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In The Mailbox: 02.21.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

So…I am departing in the wee hours of Thursday on the See Confinement & Die Tour with a fellow N3F member who lives in Boulder City. We’re going to see if we can make it to Mike Williamson’s latest Emergency Holographic Convention on the east side of the Nashville suburbs, driving straight through on I-40 without benefit of Buc-ees, and then back again Sunday. For once, I’m not packing my laptop, so there won’t be any posting from Wednesday through next Monday, and possibly not until Tuesday, depending on how exhausted I am from the drive back. If this sounds crazy, maybe it is, but it’s not like you didn’t know that by now.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Canadian truckers & supporters, right about now

357 Magnum: Florida Woman? Well, She’s From New York, also, The Scandal F*c*book Doesn’t Want You To Know About
Director Blue: The Dreams That Fly Away
EBL: Severance, From, and What Is At The Center Of A Black Hole?
Twitchy: Kyle Rittenhouse Tells Tucker Carlson Who’s On The List To Get Sued For Defamation, also, Christopher Rufo Responds To John Oliver’s Rant About The Anti-CRT Movement
Louder With Crowder: Watch Freedom Convoy Protesters Sabotage A Live MSNBC Hit, also, Evangeline Lilly Pleads With PM Zoolander – Stop Being A Tyrant To “Our Fellow Canadians”
Vox Popoli: The Techno-Pedocracy, Another “Suicide”, and Fears For The Imperial Order
Gab News: The Parallel Economy Fund

Adam Piggott: Globalism Is A Death Cult
American Conservative: They’re Not Djoking, also, Don’t Repeat The Crimean War
American Greatness: The Gathering Storm In The West, also, America Isn’t Divided, It’s Being Hijacked
American Power: San Francisco’s Asian-American Political Power, also, Britney Spears Scores $15 Million Book Deal
American Thinker: “You Will Know Them By Their Fruits”, also, The Power Of The Powerless Is Real
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Critical Military Theory Friday, also, Goodbye Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: How American Airlines Became State Security Agents For Castro, also, Cuba Defends Putin’s Aggression Against Ukraine
BattleSwarm: Tucker Carlson On P.J. O’Rourke, also, LinkSwarm For February 19
Behind The Black: Sierra Club Official Busted For Vandalizing Brownsville Mural With Anti-SpaceX Graffiti, Northrop Grumman Launches Cygnus Freighter To ISS, and Why Are ANY Parents Sending Their Kids Back To Loudoun County Public Schools?
Cafe Hayek: An Exchange At EconLog Over COVID Policy, also, J.P. Sears Ends On A Note Of Optimism
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday, also, What Does A Decaying Empire Look Like?
Da Tech Guy: Five Short Canadian Thoughts Under The Fedora, also, A Funny Vic Power Story That Shows How Far We’ve Come
Don Surber: Putin Shows Our Media & Deep State Are Frauds, NYT Finally Tells The Truckers’ Side, and Houston Paper Smears Founder Of Rice University
First Street Journal: When A Credentialed Media Article Gives Numbers, It’s Wise To Check The Math, also, The Left Cannot Tolerate Dissent
Gates Of Vienna: Hatred Coupled With Lies, “Half The Population Is Ill Or In Quarantine”, and Sweden Is Racist & Hate-Filled!
The Geller Report: U.S. Truckers Gear Up For Cross-Country Anti-Vax Protest Convoy, also, Emergencies Act Backlash
Hogewash: Bob Belvedere, RIP, The Winds In Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, and Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day
Hollywood In Toto: How Tim Burton’s Batman Made The MCU Possible, also, Dave Chappelle & Clarence Thomas Highlight Week Of Cancel Culture Fails
The Lid: President’s Day – A Homogenized Celebration Of Nothing, also, How Harry S. Truman Helped God Perform A Miracle
Legal Insurrection: Joy Reid Insists Parents Protesting School Boards Are “Mainly White Conservatives”, When Fascism Comes To America It Will Look Like Justin Trudeau’s Canada, and Democrats Fear “Extinction” In Rural Areas
Nebraska Energy Observer: Two More Men – Cancer Sucks, Random Observations, and Leviathan
Outkick: MLB & The Players Association Currently Meeting In Florida, Michigan’s Juwan Howard Slaps Wisconsin Coach Following Loss, and Steelers Hire Brian Flores As Defensive Assistant & Linebacker Coach
Power Line: Latest From The Dreamworld Of Green Energy, Putin Moves On Ukraine (Updated), and Durham For Dummies
Shark Tank: Demings Irked By Defund The Police Narrative Against Democrats, also, Laura Loomer Secures Top GOP Op For Her Campaign Team
Shot In The Dark: Calling All “Journalists”, Welfare Check?, and Metaphor Alert
STUMP: The Geography Of Homicide
The Political Hat: Science On The Verge Of Creating Hyperintelligent Catgirl Mentats, also, Trudeau The Tyrant
This Ain’t Hell: Ensign & 4 Chiefs Charged For Leaking F-35 Crash Video, Valor Friday, and Berlin Airlift’s “Candy Bomber”, Col. Gail Halvorsen, Dies At 91
Transterrestrial Musings: The Hatred Of Democrats By Rurals, Climate Risk, and That NYT Ad About J.K. Rowling
Victory Girls: Beijing Olympics – A PR DisasterCanada’s Dictator Problem, and Elon Musk Schools Fauxcahontas On Tax Realities
Volokh Conspiracy: Court In Civil Case Holds Trump’s J6 Speech Could Be Constitutionally Unprotected Incitement, also, Federal Court Bars Federal Agencies From Considering Cost Of Climate Change In Agency Rulemaking
Weasel Zippers: Fat Antifa Thug Crashes Police Presser To Whine Cops Aren’t Protecting Them From White Supremacists, Now You Can Watch U.S. Wages Fall In Real Terms, and Ted Cruz Has Best Tweet About Dead Epstein Associate
The Federalist: “I Must Betray You” Illustrates The True Evils Of Communism For Teens, Michael Sussman’s Lawyers – It’s OK If He Lied To The FBI, and State Lawmakers Waking Up To Blackrock’s Dangers To Americans And Acting
Mark Steyn: The Free World In Eclipse, Rode Hard – Steve McQueen & Junior Bonner, and Into The Darkness

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