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In The Mailbox: 03.29.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: It’s Not Just Property Crime
EBL: On This Day In 1867
Twitchy: “I Was Just Wherever I Could Adding Queerness”, also, Forbes – Don’t Talk About Will Smith’s Slap Without Discussing White Supremacy
Louder With Crowder: Ron DeSantis Exposes “Hollywood Degenerates” Attacking Parents Over Anti-Grooming Bill
Vox Popoli: The Four Eras Of Villainy, Polishing The Library, and The Russians Are Panicking
Stoic Observations: Against Fetishizing Hierarchies

American Conservative: The Bush-Biden Doctrine
American Greatness: GOP Must Promise Inquisitions, Not Meaningless Task Forces, also, The IRS Sent $64 Million In Stimulus Checks To Dead People
American Power: Occasional Cortex Realizes The Democrats Are In Trouble
American Thinker: CDC & FDA Guilty Of Clinical Malpractice & Scientific Fraud
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Too Little Too Late News
Babalu Blog: German Diplomats Blocked From Visiting Sick Citizen Sentenced To 25 Years For Filming 7/11 Protests, also, Cubans Waiting To Buy (Rationed) Diapers Turn On Police When One Of Them Is Violently Arrested
BattleSwarm: Dear Joe – Do You Think You Could Avoid Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud? also, Russo-Ukrainian War Roundup
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted Americans, NASA Wants More Money In 2023, and Red China Successfully Launches Long March 6A
Cafe Hayek: Serfdom Looms
CDR Salamander: We Chose Decline
Da Tech Guy: Report From Louisiana – A Real Food Crisis, Bye Bye Philly! and Donald Trump Is No Ham Sandwich
Don Surber: Jon Stewart Boldly Takes On Mueller – Four Years Too Late, Never Trumpers Roll Out Their New Egg McMuffin, and Russia Has NATO Over A Barrel
First Street Journal: Ford’s Plug-In Electric F150 Lightning Could Cost More Than Your House, also, Killadelphia
Gates Of Vienna: The German People Must Suffer For Ukraine’s Sake, Certain Truths Must Not Be Spoken (At Least Not In Sweden), and “Listen, Viktor!”
The Geller Report: DeSantis Hits Back At Hollywood – “I Wear That [Criticism] Like A Badge Of Honor”, also, Biden’s Approval Ratings Plunge To Lowest Of His Presidency [So far]
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Coming To A Lagrange Point Near You, and Quote Of The Day
Hollywood In Toto: Kim & Kanye Explained, also, Comedy, The (Not So) Hidden Victim Of Slapgate
The Lid: Too Much Lake Water Is Climate Change/Not Enough Lake Water Is Climate Change
Legal Insurrection: MIT Reinstates SAT/ACT Requirement For Future Admissions, Lamestream Media Ignores New Details In Hunter Biden Scandal, and Rep. Gaetz Enters Hunter Biden’s Laptop & Repair Receipt Into Congressional Record
Michelle Malkin: Never Forgotten – The Lies About Terry Schiavo
Nebraska Energy Observer: Can’t Define “Woman”
Outkick: Bomani Jones’ HBO Show Tanks Again, Loses To Infomercial, NFL Adds Women To Rooney Rule, and Robert Kraft Not Pleased With Pats’ Playoff Skid
Power Line: Biden’s Gaffes – A Postscript, Biden Still Falling, and Dean Gerken’s Gabble
Shark Tank: Author Of Anti-Grooming Bill Returns All Donations From Disney
Shot In The Dark: Don’t Grab The Handle, also, CNN – “The Oscars Were Mostly Peaceful”
This Ain’t Hell: Biden’s Proposed Budget Would Make Army Smallest Since WW2, Tuesday With The Libs Of TikTok, and Biden Says He’s Not Walking Anything Back 
Transterrestrial Musings: Mark Judge, also, Clogged Arteries
Victory Girls: Ukraine Drops Alleged List of Russian Spies, also, Mayor Groot Gets Special Secret Security Detail
Volokh Conspiracy: Choosing A Russia Of Pushkin Over A Russia Of Putin
Watts Up With That: The Madness Of Our Worship Of Wind, also, The People Promising us “Net Zero” Have No Clue About The Energy Storage Problem
Weasel Zippers: French President Macron One Of Several Leaders To Express Concern Over Slow Joe’s Gaffes, also, Russia Says It Will Withdraw From Kiev Region
The Federalist: Senators Release Receipts Showing Direct Payments To Hunter Biden By Foreign Oligarchs, ABC Doesn’t Want You To Know The Kids DeSantis Is Protecting From Groomers Are Five, and Will The GOPe Enable Another Disastrous Iran Nuke Deal?
Mark Steyn: Hunter & The Hunted, also, Food for Thought

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