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In The Mailbox: 03.07.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.
McG’s Tally Book: Absolutely Not
A View From The Beach: This Is Not A Smart Military Blog
EBL: Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain Speech, also, Met Opera Fires Russian Diva Anna Netrebko For Not Denouncing Putin (Sufficiently)
Twitchy: “RIP To The Reporter Ron DeSantis Just Murdered,” also, Subversive Floridians Say “Gay” In Stunning & Brave Video
Louder With Crowder: Ron DeSantis Exposes Truth About Alleged “Don’t Say Gay” Bill, Blasts Reporters For Sucking At Their Jobs
Vox Popoli: Why Russia Is Holding Back, We Are Wizards, and The U.S. Wants War
Gab News: Feds Paid Media To Shill The Jab

Adam Piggott: Acting On The Lies
American Conservative: Have We Cornered Ourselves? also, We’ve Had Enough Of Zero-Sum Democracy
American Greatness: Wokeness On Energy Is Weakness, also, Big Pharma Funds “Studies” By Radical Transgender Groups Encouraging Transition Procedures For Children
American Power: Herbert Marcuse & The Left’s Endless Campaign Against Western “Repression”, also, How War In Ukraine Drives U.S. Inflation At Farms, Supermarkets, & Retailers
American Thinker: COVID Vaccines – What Happened To “Safe & Effective”? also, Addict, Degenerate, & Bagman Of A Corrupt Family Enterprise Exposed
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Putin, Che, & The Castro Brothers All Had The Same KGB Boss, also, Cuba’s Apartheid Tourist Industry Loses Its Main (Russian) Clientele Due To Ukraine War
BattleSwarm: @MKHammer Tells School Boards Why Parents Now Hate Them, also, The Failed Logistics Of The Russian Invasion
Behind The Black: Pushback – High School Student Sues School For Religious Persecution, Red China Launches Seven Satellites With Long March 2C Rocket, and Fractured Terrain On Mars
Cafe Hayek: Jonathan Sumption On COVIDocratic Tyranny, also, An Unseen Cost of Debt-Financing Government Expenditures
Chicago Boyz: Can The EU Significantly Reduce Russian Gas Imports? also, Ukraine Thread Part 3
CDR Salamander: Red China’s 2022 – On Midrats, also, In Ukraine, We Enter A More Brutal Stage
Da Tech Guy: OK, Kids, Who Wants To Be Drafted First?, Thinking About What Happens After Ukraine Falls, and “I Did That!” Ukraine War Variant
Don Surber: Shell Buys Russian Oil, Trumpenfreude For Twitter, and Macgregor – Zelensky Is No Hero
First Street Journal: The Warmongers Keep Beating The Drums, also, This Is Exactly What The Left Wants
Gates Of Vienna: Heim Ins Reich, Who is Bombing Whom?, and Playing With Fire In Molenbeek
The Geller Report: Ports Are Open – DeSantis Says Global Shipping Company Moving From California To Florida, also, Freedom Convoy On The March
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Deimos, and I’m Not Making This Up, You Know
Hollywood In Toto: Here’s How The Batman Delivers An Essential Superhero Story, also, Clueless Oscars Can’t Face Ratings Reality
The Lid: Silence About Russia & Red China Adds To Coca-Cola’s Historic Amorality, also, Durham – Sussman’s Lie A Key Driver In Clinton-Originated Russian Collusion Investigation
Legal Insurrection: Harvard Law Professors Praise Joe Biden Economy, Exposing BLM At School – A Deep Dive Into The Indoctrination Of Fourth-Graders, and Democrat Operative David Brock Declares Jihad On Republican Election Lawyers
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, Sunday Matinee
Outkick: Tennessee Cracks Top Ten, Former ASU QB Jayden Daniels Transfers To LSU, and Michael Wilbon Uses The “T” Word To Describe Grayson Allen, Gets Off Scot-Free
Power Line: Another Industry Destroyed By Taxes, The Idiocy Of Seattle, and The Madness Of Slow Joe, Iran Edition (3)
Shark Tank: Christina Pushaw Triggers Progressive Democrat Pols
Shot In The Dark: Obvious & Impossible, also, Decisions
STUMP: Motor Vehicle Accident Deaths, Part Three
The Political Hat: Anti-Racist Audit – Attempted Murder Fine, Parent Involvement Bad
This Ain’t Hell: Russia’s Military Track Record Suggests They’ll Be In Ukraine A While, Another Two Accounted For, and NPRC Returns To Full Operations
Transterrestrial Musings: The World’s Longest POW Camp, Elon & Russia, and Mastercard & Visa
Victory Girls: Trudeau & Freudian Slippage, On Putin – The Right Needs To Check Itself, and Biden Administration Tries To Schmooze For Venezuelan Oil
Volokh Conspiracy: A Million Little Carrots, also, UC Hastings Faculty Sends Letter To Concerned Students
Weasel Zippers: Buttigieg Says People Upset With High Gas Prices Should Buy An Electric Car, Second Russian General Now In Hell, and Nearly 20,000 Volunteers Have Reportedly Signed Up To Fight For Ukraine
The Federalist: Bad Orange Woman Is A Lying Liar Who Lies – Insane Gas Prices Edition, Five New Special Counsel Arguments Against A Russia Hoaxer’s Attempt To Escape, and Why Cheerleading VISA’s Russia Ban Is A Recipe For Disaster
Mark Steyn: Death Becomes Him – Bob Fosse & All That Jazz, Nobody, and War In Europe – Day Twelve

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