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Netflix Stock Has Lost 62% This Year

Posted on | April 20, 2022 | Comments Off on Netflix Stock Has Lost 62% This Year

The stock lost 35% on Wednesday alone, after Netflix reported it lost 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of the year.

The amount of the stock’s value lost in a single day was $54.3 billion — that’s billion, with a “b.” Why are people dropping their Netflix subscriptions? The company should join the Biden administration and blame Vladimir Putin for the problems, but maybe it’s something else:

In 2020, its show “Cuties” was accused of sexualizing preteen girls, leading many to sever ties with the service.
Last year, Netflix revealed “Q-Force,” a cartoon about LGBT spies. “We’re the first queer agents in the field ever,” a character said in the trailer.
“Dear White People” also turned away viewers who perceived it as racist against white people.
And this week, Netflix subscribers will be treated to “He’s Expecting,” whose synopsis reads, “When a successful ad executive who’s got it all figured out becomes pregnant, he’s forced to confront social inequities he’d never considered before.”
The streaming giant isn’t just driving away subscribers with divisive and offensive “woke” programming. Some say much of the content is just plain bad.
“Netflix spent more than $13 billion on original content last year, and people apparently aren’t watching it all that much,” Kevin Dugan wrote in New York Magazine on Tuesday.

(Hat-tip: Ed Driscoll at Instapundit.)

One of the big themes at Netflix is “diversity,” like Bridgerton, based on a series of romance novels set in England during the Regency period (1811-1820) but produced by Shonda Rimes with half the cast being black. What was the black population of England circa 1820? Practically zero, but such are the demands of “diversity” that it must be created even in historical programs set in times and places where diversity was non-existent. So far as I know, there is not yet an LGBTQ subplot in Bridgerton, but it’s surely just a matter of time, because diversity!

This show is actually the most popular thing on Netflix, by the way, and so you have to wonder what other crap they’ve produced with their multi-billion-dollar annual budget. I mean, seriously, $13 billion a year? If each project has an average production cost of $5 million, that’s 2,600 projects. In other words, it’s crazy money, and they’re apparently squandering it on a lot of crap that nobody wants to watch.

Imagine being a film director. You could pitch anything at Netflix — Gay Korean Zombie Pirates! — and they’d give you a few million to produce it. Never mind whether anybody wants to watch your show, because that’s how it is with crazy money. Just write the checks, and who cares what you’re buying? Netflix is acting like the guy who wins the lottery and ends up spending it all on strippers and slot machines.

Hey — that’s a plot for a series! “Lottery Jackpot Winner”! Don’t even think about stealing my Netflix series idea. The script practically writes itself and also involves plenty of diversity, because the protagonists ends up in a relationship with a Brazilian transgender stripper. Or maybe a plus-size Congolese bisexual. Whatever. Copyright (c) 2022.

And I got a million ideas for shows nobody will watch. Considering the absolute disregard for financial stewardship at Netflix — they lost $54 billion in one day! — there’s practically no limit to how much toxic garbage they could pay me to produce. All I need is a connection, see . . .



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