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In The Mailbox: 05.04.22 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

The state of the Union after the draft opinion leak

357 Magnum: Canada – It’s Cheaper To Kill The Poor Than Treat Their Illnesses
EBL: This Time Maybe Roberts Will Let You Kick It
Twitchy: “Chelsea” Manning, 2nd Amendment Advocate – Who Knew?
Louder With Crowder: Mike Rowe Drops Truth Bomb – Truckers Don’t Blame Putin For Bidenflation
Vox Popoli: Can You Say “Template”?, You Can’t Fight The Market, and Rumors Of Roe v. Wade
Stoic Observations: Self-Preservation & The Relegation Of Roe

American Conservative: Confessions Of A Conspiracy Theorist
American Greatness: Why Gov. Kemp Leads In Georgia Despite Trump’s Opposition
American Power: Abortion Fight Takes Center Stage On Capital Hill, Election Trail
American Thinker: Obama’s Fundamental Manipulation Of Free Speech
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Past Is Prelude News
Babalu Blog: Salaries In Cuba Place Entire Population Below The Poverty Line
BattleSwarm: Domestic Terrorist Dies
Behind The Black: Viasat Again Demands Government Block Competitor Starlink, Space Force Awards 125 Small Contracts To Develop Space Junk Removal & Satellite Repair, and Berger – The Media Should Ignore Rogozin
Cafe Hayek: On Protectionism & The Dignity Of Protected Workers
CDR Salamander: What Our Plucky NATO Friends Are Bringing To Sea
Da Tech Guy: Democrat Attacks On “Misinformation” Have Their Roots In Obama’s “Truth Squad”, Report From Louisiana – Senseless Violence, and Five SCOTUS Leak Thoughts Under The Fedora
Don Surber: Disney Spin Makes No Sense But Libs Embrace It, Politico – Roe v. Wade Reversed? and Why Musk Bought Twitter
First Street Journal: Isn’t This Interesting? also, Why Does A Newspaper Censor The News?
Gates Of Vienna: All Your Gas Are Belong To Us, also, Building The Caliphate In Sweden
The Geller Report: Elon Musk Blasts NBC After Host Suggests Republicans Are Nazis, also, Biden Regime’s “Asylum Officers” To Replace Immigration Judges
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Black Hole Binary Systems, and What’s There & What’s Not
Hollywood In Toto: Could 2000 Mules Change The 2020 Election Narrative? also, Doctor Strange Ramps Up The Excitement, Exhaustion
The Lid: Lies Being Told About Leaked SCOTUS Document
Legal Insurrection: Should The ABA Be Stripped Of Its Monopoly Law School Accrediting Power?, NYU’s LGBTWTFBBQ Center Floats “Latine” As Replacement For “Latinx”, and NBC Anchor Caught Allegedly Meeting Underage Boy For Sex
Nebraska Energy Observer: Teaching Western Civ, also, Special Grand Jury
Outkick: Privilege – ESPN Renews Bomani Jones Show After Lowest Rated Season In Modern History, Jimmy Garoppalo’s Surgery Ruined 49ers Trade & Possibly Season Plans, and Goalie Mikayla Demaiter Back For Stanley Cup Run & Other Notes
Power Line: Green Nightmares, also, Astounding Leak From SCOTUS
Shark Tank: Fried Thinks DeSantis Will Ban Abortions In Florida
Shot In The Dark: Roe No Mo, Mom, and Trust But Verify
The Political Hat: A Veritable Commentary On Conservatism
This Ain’t Hell: More Details On Fired Marine General’s Transgressions, also, Biden Continuing To Shrink The Military
Transterrestrial Musings: Ukraine’s Second Amendment, also, Snowball Fights In Hell
Victory Girls: Vikings & Why The Left Hates Us, also, SCOTUS Leak – You Say You Want A Revolution?
Volokh Conspiracy: Google’s Spamgate, also, I’ve Finished Reading The Apparent Dobbs Draft Opinion
Watts Up With That: A Sense Of Proportion, also, Africa Wants Oil & Gas, Not UN/COP Poverty
Weasel Zippers: New Poll Finds Majority Of Latinos Prefer GOP To Democrats, also, Dem Rep Cori Bush Calls For End To Filibuster, Force Pro-Lifers To Fund Abortions
The Federalist: Five Times Democrats Insisted SCOTUS Must Be Obeyed Without Question, “Let’s Burn This Place Down”, and Bill Would Allow Feds To Purge Military & Local Police For Thoughtcrime
Mark Steyn: Attack Of The Ginger Growler, A Birthing Person’s Right To Choose, and A Woman’s Right To Leak

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