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In The Mailbox: 05.05.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

May the Fourth be with you…and a fifth as well?

357 Magnum: Why Are Guns So Prevalent In U.S. Culture?
A View From The Beach: From The Cheap Seats – How Does The Russo-Ukrainian War End?
EBL: Democrats Plot Their Fundraising Grift
Twitchy: Ruth Sent Us Claims They Didn’t Post Conservative Justices’ Home Addresses – Just Dropped Map Pins There
Louder With Crowder: Elon Musk Won’t Back Down – Keeps Firing Back At Soros & Clinton-Backed Groups Trying To Stop Twitter Sale
Vox Popoli: U.S. Targeting Russian Generals

Adam Piggott: Roe v. Wade Is Irrelevant
American Conservative: Mourning In America – Life After Roe
American Greatness: 2000 Mules Documentary Provides Compelling Evidence That 2020 Election Was Stolen
American Thinker: Overturning Roe v. Wade – Will Democrats Instigate Another George Floyd Summer? also, The Real Black Swan Of 2020 – The Assault On Small Business
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Leaky News
Babalu Blog: Some Embargo! Cuba Buys 84,000 Tons Of Chicken From The U.S., But Most Cubans Won’t See Any, also, Cuban Dictatorship Imposes Totalitarian Measures To Shorten Food Lines
BattleSwarm: Reminder – Texas Constitutional Amendment Vote Saturday
Behind The Black: Pushback – Computer Repairman Who Exposed Hunter Biden’s Laptop Sues Media For Slander, Endurance Undocks From ISS For Splashdown Tonight, and Boeing Moving HQ From Chicago To DC
Cafe Hayek: Quotation Of The Day
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Chicago Boyz: The Invasion Of Safe Spaces
Da Tech Guy: The Democrats LOVE Horse Drugs – When They’re Used To Kill People, also, Roe v. Wade Should Have Been Overturned Decades Ago
Don Surber: Why Trump Backed Vance, also, PolitiFact Finds DeSantis Was Right, Drops Attack
First Street Journal: NYT Thinks Overturning Roe Isn’t Conservative, also, Hot Take – SCOTUS Is A Tool Of Tyrants
Gates Of Vienna: Girls Will Be Boys & Boys Will Be Girls, also, Orban Must Die! And Pope Francis Too!
The Geller Report: Fla. Textbook Publishers Surrender To DeSantis, Scrub Woke Propaganda, also, Durham Wins Fight To Get Some Hillary & Fusion GPS Documents
Hogewash: Sonification – The Perseus Galaxy Black Hole, also, The Lens Of Experience
Hollywood In Toto: What Top Gun: Maverick Can’t Replicate, also, Can Doctor Strange Conjure Up A “Normal” Box Office Summer?
The Lid: Has The Fed Already Lost The War On Inflation?
Legal Insurrection: Schiff – “Codifying Roe Isn’t Enough, We Must Expand The Court”, Abortion Activists Vandalize Boulder Catholic Church For The Second Time In Seven Months, and What If There Is No Majority To Overturn Roe?
Nebraska Energy Observer: Winning
Outkick: Katie Nolan Blames “Misogyny” For People Not Liking Her As Baseball Analyst, Magic Johnson Joins Group Bidding For Broncos, and What Should The Nationals Do With Juan Soto?
Power Line: Fauxcahontas Is Faux Angry, They’ve Come For Lincoln, and Did Glee Lead To Glum?
Shark Tank: Broward School Board Cancels Citizen For Speaking Out Against CRT, Transgender Books
Shot In The Dark: Russian Debt Repayments, Black & White & Reds All Over, and , Let Me Spell This Out
This Ain’t Hell: WW2 Nurse Celebrates Her 100th Birthday By Skydiving For The First Time
Transterrestrial Musings: A New Space Organization, also, Fake News
Victory Girls: Democrats Receive Deliveries Daily
Volokh Conspiracy: Is It Libel To Lay Out Facts About A Law Clerk’s Writings & Associations And Say She’s A Likely Leaker?
Watts Up With That: Rural America v. Big Wind, also, Vail Mountain Completes Longest Season On Record With Snow To Spare
Weasel Zippers: Mayorkas Says He Was Unaware Of DGB Chief’s Weird Videos, also, Stocks Sink As Stagflation Fears Grow
The Federalist: Meet The Shady Left-Wing Group Targeting SCOTUS Justices & Their Families, Quacks Like “Rachel” Levine Want Control Of Your Children, and Biden Hires Harvey Weinstein Apologist As New WHCA
Mark Steyn: Ministers Of Misinformation, also, An Unreported Scandal

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