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In The Mailbox: 05.11.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Got busy with a lot of stuff yesterday and ran out of time to do links. Will catch up tomorrow for sure. Meanwhile, Stacy & I are working out the details of the upcoming Smittypalooza. Will it be in Frederick County or Loudoun County, or some even more exotic location? Stay tuned, sports fans!
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Yes, this is how ignorant they are.

357 Magnum: Pro-Crime Policies Have An Impact
EBL: Beware Of False Prophets, also, Dueling Joe Biden
Twitchy: Science Teachers Association Has Tips On How To Queer Your Classroom, also, Democrat-Controlled House In No Hurry To Investigate Baby Formula Shortage
Louder With Crowder: PETA Lashes Out At Elon Musk – But Not For Buying Twitter
Vox Popoli: On The Correction Of Others, also, Countdown To World War 3
Stoic Observations: Threepers & The Confrontational Politics Of black Activists, Part One

Adam Piggott: Bits & Bobs
American Conservative: The Threat Of Polish Intervention In Ukraine, also, Of All Nations, Kindred, & People
American Greatness: There Is No Honor In Abortion, also, Future Misery & Joe Biden
American Power: How Mariya Alyokhina Of Pussy Riot Escaped Russia
American Thinker: If We Cannot Secure Voting, We Will Die, also, Demographics – Deglobalization Will Fix Climate Change
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Great Land News
Babalu Blog: Death Toll From Hotel Saratoga Explosion Reaches 40, also, DeSantis Signs Bill Establishing “Victims Of Communism” Day, Requiring Teaching Of Communism’s Evil In Fla. Schools
BattleSwarm: Russia’s Decline & Existential Crisis, also, I Heard The Grifters Singing, Each To Each
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted Americans, New ROK President Wants Bigger Space Effort Closely Tied To U.S., and Rogozin Tweets Threats To Musk, Musk Shrugs
Cafe Hayek: Bernard Bailyn’s History And The “1619 Project”, also, More From Bernard Bailyn
CDR Salamander: What Is Really Going On In Eastern Ukraine?
Da Tech Guy: The Media Attack A Christian Republican In Pennsylvania, also, $6 Diesel! The Left’s Plan To Slaughter The Middle Class Advances
Don Surber: Party Like It’s 18-94!, Kavanaugh-Hating Judge Caught DWI, and Herschel Walker Learns From Biden
First Street Journal: White House Predicts Doom On Fall/Winter WuFlu Infections, also, Bidenomics – Making You Poorer & Your Retirement Plan Worth Less
Gates Of Vienna: Viktor Orban – The Red Line Is The Energy Embargo, also, The Evacuation Of The Last Citizens From Azovstal
The Geller Report: Woman Finds Box Of Over 100 Mail-In Ballots On Hollywood Sidewalk, also, Mo. Senate Passes Election Integrity Bill
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, A Field Guide To Galaxies, and Controls All The Branches?
Hollywood In Toto: Did Chet Hanks Pull Off What ScarJo & Stephen King Couldn’t? also, Here’s Why 2000 Mules Is Getting Aggressively Fact-Checked
The Lid: The Three Stooges Who Helped Write The Steele Dossier, also, NYT Editorial Lies That Interracial Marriage Is On The Chopping Block
Legal Insurrection: Pro-Abortion Activists Target Justice Alito’s Home, Parents Revolt Against Equity Agenda In Barrington RI Schools, and NYC Workers Won’t Come Into The Office Because Of Crime, Not COVID
Nebraska Energy Observer: Eschatology Video Thoughts, also, It’s A Plan
Outkick: Oakland A’s Tony Kemp Makes Incredible Catch, Jeanie Buss Is Growing Impatient With The Lakers, and NBA To Stage Games In United Arab Emirates, Where Being Gay Is Punishable By Death
Power Line: “You Will Pay The Price”, also, Race-Baiting & Disinformation In The White House
Shark Tank: Team Rubio – Demings Supports Abortion Up Until Birth
Shot In The Dark: “Bloody Christmas”, also, An Interview With George Orwell
The Political Hat: India – Mother Nature Can Sue & Be Sued
This Ain’t Hell: Puerto Rican Naval Officer From Both World Wars Might Get Upgrade To Medal Of Honor, More Navy UFO Talk, and Veteran Complains The Late Sen. Hatch Not Entitled To Military Honors
Transterrestrial Musings: NASA’s Artemis Branding Problem, also, Certifying Commercial Space Stations
Victory Girls: Violent Protesters, Like Cockroaches, Only Emerge After Dark
Volokh Conspiracy: Can States Ban Residents From Getting Abortions In Other States If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned?
Watts Up With That: Power Grid Operators Warn Green Energy Could Cause Blackouts, Extreme Weather During The Maunder Minimum, and The Intended Consequences Of Climate Policy
Weasel Zippers: White House Understands The Passion Of Protestors Who Disrupted Masses On Mothers Day, also, Elon Musk Says First Thing He’ll Do As Twitter CEO Is Reinstate Trump’s Account
The Federalist: Federal Judge Eviscerates russian Collusion Hoaxer Marc Elias For Attempting To Undermine NY Elections, Planned Parenthood Profits Hugely From Getting Kids Hooked On Transgender Hormones, and Mayor Groot Calls For Insurrection Against SCOTUS
Mark Steyn: Disinformation Unto Death, also, The Canadian Gaslighter

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