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In The Mailbox: 05.12.22 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

To be sure, they’re pretty nifty weapons.

357 Magnum: The Left Is Sad About Anti-COVID Lawsuits
EBL: What Did Babies Rely On Before Formula? also, Manchin Slaps Schumer
Twitchy: White House Tweet Debunked By Previous White House Tweet, also, DGB Czarina Nina Tells How Men “Burst Violently Into Your Mentions” Like The Kool-Aid Man
Louder With Crowder: Twitter Updates TOS With Unintentionally Hilarious Warning About Mean Tweets
Vox Popoli: Stupid People Doing Stupid Things, Blacks & Women Hardest Hit, and Coexistence Is Impossible
Gab News: Gab’s Pennsylvania Primary Endorsements

American Conservative: Against Athleisure
American Greatness: Senate Fails To Pass Abortion Bill, also, FBI Whistleblower Says Agency’s Direction Troubles “A Vast Majority Of The Agents”
American Power: Biden’s Incoming Mouthpiece Laughs When Asked Who’s Handling The Baby Formula Crisis
American Thinker: The Left-Wing Insurrection
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Insurrection News
Babalu Blog: AMLO & His Dangerous Sympathy For The Castro Dictatorship, also, The Dictatorship Has Spent $1.5 Billion On Luxury Hotel Construction Since 2020
BattleSwarm: Ukraine Artillery Gets A GPS Boost, also, Disprove #BLM Statistics? That’s A Pink Slip
Behind The Black: Pushback – Arizona Parents Sue School Board For Attempting To Intimidate & Silence Them, Boeing & Aerojet Rocketdyne Fight Over Cause Of Starliner’s Valve Problem, and Zhurong Data Suggests A More Watery Martian Environment Than Previously Thought
Cafe Hayek: Samuel Adams And The “1619 Project”
CDR Salamander: LCS Just Cracks Me Up
Chicago Boyz: Of Agriculture & Ideology
Da Tech Guy: Five Thoughts Under The Fedora, also, The Civility & Tolerance Of The Political Left
Don Surber: Poll – Harassing SCOTUS Justices Backfires, Journalists Try To Hide Their Abortion Views, and Biden’s Sanctions Make Russia Great Again
First Street Journal: Pro-Aborts Don’t Like It When Someone Uses Plain Language, also, Senator Bob Casey Lies Through His Scummy Teeth
Gates Of Vienna: The Corona Deception, Putting Words In Her Mouth, and The Kosovo Question Applied To The DPR & LPR
The Geller Report: Baby Sex Education, also, Biden Cancels Massive Oil & Gas Lease Deal As Prices Hit All Time High
Hogewash: The Frustration Of Fauxcahontas, When THE Science Follows THE Narrative, and Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day
Hollywood In Toto: Eleven Withering Responses To Stephen King’s Pro-Nina Jankowicz Tweet, also, Top Gun: Maverick – No Woke, Just Thrills & Nostalgia On Steroids
The Lid: California’s Ban On Long Gun Sales To 18-20 Year Olds Struck Down
Legal Insurrection: Symone Sanders Debut On MSNBC Flops, Jordan Peterson Rejoins Academia, and CNO Removes Woke & CRT Books From Reading List
Nebraska Energy Observer: I Don’t Think I’ve Done This Before
Outkick: Larry Bird Talks Some Smack After Finding Out NBA Playoff Award Named After Him, Five-Star Julian Phillips Commits To Tennessee, and Phil Jackson Wants The Lakers To Trade LeBron James – And There Are Worse Ideas
Power Line: Scandals In The NIH, The O’Keefe Project – Whistleblower Edition, and  Loose Ends
Shark Tank: Rep. Ramon Alexander Outed, Resigns After Sexcapade Uncovered
Shot In The Dark: I, Philistine, also, Sacked
The Political Hat: Rent Control Fail – Minnesota, Stockholm, & Berlin
This Ain’t Hell: The Newest Airborne Division, also, Democrat Senators Send Abortion Letter to SecDef
Transterrestrial Musings: Imagining The Unimaginable, “Human Rating”, and RIP Randy Weaver
Victory Girls: Beyond The Cringe, AG Garland Finally Orders Protection For SCOTUS, and Baby Formula For Illegals But Not For American Moms
Volokh Conspiracy: No, SCOTUS Is Not Going To Reconsider Bans On Interracial Marriage
Watts Up With That: We’re Going To Get You To Eat The Bugs, Peasant, also, What’s Below The Greenland Ice?
Weasel Zippers: Fauci Downplays Increase In ODs, Suicides, Abuse & Violence – “Not Sure The Lockdowns Did It”, Biden Goes On Another Unhinged Rant Against “Ultra MAGA”, and Bay Area Startup Offering $800/Month Pods For Idiots To Live In
The Federalist: “Supply Chain Disruptions” Are Not an Accident, The FDA Was Making It Hard For Moms To get Formula Long Before The Supply Chain Imploded, and Bipartisan Majority Rejects Democrats’ Radical Abortion Bill
Mark Steyn: The Big Shut-Up, also, Formula Zero

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