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Here’s a Completely Crazy Idea

Posted on | April 23, 2022 | Comments Off on Here’s a Completely Crazy Idea

Look, I know this might seem far-fetched, but hear me out. Maybe if you’re going to have a meeting of your army commanders, you should try to choose a location that is not within range of the enemy’s artillery:

Two Russian generals have been killed by a Ukrainian artillery strike on a forward command-and-control center of Russia’s 49th General Army near the frontlines in Kherson region, with a third severely wounded, Ukraine’s military intelligence said on April 23.
“As a result of the strike, command-and-control center 49A was destroyed, two enemy generals were liquidated, another one was evacuated in critical condition,” reads a Ukrainian military intelligence statement.
The identities of the Russian officers in question are still being confirmed.
Ukraine’s military intelligence is continuing to isolate high-value targets for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to eliminate.
This puts the tally of Russian generals killed in Ukraine at 10. Meanwhile, Moscow has officially acknowledged the death of only two of them: Andrey Sukhovetskiy and major-general Vladimir Frolov.

Now, apparently I’ve lost count, because the last time I checked — it was last Sunday — the death toll of Russian generals was seven. Adding these two latest would put the total at nine, but maybe they killed another one somewhere that I didn’t count. Anyway, the bodies of dead Russian generals are stacking up like cordwood, and we’re only two months into this war. At this rate, pretty soon there won’t be enough Russian generals left alive to stage a coup to overthrow Putin.



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