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On The Road

Posted on | February 3, 2022 | Comments Off on On The Road

— compiled by Wombat-socho

I am currently in Reno, helping out at a severely understaffed office here (as in, they lost three tax pros in the off-season) but I’m heading for Las Vegas tomorrow for a Friday eye appointment before coming back on Saturday because I’m on the schedule for Sunday. As if that weren’t enough, the wireless keyboard’s batteries went toes-up yesterday, and I can’t afford to replace them until I get paid tomorrow. So, since typing on the Dell’s keyboard is literally painful, you get abbreviated linkagery. On a couple of completely unrelated topics, I am in decent health; also, if you want to give me a taste of that Amazon commission goodness, you need to click on the links & banners at the bottom of my posts. Thanks to everyone that bought stuff through my links & banners last month!
Silicon Valley delenda est.

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