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Corporate PR Coochie-for-Hire Exits Praising CNN’s ‘Journalistic Integrity’

Posted on | February 16, 2022 | Comments Off on Corporate PR Coochie-for-Hire Exits Praising CNN’s ‘Journalistic Integrity’

Totally stolen from Ace, this statement by adulteress Allison Gollust just boggles my mind at so many levels I don’t know where to start. Insofar as “journalistic integrity” is concerned, is Gollust completely unaware of why she and her boyfriend Jeff Zucker got shitcanned at CNN? Like, she somehow missed the fact that they were acting as propaganda operatives for disgraced New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo? Or what about the problem — which Gollust, inside her bubble, apparently doesn’t recognize — that CNN torched its credibility by becoming a televised psych ward for Trump Delusion Syndrome patients? Or the related problem that, in the post-Trump era, CNN has lost 90% of its audience?

One would have to have spent the past few years inside a hermetically sealed vault not to understand how the intertwining of Gullust, Zucker and the Cuomo brothers was a formula for corruption, utterly contradicting the “journalistic integrity” that Gollust attributes to CNN, because everybody — and I do mean everybody — raised eyebrows about this cozy political media arrangement. Even liberals, who totally shared the Trump Derangement Syndrome fever that infected CNN, were astonished by the way the network had Chris Cuomo interviewing his brother the governor. Leaving all that aside, however, exactly what does Allison Gollust know about “integrity,” journalistic or otherwise? She has never been anything but a P.R. flack, and her primary qualification for her position at CNN was her willingness to service the sexual demands of Jeff Zucker. It was, as they say, an “open secret” for years.

Ace points out that Gollust’s claim that Warner Media is trying “to retaliate against me and change the media narrative” should be viewed as a veiled threat of litigation, but considering that her main responsibility at CNN was being Zucker’s girlfriend — a corporate-paid mistress — how does she imagine she can make a wrongful termination claim? Like, if your job was to provide fellatio to Zucker, and Zucker gets fired? We must assume that the new president of CNN doesn’t expect to get the same service from Gollust that she was providing Zucker, so exactly why should CNN keep paying her? Self-awareness doesn’t seem to be Allison Gollust’s strong suit, however, or she would have resigned as soon as Zucker got the boot. Instead she foolishly tried to hang on, and then claims Warner Media is at fault for its “disastrous handling” of a situation for which she herself was largely responsible: “Exit, lying.”

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