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In The Mailbox: 03.08.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Guess she’s just a spud girl…looking for that REAL tomato.

357 Magnum: Lack of EMS Personnel At The Tipping Point
EBL: Captured Russian Officer Apologizes For Ukraine Attack, also, “Crude Oil Blues”
Twitchy: The Atlantic Thinks Slow Joe Is Doing Fine With Ukraine, also, In Texas, Joe Biden Says There’s Nothing He Can Do About The “Putin Spike At The Gas Pump”
Louder With Crowder: Stephen Colbert Is OK With You Paying $15/Gallon For Gas, also, Founder Of Critical Race Theory Admits To Indoctrination In K-12 Education
Vox Popoli: Hostile Countries, Neocons Threaten Red China, and Poland Washes Its Hands
Gab News: The Real Threat Is The Regime

Adam Piggott: Are We The Baddies?
American Conservative: The Looming Food Crisis
American Greatness: The FBI Goes On Trial In The Whitmer Case, also, Reject Liz Cheney’s War
American Power: Ukraine, The New Right, & Defending The West, also, Emirate & Saudi Leaders Decline Biden’s Calls During Ukraine Crisis
American Thinker: Why Should Deplorables Fight For Those Who Hate Them? also, Why The Washington Post Can’t “Correct” Its Trayvon Tribute
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Sky News News
Babalu Blog: Cuba Continues To Earn Millions From Its Slave Doctors In South Africa, also, Biden Now Sucking Up To Venezuela’s Brutal & Corrupt Regime For Oil
BattleSwarm: Can Ukraine Actually Win? also, Russo-Ukrainian War Update
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, Local Texas Pols Lean On Congressmen To Get Starship Approved By FAA, and Ben Rich, The Skunk Works, & The F-117 Stealth Fighter
Cafe Hayek: More Proper Praise For Petroleum, also, Essential Women Of Liberty
CDR Salamander: The Blob Wants A War
Da Tech Guy: No Fly, No Oil, No Kidding, The Corrupt Madigan Enterprise & The Illinois Democratic Party, and Report From Louisiana – Chasing Chickens & Facebook Jail
Don Surber: May This War End Globalism, Zelensky Is The Latest CNN Hero, and Only 40% Of Democrats Would Defend America – But 88% Would Defend Albania
First Street Journal: How Far From The Tree Did The Apple Fall? also, Another Murder In Lexington
Gates Of Vienna: Interviews With Donbas Residents, A Hall Of Mirrors, and The Fog Of Peace & The Clarity Of War
The Geller Report: Whoever Is Behind “Joe Biden” Has Done All They Could To Derail American Life
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Zooming In To Arp 143, and Crocus
Hollywood In Toto: A Cuomo Comeback? Blame Hollywood’s Mega #MeToo Fail, also, Droll Hyperions Can’t Summon That Superhero Sizzle
The Lid: Ukraine War Has Thrown Global Markets Into Complete & Utter Chaos
Legal Insurrection: Virginia Democrat Mayor Nixes “Abortion Provider Appreciation Day” After Backlash, Iranians Out-Negotiated Biden Administration With Help From Russia, Red China, and Conservative Students At Boston U Explain How To Go On Offense Against Liberalism
Nebraska Energy Observer: Ukraine, Continued, also, Rollin’
Outkick: Far-Left Nut Rex Chapman To Work March Madness, Broncos Score Russell Watson In Seahawks Trade, and Enes Freedom Calls NBA Hypocrites For Supporting Ukraine
Power Line: Our Present Bewilderment, The Madness Of Slow Joe, Iran Edition (5), and Environmentalists Vs. Science
Shark Tank: Legislative Session Headed To Overtime
Shot In The Dark: Lie First, Lie Always – John Marty Is Coming For Your Guns, also, Great Time For A Strike, Denise…”
The Political Hat: Newspeak Dictionary & The Nomenklatura
This Ain’t Hell: Ukraine Wants Foreign Reinforcements, Arvil Reed In The News, also, It’s Vindman Again
Transterrestrial Musings: Climate & The Real Crisis, The Wargame Before The War, and NYC Subways
Victory Girls: Joe Biden’s Dirty Lies About U.S. Energy Production
Volokh Conspiracy: FIRE Lawsuit Against Collin College
Weasel Zippers: Bad Orange Woman Claims Slow Joe “Will Do Everything He Can” To Reduce Gas Prices, also, Racist Joy Reid Claims America Only Cares About Ukraine Because They’re White
The Federalist: The Full List Of Every Lie Joe Biden Has Told As President, Wisc. School District Says Parents Aren’t Entitled To Know If Their Kid Is Trans, and Half The Country Did Speak The Truths CDC Director Insists Nobody Said – And They Were Smeared
Mark Steyn: Shots In The Dark, Naked In a Russian Winter, and Poles Apart

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