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“If You Lack a Uterus, You Cannot Speak”

Posted on | May 6, 2022 | Comments Off on “If You Lack a Uterus, You Cannot Speak”

by Smitty

One point I’ve not seen raised as we move toward a possible abortion of Roe/Casey is this pertains to the “If you don’t have a uterus, you cannot speak” argument. Whether one can speak has nothing to do with whether the plumbing is “indoor” or “outdoor”, because this is fundamentally a family, not an individual argument.

This is where the Left (credit where due) has expertly played the individual liberty card as a trump against conservatives. Because we do care about individual liberty. I, for one, am not here to boss anyone around. Bossing people around triggers that “Newton’s 3rd Law of Humans” rebellion. Perhaps you’ve noticed.


Let me address my “team” directly here: if she’s not your wife, you’ve no business trading protein with her. And if God has joined you, let no man (to include you behaving like a boy) put that divine appointment asunder.

Aside: there is only one acceptable “trans” case:

Once a man is married (take your time, this is not a decision to be taken lightly), he needs to stay that way. We all look the same in the dark, and everyone’s feet stink. Don’t let the testosterone lead you to cheapen the sacrament. We can continue to prize our individual liberty as a political matter (I certainly do) but your spiritual growth as a man involves treating your marriage as a spiritual castle, just as your home is your physical castle.

Yet, political Libertarianism is orthogonal to your spiritual oath to the marriage and the ensuing family.

Thus, we are right, correct, and proper when we stomp this “no uterus, no voice” argument into the mud. It is a foul deceit intended to (and quite successful at) cratering our society and reducing us to thralls of a Socialist state controlled by globalists.

Therefore, it is my hope that the Pro Life movement morphs into a Pro Family movement, and we continue to reject the parade of follies that have plagued us since the Summer of Love.
Again, I’m not here to boss anyone around. I understand that there are plenty of people for whom “Form Follows Function” is too complex a concept to grasp, like the truth that a dog has four legs, no matter how we label the tail. Lord, have mercy.

But for those of us men who are not confused about manhood, it is time to step up to the plate, love our families as the Lord has loved us, and rebuild a collapsed culture.


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