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In The Mailbox: 04.27.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

The beatings will continue until freedom is restored.

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #1700
357 Magnum: Seattle City Council Shocked By Police Shortages
EBL: Billy The Kid
Twitchy: Senators Cruz & Hawley Destroy Biden Judicial Nominee Over SPLC Connection, also, Cenk Uygur Barfs Up More Stupidity
Louder With Crowder: Twitter Employee Whines That It’s Like “Working In Ukraine” Now That Musk Owns Him
Vox Popoli: Russia Cuts Off Bulgaria & Poland
Stoic Observations: First World Black Problems
Gab News: Gab Responds – Elon Buys Twitter, So Now What?

Adam Piggott: Red Meat & Rosaries, also, United Australia & Australia One Nowhere On The Vax
American Conservative: Making Vote By Mail Permanent
American Greatness: Nazis In Ukraine, also, DeSantis Signs Bill Creating Election Police 
American Power: A Tyranny Of Moral Minorities, also, MSNBC’s Joy Reid Completely Tanks In April
American Thinker: Don’t Be Afraid To Call It Grooming, also, You Can’t Have A Functioning Nation Without Free Speech
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: DeSantis Rips Administration For Meetings With Cuba’s Dictatorship, also, Lions In Cuban Zoo Dying Of Starvation
Behind The Black: Pushback – Three Idaho U. Students Sue School For Punishing Them Over Opinions, SpaceX Successfully Launches Four Astronauts Into Orbit, and Ingenuity Photographs Perseverance’s Abandoned Parachute
Cafe Hayek: People Don’t Understand Prices
CDR Salamander: Marine View From Down Under
Da Tech Guy: Why Doesn’t The Left Just Make Their Own Twitter? also, The Perfect Expression Of Being What An American Is
Don Surber: What LGBT Rights Really Are, FJB Chants Sink Democrats, and DC Doughnuts Are $57 A Dozen
First Street Journal: Joe Manchin’s Popularity Soars In WV, also, The NYT Really Hates (Other Peoples’) Freedom Of Speech
Gates Of Vienna: Sicilian Court Rules Mandatory Jab Unconstitutional
The Geller Report: DeSantis Bans Zuckerbucks, Creates Election Police Unit, also, John Durham Has Hundreds Of Emails Between Fusion GPS & Reporters
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, also, A Bright Pearl
Hollywood In Toto: The Elon Musk Effect, also, David Spade’s Cancel Culture Fears Will Make You Scream
The Lid: Joe Biden Failed To Report Over $5.2 Million In Income Used To Pay Hunter’s Legal Fees
Legal Insurrection: Brown U. President Looking For Ways To Cut Ties With “Science Disinformation” Spreaders, Biden Tells Congressional Hispanic Caucus He’s Open To Cancelling “Substantial Amount” Of Student Loan Debt, and NY Supremes Throw Out Democrats’ Gerrymandered Redistricting Map
Michelle Malkin: Orrin Hatch’s Beltway Barnacle Legacy
Nebraska Energy Observer: The War On Western Culture
Outkick: Former NFL Player Suing Joy Reid For Defamation, NASCAR Orders Denny Hamlin To Complete Sensitivity Training, and Deshaun Watson Can Play, But Trevor Bauer Still Suspended
Power Line: The China Syndrome, also, Censoring Johnny The Walrus?
Shark Tank: Nikki Fried Asks – Where Is Charlie Crist?
Shot In The Dark: The Empire Strikes Back, also, The Catholic Vote
The Political Hat: Pre-School Gender Indoctrination
This Ain’t Hell: AF General Convicted Of Sexual Assault Given Stern Talking To, Some Updates, and String Of Suicides On The George Washington
Transterrestrial Musings: If Biden Pays Off Student Loans
Victory Girls: America – The Nameless, The Shameless, & The Soulless
Volokh Conspiracy: A Glossary of Militia Law Terms
Watts Up With That: The Annual Disaster Fake News Story, also, John Kerry – Old-School Playground Bully On Climate
Weasel Zippers: Biden’s DHS Creating An Actual Ministry Of Truth, also, Kevin McCarthy Told Liz Cheney He’s Like To See More Conservatives Banned From Twitter
The Federalist: New Credit Card Will Allow You To Avoid Financing Woke Banks, Leftists Claim Everything Is Racist Except Actual Race Hatred, and Linktree Deplatforms Libs Of Tiktok Without Warning
Mark Steyn: Too Spirited, also, Return Of The Leech

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