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In The Mailbox: 04.05.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Do You Really Expect Criminals To Obey The Honor System?
EBL: Red Dawn, also, Support Amber Athey & Denounce The Cowards At WMAL/Cumulus Media!
Twitchy: Mitt Romney Was Against Judge Jackson Before He Was For Her, also, PuffHo Writer Trying To Raise Her Kids As Gay Explains “Heterosexual Grooming”
Louder With Crowder: Chris Rufo Puts Disney On Blast – Drops List of Disney Employees Arrested For Child Molesting & Child Pr0n
Vox Popoli: Grindset To Nowhere, also, East Europe Rejects Globohomo
Stoic Observations: Gemini, GenX, Or White?
Urban Scoop: Generation “C”

Adam Piggott: How To Vote In The Australian Election
American Conservative: Can Elon Musk Save Free Speech Online?
American Greatness: Renewable Energy – An Abundant Source Of Self-Deception
American Power: Your Priority Is The Emotional Comfort Of Powerful Elites
American Thinker: Democrats Have Painted Themselves Into A Corner
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Young Cubans Who Protested On July 11 Will Undergo Brainwashing At Special “Schools Of Conduct”
BattleSwarm: Is The Army Finally Ready To Pull The Trigger On 6.8mm TVCM? also, Is Russia’s Military Running Out Of Equipment & Spare Parts?
Behind The Black: NASA Aborts Fueling In SLS Dress Rehearsal Countdown, also, Pushback – Elon Musk, Offended By Twitter Censorship, Becomes Its Largest Stockholder
Cafe Hayek: Bad Medicine, also, Bogart/Wilder Celebrate Market Entrepreneurship
CDR Salamander: War, Pestilence, & Famine – The World’s Logistics Falters
Chicago Boyz: Shannon Love
Da Tech Guy: A Silly Line From Moscow, also, Military Recruiting Cracks Are Showing
Don Surber: Putin Shuts Off Germany’s Gas – And Economy, also, Bureaucratic BIllionaires
First Street Journal: Lou Anna Red Corn Lets Another Killer Off Easy
Gates Of Vienna: Culture-Enriching Gang Rape In Linz, also, Fjordman – A Convergence Of Catastrophes
The Geller Report: Orban Wins In Hungary Despite Massive Pressure From Soros, also, Judge Jackson Chose Leniency Even In Cases Of Baby Torture
Hogewash: Earendel And Gravity Lensing, Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, and The Variable Stars Of Messier 72
Hollywood In Toto: Did Jon Stewart Sandbag Andrew Sullivan? also, See For Me Shares Bold Approach To Exhausted Genre
The Lid: Is Putin Dying Of Cancer?
Legal Insurrection: California Ethnic Studies Requirement Relies On Questionable Studies & Distorted Data, Point Park U Closing Office Of Equity & Inclusion, and Lincoln College In Illinois Closing Its Doors After 157 Years
Michelle Malkin: Beware The “Paper Shortage” Election Ruse
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations
Outkick: Kansas Completes Biggest Comeback In National Title Game History, Beats UNC 72-69 After Trailing By 16, The Love Connection, and Clay Travis Rips Shannon Sharpe – Crazy To Say You’d Rather Have $20 Gas Than Trump In Office
Power Line: Sunday Morning Coming Down, Understanding The Progressive Mind, and Koonin Suffers Romps
Shark Tank: Demings Accused Of Contributing To The Border Crisis
Shot In The Dark: A Thousand Sullas, also, Don’t Say Logic, Knowledge, Or Boundaries
STUMP: Alcohol-Related Deaths Part II
The Political Hat: Yes, There IS A Gay Agenda
This Ain’t Hell: A Sample Of Life In The Russian Military, also, White Supremacy In The Military
Transterrestrial Musings: The Return Of The Third Horseman, also, Stop Counting “Cases”
Victory Girls: Slapping Pedos On The Wrist For Years, also, Russia Retreats As Putin-Zelensky Meeting May Finally Happen
Volokh Conspiracy: Military Federalism & State Sovereign Immunity
Watts Up With That: The New Pause Lengthens -Now Seven Years, Six Months
Weasel Zippers: Disney Heiress – We Will Destroy You For Coming After Us, also, Biden “Deeply Proud Of The Work” Jill Did “As Vice President”
The Federalist: Here’s Some Of The Garbage Democrats Funded As COVID Relief, also, The Left Unmasks Its Desire To Destroy Families & The Nation With Sexual Chaos
Mark Steyn: Comedy Vs. Democracy – Elaine May & A New Leaf, also, Culture Of Death

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