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In The Mailbox: 03.10.22 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #1651
EBL: Team Brandon Trying Hard To Start World War III
Twitchy: Bad Orange Woman Spins Hard After Peter Doocy Asks If They’re Going To Blame Everything On Putin Until The Midterms
Louder With Crowder: Joe Rogan Says Wokeness Has Murdered Comedy Films
Vox Popoli: U.S. Admits Ukraine Biolabs, Truth Is The First Casualty, and Underestimating The Enemy
Stoic Observations: Afrobets Revisited

American Conservative: The Cracks Are Showing
American Greatness: Saudi Arabia & UAE Refuse To Pump More Oil, Refuse Biden’s Calls
American Power: This Is Much Worse Than Obama’s Iran Deal
American Thinker: Kamala Harris Proves The Peter Principle
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Marco Rubio Questions Administration Official On Secret Dealings With Venezuela’s Dictator
BattleSwarm: Unfolding Voting Debacle In Harris County Results In Resignation, Lawsuits
Behind The Black: SpaceX Successfully Completes 10th Launch In 2022, Voters Nix Camden Spaceport Project, and Today’s Blacklisted American
Cafe Hayek: “Help” That Hurts
CDR Salamander: How Do You Punch A Ship In The Mouth?
Da Tech Guy: How About We Establish Some “No Loot Zones” & “No Shoot Zones” Here In The U.S. Before We Move To “No Fly Zones” In Ukraine?I Think We’re Being Played On Ukraine, and Walking From God, Major League Stupidity, & Other Thoughts Under The Fedora
Don Surber: Biden, Destroyer Of NATO, also, Adjusted For Inflation, There Is No Inflation
First Street Journal: Killadelphia, The Cause Of Death Was Stupidity, and The Philadelphia Inquirer Tries To Get A Cop Killed
Gates Of Vienna: Report From Donetsk, also, But Why?
The Geller Report: Florida Becomes First State To Recommend Against Jab For Healthy Kids, also, America-Funded Bioweapon Labs In Ukraine?
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Hot Spots On A Hot Star, and Pseudolinguistics
Hollywood In Toto: Ryan Long’s White Immigrant Shows The Power Of Free Will Comedy, also, Joe Rogan – “Wokeness Killed The Comedy Movie”
The Lid: It’s The Energy, Stupid!
Legal Insurrection: Physicist Challenges “DIE” Dogmas, Extinct Invertebrate Named For Joe Biden, and “Woke” Liberals Prove Point Of UVA Student’s Op-Ed
Michelle Malkin: Torpedo The Traitorous America Competes Act
Nebraska Energy Observer: Lupus Tenebrosus – Chapter 19
Outkick: Instagram Golf Model Paige Spiranac Reveals Divorce, Now A Free Agent, Colts Send QB Carson Wentz To Washington, and Joe Flacco Back To The Jets?
Power Line: The Madness Of Slow Joe, Iran Edition (6), and Is The NYT Finally Catching On?
Shark Tank: Controversial Immigration Bill Heads To DeSantis’ Desk
Shot In The Dark: What’s Ukrainian For Motti? also, Solidarity 
The Political Hat: Woke Genocide – “To Abolish Whiteness Is To Abolish White People”
This Ain’t Hell: Russian Invaders Up-Armoring Their Trucks With Wood, Retired Col.-Gen. Ivashov’s Warning To Putin Before The Invasion, and Polish MiGs Going To Ukraine? Who Knows?
Transterrestrial Musings: The Nightmare Of 1914, also, The Endurance
Victory Girls: MSNBC Says High Gas Prices Are Our Fault
Volokh Conspiracy: “Free Speech & The War In Ukraine”
Watts Up With That: Japan Sees No Winter Warming In Decades, also, “Electric Truck Hydropower” – Real Breakthrough Or Sokal Hoax?
Weasel Zippers: Poll – Majority Of Democrats Would Flee U.S. If Invaded, Energy Secretary Blames Putin For High Gas Prices, and Biden Advisor Claims Increasing U.S. Production Wouldn’t Affect Oil Prices
The Federalist: Media Narrative About Biden’s NATO Leadership Predictably Imploding, Joe Biden Doesn’t Want Your Gas To Be $4/Gallon – He Wants It More Expensive, and How Pre-War Expectations Shape War
Mark Steyn: Celebrating Diversity, also, Looking For A Saudi Shrink

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