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In The Mailbox: 03.30.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Mr. Whitfield has a warning for the NYT.

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #1672
357 Magnum: COVID Lockdowns & Good Intentions
EBL: Why Does Biden Want To Be LBJ?
Twitchy: Here’s How The Networks Covered The Hunter Biden Story That They Can’t Ignore Any More
Louder With Crowder: Ron DeSantis Continues His Dominance Of Disney
Vox Popoli: A Direct Challenge, ALT*HERO As Spoiler Alert, and Die Hard, Die Silent
Granite Grok: Thought Splinters, Part 1
Stoic Observations: Talkin’ Religion & Politics

Adam Piggott: Too Thirsty For The Chicks
American Greatness: GOP Senators Provide Receipt Of $100,000 Payment By Red Chinese Oligarchs To Hunter Biden, also, Cutting Through The Noise In Ukraine
American Power: Disney Admits It Wants To Queer Your Kids, also, Rural Voters The Key To Battleground Races In November’s Midterm Elections
American Thinker: America’s Truck Driver Shortage, also, Thomas Sowell – Monument To Intelligent Insight
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Court Rules Pan American Health Organization Must Face Human Trafficking Lawsuit by Cuban Doctors, also, Not Enough Notaries To Serve The Thousands Of Cubans Leaving The Country
BattleSwarm: Why Russian Technology Is Screwed, also, Austin-Bergstrom Airport Running Out Of Jet Fuel?
Behind The Black: Another Update On the Lie That Was COVID, Active Volcanoes On Pluto? and Red China’s Long March 11 Launches Three Satellites
Cafe Hayek: What’s Worth More, $1000 Of Microchips Or $1000 Of Potato Chips? also, On Economic Sanctions
CDR Salamander: Losing The Solomons
Da Tech Guy: Twelve Chris Rock/Will Smith Thoughts & My Standing Orders Story
Don Surber: Ukraine’s Human Shields, also, Biden Slaps Families With A $100/Week Tax
First Street Journal: Another Problem For Joe Biden’s Plan To Eliminate Emissions From Electricity Production In 13 Years
Gates Of Vienna: The West’s Goals In Ukraine, Europe Says Nyet To Rubles – Would Rather Freeze Next Winter, and Z Is for Zeitgeist
The Geller Report: FEC Fines Clintons & DNC For Russian Dossier Hoax, also, Pelosi Insists Democrats Will Pick up Seats In Midterms
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Sunlight On The Sea, and The Narrative Has Changed
Hollywood In Toto: TDS – Gaffigan & Stern Blame Smith’s Oscar Slap On Trump, also, How Morbius Misses The MCU Mark (By A Country Mile)
The Lid: Why So Many Foolish Gaffes Were Crammed Into Last Month
Legal Insurrection: Occasional Cortex Threatens Justice Thomas With Impeachment, Judge Prevents Syracuse NY Mayor From Removing Columbus Statue, and Sen. Collins (RINO-Me.) Says She’ll Vote To Confirm Judge Jackson
Nebraska Energy Observer: Lupus Tenebrosus Chapter 20
Outkick: Bruce Arians Stepping Down As Bucs Head Coach, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Mad At Will Smith for Perpetuating Stereotypes, and Throw The Damn Towel – Cardinals Score 29 Runs Against Nationals
Power Line: More Evidence Of 2020 Voter Fraud, Hunter Biden – First The NYT, Now The WaPo, and On The Yale Law School Debacle
Shark Tank: Poll – 52% Of Florida Democrats Back Anti-Grooming Bill 
Shot In The Dark: Might Might Make Right, Foreign Relations, also, What A Difference A Week Makes
The Political Hat: Equity – Theory Vs. Reality
This Ain’t Hell: Stolen Valor Fruit, also, Biden’s “Deterrence Strategy” Failed
Transterrestrial Musings: Brownian Motion
Victory Girls: Disney Has Frightening “Not At All Secret” Gay Agenda
Volokh Conspiracy: 21 States File Suit Against CDC Public Transportation Mask Mandate
Watts Up With That: Crisis – Soaring Costs Of Energy In UK & Europe, also, Wind Turbines Out West, Part 1
Weasel Zippers: Rep. Hakeem Jeffries Thinks Biden Has “Done A Very Good Job”, Fla. Kindergarten Teacher Upset He Can’t Talk To Kids About His Boyfriend, and Bruce Willis Retiring From Acting Due To Aphasia
The Federalist: Partisan Federal Bureaucrats Selectively Enforce The Law, Twitter Locked My Account For Telling The Truth About “Rachel” Levine, and Finnish Court Rebukes State Prosecution of Christians
Mark Steyn: Walking It Back, also, Batley’s Blasphemer

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