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In The Mailbox: 02.17.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

I might get off work in the tax mines early tomorrow night, which would get me home to Tonopah around 10 or 11, but then I might not. Assume this will be the last linkagery of the week until you wake up Saturday morning and see another one. 

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Hold hard, Kekistani!

357 Magnum: People You Know Can Be A Threat
Twitchy: Oilfield Rando Does Work MSM Won’t – Digs Into Org That Bailed Out Quintez Brown, Connects Some Disturbing Dots
Louder With Crowder: Mom Shows Maskless Pix Of Hypocrite School Board Members, They Flip Out & Call Security
Vox Popoli: It’s A Hell World After All, Portrait Of A Promethean, and They Were Always Bluffing
Stoic Observations: Understanding American Gun Culture

Adam Piggott: End Goal – Replacement, also, An Invitation To Join The Illuminati
American Conservative: The Dangerous Dreamworld Of Bret Stephens
American Greatness: Funeral Directors Disturbed By Weird, Freakishly Large Blood Clots In The Corpses Of The Jabbed, also, Federal Judge Rules In Favor Of Air Force Officer Who Defied Jab Mandate
American Power: Justin Trudeau, A Liberal Despot, also, Edward Luttwak – The Rise Of China Vs. The Logic Of Strategy
American Thinker: Can The Democrats Undermine The Midterms? also, The Vanishing American Work Ethic
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Economic Freedom News
Babalu Blog: Fidel’s Plan To Infect Latin America With Cuban Communism, also, The Forced Exile Of Anamely Ramos
BattleSwarm: Trudeau The Thieving Bully, also, Facebook Manager Of Community Development Allegedly Busted In Child Sex Sting
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted Americans, Chandra In Safe Mode, and Firefly Savior Max Polyakov Gives Away His Stock
Cafe Hayek: “We Don’t Owe It To Ourselves”, also, Tyranny & Its Resistance In Canada
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: Omar Has Learned The Lesson Of Harry Reid, also, Administration Declares Those Who Spread The Truth Are Online Are Domestic Terrorists
Don Surber: DWB & Rising Traffic Deaths, Senate Candidate’s Trans Ad Triggers Libs, and Globalism Is Dying Of COVID
First Street Journal: The Philadelphia Inquirer Wants Us To Know They’ll No Longer Tell The Truth In The News
Gates Of Vienna: The Muslim Brotherhood In The EU, Part Three, Syria Says Exiles Should Return Home, and Was It The Vax? Or Something Else?
The Geller Report: DeSantis Blocks Biden’s International Child-Trafficking Scheme In Florida, also, Quebec Rejects Trudeau’s Martial Law, Drops COVID Mandates
Hogewash: Messier 77’s Black Hole
Hollywood In Toto: Seth Swirsky’s “Sunny Day” Brightens Up Winter, Wallace Shawn Stands Up To Cancel Culture, and Channing Tatum’s Dog Delivers Heartland Humor & Heart
The Lid: Always Wrong Fauci Says It’s Time To Move Toward Normalcy
Legal Insurrection: Biden Surrenders The “War On COVID”, California To Offer Financial Assistance To Would-Be Abortionists, and Strong Support From San Francisco’s Asian Districts Was Key In School Board Recall
Nebraska Energy Observer: The Millennium, also, No Imagination Required
Outkick: Enes Kanter Freedom Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize, Stephen A. Smith Told ESPN He’d Leave First Take If They Kept Max Kellerman On, and NFL Hires Obama’s AG Loretta Lynch To Fight Flores Lawsuit
Power Line: Kevin Roche – Lessons Learned
Shark Tank: Eskamani Calls Parental Rights Bill “100% Homophobic”
Shot In The Dark: Three Steps Forward, One Step Back, also, Dispatches From Planet DFL
STUMP: Political Mortality
The Political Hat: School Transparency In Oregon? also, The California Way – You Should House The Homeless Yourself, Recycling Is Mandatory, and Breaking Into Cars
This Ain’t Hell: Texas Guardsmen On The Border Start Unionizing, also, VP Travels To End Ukraine Crisis
Transterrestrial Musings: Good NASA Vs. Bad NASA, A Promising Life-Extension Drug, and Getting Their Own Ride
Victory Girls: Melissa Lantsman Demands Apology From PM Zoolander
Volokh Conspiracy: WaPo Removes Claim That Justice Thomas’ Opinions “Often Resemble The Thinking Of White Conservatives” 
Weasel Zippers: Occasional Cortex Brags About Helping Illegals Get Taxpayer Relief Money, Tom Hanks’ Son Chet Says He Had No Male Role Model Growing Up, and Trudeau Tells Jewish MP She Stands With Swastika-Waving Nazis
The Federalist: P.J. O’Rourke Had No Sacred Cows, The CIA Got Caught Spying On Americans Again, and Trudeau Wants Violence
Mark Steyn: Durham Reportwatch Update! also, Not With A Bang But With A Honk

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