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From Bad to Worse for Russia in Ukraine

Posted on | March 21, 2022 | Comments Off on From Bad to Worse for Russia in Ukraine

This is a strange story: Supposedly, a pro-Putin tabloid in Moscow published (and then deleted) an official tally of Russia’s casualties in Ukraine — nearly 10,000 killed and more than 15,000 injured/wounded as of Monday. Do the math, and they’re suffering casualties at the rate of about 400 KIA and 650 wounded daily. This is slightly higher than previous Western estimates, although less than what Ukraine has claimed. Yet the word “staggering” is the perhaps the best way to describe Russia’s losses. By comparison, during the worst year of the Vietnam War, 1968, the U.S. had around 16,500 troops KIA — about 45 per day. Russia’s losses in Ukraine so far have been nearly 10 times as high.

Another six months of this and Russia won’t have an army anymore.

(Hat-tip: Instapundit.)



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