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In The Mailbox: 02.04.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Well, I gave it my best shot, but I didn’t make it home early enough to do two of these and get fully caught up. Which I suppose is just as well since then you would have six link posts this week…anyway, since I have to be back in the tax mines on Sunday (and I already have four clients lined up) I’m just going to spend one night in my own bed before heading back up US-95 to Reno. Might be a book post tomorrow along with the FMJRA. Might wait until next Saturday. We’ll see.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

357 Magnum: The Joys of Owning A Sparky Car
EBL: Is CNN Paying Chris Cuomo Millions In Hush Money? also, David French & The Dispatch Are Fighting Systemic Racism
Twitchy: Here’s How To Get A Refund Now That GoFundMe has Nuked The Freedom Convoy Fundraiser
Louder With Crowder: Shaq Dunks On Mandates, Says Nobody Should Be Forced To Get The Jab
Vox Popoli: Conservatives Discover Wang Humin, No More Soros Games, and Natural Immunity Is The Only Immunity
According To Hoyt: When They Honk People Off, also, Conspiracy Theories
Monster Hunter Nation: Current Event Roundup, also, Gun Runner Now In Paperback

Adam Piggott: The Straight White Christian Man
American Conservative: Appeasement For A Good Cause, also, All The Institutions Failed
American Greatness: Senate Report – Thousands Of Americans Left Behind In Afghanistan Thanks To Biden’s Botched Withdrawal 
American Thinker: Austin Thinks Again, also, School Board Demeans Parents Over Controversial Books
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Happy Society Friday
Babalu Blog: Beta Is Desperately Hoping The Lights Go Out, also, Surprise! Cuban Dictatorship Raises Millions Collecting Blood From Its Citizens & Selling It Abroad
BattleSwarm: Jeff Zucker Out At CNN For Sexing Not SuckingSnowpocalypse Not, and LinkSwarm For February 4
Behind The Black: Pushback – Doctor Fired For Opposing Mandates Sues Hospital, SpaceX Launches Another 49 Starlink Satellites, and Iceye Raises $136 Million In Private Investment Capital
[Speaking of capital, this is February, and time for Mr. Zimmerman’s birthday fundraiser to help keep Behind The Black going. Go show the man some love at his website or via Patreon. – WS]
Cafe Hayek: Peacefully Protesting COVID Hysteria
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Da Tech Guy: The Key Line From The Story Of Charlotte Bellis, Truck Trudeau & The Rest Of The COVID Authoritarians, and CNN, Jeff Zucker, & The Left/Media’s Harvey Weinstein Rules
Don Surber: Poll Shows Most Ukrainians Won’t Defend Ukraine, Biden Denies Religious Exemption To Navy Chaplain, and Just Like That, Liberals Hated Mountain Lions
First Street Journal: 44 Murdered In Philadelphia This January – An Improvement! also, A “Crime” Created By Government
Gates Of Vienna: “Canada Has Been Usurped By A Maoist”, Sharia On The Federal Bench, and An Appeal From A Canadian Trucker
The Geller Report: FBI Director Shamelessly Lies That J6 Protesters Have Been Treated No Differently Than Antifa & #BLM, also, Here’s How Democrats Plan To Rig The 2022 Elections To Stay In Power
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Discovery Will Be Entertaining, and I’ve Had A Previous Bad Experience With GoFundMe
Hollywood In Toto: Susan Sarandon’s Ghastly Anti-Cop Tweet Explained, Masculinity Gets A Comeback With Reacher, and Jon Stewart’s Chickens Coming Home To Roost
The Lid: Pelosi Will Soon Regret Her Advice To Olympians In Beijing, also, Latest Hunter Biden Corruption Evidence Triggers Special Counsel Demands
Legal Insurrection: Professor Glenn Loury’s Ilya Shapiro Moment, Former ACLU Head Ira Glasser Blasts Organization’s New Progressive Agenda, and Ilya Shapiro To Whoopi – “Let’s Talk…We Have To Disrupt This Toxic Cultural Moment In Favor Of Free Speech”
Michelle Malkin: Open Borders Inc. – The “Conspiracy” Is Real
Nebraska Energy Observer: Something Good To Say, People’s Party Of Canada, and Eppur Si Muove, Galileo
Outkick: ESPN Idiot Says Red China Genocide Is No Worse Than Red States Requiring Voter ID, Is NBC’s Savannah Guthrie Working For The Red Chinese?, and Credit To NBC Olympics Host Mike Tirico For Covering Red China’s Genocide
Power Line: Truckers Of The World Unite!, Price of the Ticket, and Who’s Toobin Who?
Shark Tank: Occasional Cortex Praises Eskamani’s Work, also, Murphy Lone Democrat To Vote Against COMPETES Act
Shot In The Dark: On The One Hand, Sic Transit Gloria Civilis Occidentalis, and It’s Always A National Holiday When You’re A Fact Checker
The Political Hat: Brave New World – Abolishing Parenthood, Racial Equity Audits, and Criminal Prosecution By AI, also, Poe’s Law Is Broken
This Ain’t Hell: Vindman Returns, Navy Master Chief Under Investigation, and Valor Friday
Transterrestrial Musings: Aerojet, Moonfall, and Vitamin D
Victory Girls: #BLM Shuts Down Fundraising, Red China Wins Gold In Olympic Oppression, and Schools Nationwide Bitterly Clinging To Masks & Vax
Volokh Conspiracy: Georgetown Law’s Actions Against Ilya Shapiro Lack Credibility, also, #TeamJackson Member Allegedly Edited Wikipedia Bios Of Potential SCOTUS Nominees
Weasel Zippers: Black Republican Blackballed By Virginia Assembly’s Black Caucus, Teacher Yells At Student For “Thin Blue Line” Mask – “That’s The New Confederacy Flag!”, and Bad Orange Woman Can’t Explain Why Biden Won’t Attend NYPD Funerals During NYC Visit
The Federalist: How Much Did Mark Zuckerberg’s Money Shift Wisconsin Votes For Biden?, Stop Harming Yourself With “Self Care”, and How Green Energy Fantasies Can Amplify Civil Unrest
Mark Steyn: The Shame Of A Nation, Copper Bottom, and Honking The Week Away

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