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In The Mailbox: 03.03.22 (Evening Edition)

Posted on | March 4, 2022 | Comments Off on In The Mailbox: 03.03.22 (Evening Edition)

— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

“We just discovered an anti-Russian botnet that was boosting fake news using dozens of accounts across the same IP addresses.
Nice try, CIA.” – Andrew Torba

357 Magnum: Germany Gets A Whack To The Side Of The Head
EBL: More Ukrainian Warrior Women, also, “Peasants Reading The Emancipation Proclamation”
Twitchy: Elon Musk’s Mom Takes Fauxcahontas & Bernie Sanders To The Woodshed
Louder With Crowder: Ukraine Vice PM Tweets Elon Musk For Help With Starlink, Musk Fixes Issue Himself Inside Of 24 Hours
Vox Popoli: The Lies Never Stop, The Truth About 2020, and The Neocon Perspective

Adam Piggott: We Are So Stupid It Hurts
American Conservative: The Peril & Promise Of Austro-America
American Greatness: Iowa Farmer Says Americans May See Grocery Bills Increase By $1000 – A Month, also, Standing Up To Putin Means Ditching Net-Zero
American Power: U.S. & NATO Pressed On Ukraine Aid, also, Interview With Professor John Mearsheimer
American Thinker: The Economic Balloon That May Finally End Progressive Leftism, also, Why America Needs Donald Trump
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily State Of The Union News
Babalu Blog: Happy Birthday To Desi Arnaz, also, Official Cuban Press Laments That Young People Don’t Want To Join The Communist Party
BattleSwarm: Time For Another Exciting Episode Of “Politicians Behaving Badly”
Behind The Black: Former Virgin Galactic CEO Sued Over Pump & Dump Stock Scheme, Today’s Blacklisted Americans, and Russia Blocks Future Rocket Engine Sales To U.S. 
Cafe Hayek: “Ode To The Middleman”, An Innocent & Compelling Explanation, and More On The Pattern Of Price Changes At The Gas Pump
CDR Salamander: NATO’s Potential Russian Flashpoint May Be At Sea, also, Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: Toxic Masculinity & Microaggressions Are SO Last Week, Don’t Tell Me There’s No God, and Joe Biden’s SOTU Was A Dumpster Fire Of Half-Truths & Outright Lies
Don Surber: Proof That Polling Killed COVID Restrictions, The Most Liked Justice? Clarence Thomas, and NYT Admits Biden Is In Over His Head
First Street Journal: Three More Dead In Philly And The Inquirer Doesn’t Care, also, What Have The Climate Action Activists Done To Reduce Their Own Carbon Emissions?
Gates Of Vienna: In A Democracy, Opposition To The NWO Is Prohibited, Crashing The Border At Melilla, and No One Can Stand In The Way Of The NWO
The Geller Report: The Jab Is Deadlier Than COVID For Those Under 80, also, Fed Chief Powell Says It’s Possible To Have More Than One Reserve Currency
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Ahem, and My Solar-Powered Volkswagens
Hollywood In Toto: Batman Returns – As Divisive & Deranged As Ever, Kevin Costner Teams With FOX Nation For Yellowstone Tribute, and PragerU’s Amala Ekpunobi Spills The Secrets To Her Social Media Success
The Lid: The Lazy MSM Is Reporting Only Part Of The Russo-Ukrainian War
Legal Insurrection: Nikole Hannah-Jones To Discuss Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity…At A Veterinary Medicine Conference, Over 100 Professors Targeted For Their Speech In 2021, and Rashida Tlaib Doubles Down On Far-Left Priorities In SOTU Response
Nebraska Energy Observer: Hey – Got Change For A $10?
Outkick: Rick Barry Blows Whistle On NBA Players, Fans Rally – Raise $350K+ For Family Of Zakai Ziegler After House Burns Down, and Stephen A. Smith Has No Idea MLB Is More Popular Than NBA
Power Line: Perfidy In Vienna, Or The Madness Of Slow Joe?, The Climatistas Are Lying Again, and The Axis Of Evil Reunites
Shark Tank: Children Protest “Don’t Say Gay” Bill At State Capitol, also, First Lady DeSantis Cancer-Free
Shot In The Dark: Everything Old Is New Again, Ideas, and Free Market
STUMP: Motor Vehicle Accident Deaths Part 2
The Political Hat: Artificial Wombs Mean Only One Thing – Cyborg Catgirl Mommies!
This Ain’t Hell: Day Of The Soldado, Bounty On Putin, and Nothing Left To Lose
Transterrestrial Musings: Ukraine’s Deadly Gamble, Sanctions Start To Bite, and The State Of Putin & The World
Victory Girls: Iran Deal – Reward Terrorists & Bypass Congress
Volokh Conspiracy: Ilya Shapiro Shouted Down At U.C. Hastings
Weasel Zippers: Despite Soaring Gas Prices Pelosi Opposed To Drilling On Public Lands, Mom Confronts Sheila Jackson Lee At Hearing On CRT – “This Is Free Speech”, and Transportation Secretary Buttigieg – Buying Iranian Oil Is On The Table
The Federalist: What I Saw At The Truckers’ Convoy In Missouri, Corrupt Media Hysterical At DeSantis Again, and Pro-Life, Pro-Woman, Anti-Racism Bills Blocked In Virginia Legislature By…Republicans?
Mark Steyn: The State Of The State Of The Union, War In Europe Day Seven, and The Illusion Of Permanence

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