releases Ad Sure To Cause Another Fauci Meltdown, also, Marvel Actress Comes Out Against The Jab, Shares Common Sense Message From Washington DC Protest
Vox Popoli: Of Pearls & Swine

American Conservative: Mr. President, Stay Out Of Ukraine
American Greatness: Polls Show Popular Support For Canadian Trucker Convoy Despite PM Zoolander’s Assertion That It Represents “Fringe Minority”, also, Awakening From The Biden Slumber
American Power: Putin Seeks To Revise Post-Cold War Settlement In Europe
American Thinker: The Pandemic Endgame – Is There One? also, The Rise Of Blockchain Republics
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Brain Implant News
Babalu Blog: 11J – A Turning Point In The Repression Of Cuban Evangelicals, also, The Democrats Get Silly About Threats To Democracy
Baldilocks: A Spinster’s Tale, Part 1
BattleSwarm: Joe Rogan, Neil Young, & Rock’s Eternal Now
Behind The Black: Pushback – Blacklisted Doctors Opposing Biden/CDC/FDA Policies Testify To Congress, Red China Tests Space Junk Removal Robot In Geosynch Orbit, and ABL Test Explosion To Delay First Launch By Three Months
Cafe Hayek: More On The Late, Great Walter Williams
CDR Salamander: What Did You Do In Your First Five Years After Commissioning?
Don Surber: Is Breyer Retiring? also, Even NYT Admits Biden Can’t Walk & Chew Gum
First Street Journal: The Lexington Herald-Journal & Journalistic Ethics
Gates Of Vienna: Afghans, Afghans Everywhere!, That WAYCIST Cross, and Mrs. Green Goes To Moscow
The Geller Report: Soros DA Found Guilty On 141 Counts, also, “If It Gets Out…The Government Is Betraying The American People”
Hollywood In Toto: Unorthodox Casting Pays Off In Cyrano, also, Here’s What You’re Missing About The Spotify/Neil Young Battle
The Lid: The Rabbi Who Was Silent About The Holocaust
Legal Insurrection: Remember When Law Profs Said VP Can’t Cast Tiebreaking Vote On SCOTUS Nominations? The Murder Turtle Does, ASU Cancels Fundraising Event Featuring Two GOP Congressmen, and UIC Law Prof Sues After School Tried To Force Him Into Humiliating Racial Reeducation Program
Outkick: Tennessee Playing With New Attitude On The Court, MLB Minor Leaguers Not Required To Be Jabbed For 2022, and NBA Subjects Fans Attending Clippers/Wizards Game To Video Message From Chinese Ambassador
Power Line: Betraying The American People, A Day In The Life, and Why Do Democrats Hate Children?
Shark Tank: Eskamani Considering Run For Congress?
Shot In The Dark: “Welcome To Potemkin’s!”, Dismantle, and Casualty Of Not-Quite-War Yet
STUMP: 2021 January-June Cause Of Death Ranking Table
The Political Hat: Modern Education – Secret Indoctrination, BLM Guiding Principles, & Brainwashing In 21 Days
This Ain’t Hell: Thursday FGS, Fat Leonard Takes Down Another Navy Officer, and Washington State Citizens Upset That SEALS Use Their State Parks For “Wargames”
Transterrestrial Musings: A Doctor’s Perspective, also, Apollo 1
Victory Girls: NYT Blames GOP Infighting For Ukraine Response Confusion, also, DHS Makes Excuses While “Betraying The American People”
Volokh Conspiracy: Settlement In Firing Of Professor Over Tweets  – $70K & Attorneys’ Fees
Weasel Zippers: Soros-Funded DAs Now Facing Recalls, Cop Murdered By Illegal Immigrant On Felony Probation, and This Is A Utah Elementary School Teacher
The Federalist: Blame Aaron Sorkin For How Leftists Argue, Catholics For Choice – Just Another Left-Wing Front To Encourage Killing Babies, and Dallas Private School Lies To Parents About Teaching Racism
Mark Steyn: Kernels Of Freedom, also, Chinese Virus, Chinese Masks, Chinese Freedoms

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