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The Endless Grift of ‘Literally Who?’

Posted on | May 4, 2022 | Comments Off on The Endless Grift of ‘Literally Who?’

Last week, I mentioned Brianna Wu, a/k/a John Walker Flynt, the psychotranny drama queen who inserted herself into the #GamerGate controversy in 2014 and simply won’t let go of her 15 minutes of “fame” (such as it was). In the comments of that post, Wombat remarked: “Literally Who is crying again? We’ll give her something to cry about!” In case you don’t get that reference, the #GamerGate crew dubbed the three self-anointed “victims” as Literally Who (Zoe Quinn), Literally Who 2 (Anita Sarkeesian) and Literally Who 3 (Wu), the point of these sobriquets being that practically nobody in the videogame development community had ever heard of these people until #GamerGate happened. Quinn (a/k/a the Tattoo-Covered, Mentally Ill Ex-Stripper Whose Real Name Is Chelsea Van Valkenburg) had done one really crappy, primitive game called Depression Quest, Sarkeesian had done nothing except some YouTube videos applying critical theory to games, and Wu had done a boring game called Revolution 60 that almost nobody ever played. But then the Great #GamerGate Victimhood Derby of 2014 got underway and by October 2015 there were literally hearings at the United Nations (!!!) with Zoe and Anita testifying about “harassment.”

Never in history had such previously obscure nobodies become “famous,” except perhaps Gavrilo Princip, Lee Harvey Oswald, et al.

Zoe, Anita and Briann’s claims of victimhood were dubious; the FBI investigated and, except for a juvenile in the Midwest who’d made harassing phone calls, found no crimes against these high-profile victims. When the noise died down, the headlines faded and the media spotlight turned elsewhere, most of us forgot about the “Literally Who?” gang.

Alas, grifters gotta grift, and while I have no idea how Zoe and Anita are paying their bills nowadays, Wu has decided that progressive politics is her bag, which she promotes constantly on Twitter.

Notice that Wu talks about fundraising for “our congressional runs” as the foundation of the PAC formed with Cenk Uygur. How did those campaigns turn out? In 2018, Wu challenged Massachusetts Rep. Stephen Lynch in the Democratic primary and lost by 48 points, 71%-23%. After announcing another primary challenge to Lynch in 2020, Wu quit the race in April 2020, citing COVID-19 concerns. Uygur, meanwhile, jumped into the 2020 special election for California’s 25th District, which was vacated by disgraced Rep. Katie Hill’s resignation. In the so-called “jungle primary,” Uygur placed fourth, with 10,699 votes (6.6%), and in the subsequent runoff, Republican Mike Garcia won the seat. Uygur ran again in the regular election, again placing fourth in the primary, with 9,246 votes (5.9%) and, again, Garcia went on to win the seat. Such is the electoral record of the co-founders of Rebellion PAC.

If you’re going to research Brianna, eventually you must find yourself plowing through the extensive dossier on her at KiwiFarms. Today, I noticed this KiwiFarms entry about Rebellion PAC:

Compare and contrast Wu’s self review (“I am a great project manager.”) vs what James Tison had to say:

Mainly though, I found the executive director’s management style to be chaotic, aggressive, and not great with boundaries (for myself and in the way she treated various freelancers). Instructions that made no sense, constantly changing deadlines and expectations, and a general aura of overt bossiness.

Who is this James Tison?

According to his LinkedIn profile, for six months (August 2020 to January 2021), Tison was Production Coordinator for Rebellion PAC:

** Multi-million dollar Clean Progressive PAC ran by Cenk Uygur (The Young Turks) and Executive Director Brianna Wu
** Right-hand person to the Executive Director
** Produced, wrote, researched, and story edited 30+ political ads that ran throughout the 2020 cycle, working closely with editors to meet deadlines
** Participated in endorsement interview process for 10+ congressional candidates
** Opposition research on numerous conservative candidates
** Produced and organized digital events (talkbacks, fundraisers), managing communications with congressional candidates and The Young Turks network.
** Managed social media, helped quadruple the following on all platforms
** Researched, authorized, and executed ad buys in local tv and radio markets throughout country
** Aided Cenk Uygur directly with interview prep for his YouTube channel (1 Million subscribers)

This was Tison’s experience with the “chaotic” Brianna Wu, who exhibited “a general aura of overt bossiness” — allegedly, I hasten to add, as I don’t have the original source for that Tison quote on KiwiFarms. Even if we stipulate that the quote is authentic, it must be added that Tison is not himself exactly a pillar of emotional stability.

So much, then, for the former Production Coordinator for Wu’s PAC. What have they been up to lately at Rebellion PAC? While I don’t know how much money they’ve raised, Wu made a lot of noise on Twitter about the bang-up job they were doing in support of left-wing kook Nina Turner in her Democratic primary challenge against Rep. Shontel Brown in Ohio’s 11th District (Cleveland). Care to guess how that turned out?

Yes! A 32-point blowout victory for Brown! A completely humiliating defeat for Turner and her Rebellion PAC supporters. Just a wild guess here, but maybe Brianna Wu a/k/a John Walker Flynt doesn’t exactly have his/her finger on the pulse of voters in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.

Way to go, Madame Executive Director — wasting donor money on doomed kook candidates who get stomped in Democratic primaries. Please, offer more strategic help to “progressives”!

Translation: “Grifters gotta grift.” The entirety of her message can be summarized as, “Give us more money, because ‘progressive’!” And the truly sad thing is that there are plenty of “progressives” who will keep donating, because only extremely gullible people believe that “progressive” crap, and if nothing else, Brianna Wu knows how to get these chumps to fork over money for “the progressive vision.”



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