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In The Mailbox: 05.16.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

So far I’ve gotten exactly zero input from the Loyal Commentariat on the impending Smittypalooza, which leads me to believe that it might boil down to me, Smitty, & Stacy sitting around a table in Leesburg or someplace and yakking at each other for an hour or two. Which would be no bad thing, mind you…but anyway, if y’all in the DC area have a preference for when and where we want to do this, speak up soon.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Gatekeep your hobbies, friends.

357 Magnum: “Settled Science” Sent An Innocent Man To Prison For 30 Years
EBL: Old, Chicom “Lone Wolf” Attacks Taiwanese Christians In California, and Operation Mincemeat
Twitchy: Eric Swalwell Apologizes To House GOP, also, Bill De Blasio Doesn’t Understand The First Amendment
Louder With Crowder: New WHPS Even More Inept Than Bad Orange Woman, also, Chris Rock – “Once You Sh*t In Somebody’s Bed, You’re Guilty Of Everything”
Vox Popoli: Why Washington Wants WWIII, The Consumer Costs Of War, and Another Wind-Up Toy
Stoic Observations: The Ride Along

Adam Piggott: Vote As Hard As You Can In A Rigged System
American Conservative: Covid Failure, also, The Comeback Of Rand Paul
American Greatness: Cancel Yale Law School, also, Assassinating Elon Musk?
American Power: Great Replacement Theory
American Thinker: Victor Davis Hanson’s Magnum Opus, also, Democrats Blame Inflation On Greed Instead Of Their Own Policies
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: New Democrat Outreach To Latinos Employs Cuban Communist Propaganda, also, Dictatorship’s Own Statistics Show Cuban COVID Deaths Five Times Higher Than Official Figure
BattleSwarm: Greatest Movie Comedy Of All Time? also, Ukraine Launches Successful Counteroffensive
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted Americans, Update On SLS Preparations For The Next Dress Rehearsal, and Curiosity Climbs On!
Cafe Hayek: Seek Little-T Truth, Reject Those Who Peddle Big-T Truth, also, More On The Dangers Of Price Controls
CDR Salamander: The USN’s Port Arthur Problem, also, Who Is Helping Ukraine Build The Riverine Force They Need?
Chicago Boyz: Random Pic
Da Tech Guy: An Odd Judge & Other Thoughts Under My Fedora, Firewood & Breast Milk, and Mike Myers’ Netflix Debacle
Don Surber: “Trumpism Is Bigger Than Trump”, Barnette & Mastriano Snub The Press. Good! and Birth Is The First Human Right
First Street Journal: I Don’t Want To Be An A*****e, But…, also, Our Freedom Of Religion Vindicated!
Gates Of Vienna: The Abolition Of The Soul, A New NATO For A New Cold War, and Does Poland Have Designs On Western Ukraine?
The Geller Report: Pennsylvania Court Rules Mail-In Ballots Unconstitutional, also, White House Blames American Moms For Baby Formula Shortage
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, I’m So Old, and Imaging A Black Hole
Hollywood In Toto: The “Let Them Eat Cake” Celebrities, also, Woke Screen Rant Pummeled By Its Own Facebook Fans
The Lid: Liberal Maggots Blame Tucker Carlson For Buffalo Shooting, also, Biden Lawyers Already Preparing For Red Wave Of Investigations
Legal Insurrection: The Left Has Been Building “Social Justice” Infrastructure In Education For Decades, Texans Asked To Conserve Energy After Six Plants Go Offline During Heat Wave, and Oberlin College Appeals To Ohio Supremes In Gibson’s Bakery Case
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, Nebraska – Honestly, It’s Not for Everyone
Outkick: Jack Nicklaus Blames Cancel Culture For PGA’s Move From Trump-Owned Course, NBC Cuts Drew Brees As Analyst After One Season, and Max Scherzer Refuses To Let Japanese Ambassador Throw Ceremonial First Pitch
Power Line: Weakening Of Warming Or Cooling Trend? also, Justice Thomas On The Leak
Shark Tank: Demings Accused Of Flip-Flopping On Abortion
Shot In The Dark: How Can You Tell The Strib Is Lying About Republicans? also, The Music Of The Spheres
STUMP: U.S. Gun Deaths Are Mostly Suicides, Not Homicides
The Political Hat: European Union – The Stasi Redux? also, The Laws All Being Flat
This Ain’t Hell: RIP Randy Weaver, Netflix – No Room For Woke, and No Good Deed
Transterrestrial Musings: A Tour Of Starbase, “Let Someone Whack You”, and Margaret Atwood
Victory Girls: Karine Jean-Pierre – Everything Is Racist, also, Great Replacement Theory Hysterics From The Media
Volokh Conspiracy: Akhil Amar On The Draft Dobbs Opinion, also, Why The Texas Social Media Law Is A Threat To Freedom Of Speech
Watts Up With That: Climate Change Didn’t Cause South Africa’s Tragic Floods, also, Wind Turbines Out West – Epilogue
Weasel Zippers: Kamala Harris, America’s Greatest Orator, While Congressional Staff Gets Free Peloton & Booze, Your Baby Gets Nothing And You’ll Like It, and Wisc. School District Investigating Middle School Students For “Misgendering” 
The Federalist: Liz Cheney Weaponizes Racial Division For Political Power, Is San Francisco’s Soft On Crime DA Headed for A Recall? and 75% Of Americans Think Biden Is Taking The Country In The Wrong Direction
Mark Steyn: Disinformation No, Disagreement Yes, Double Cross Double Feature, and Blades & Boxers

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