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In The Mailbox: 05.20.22 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

I actually thought I was going to get this out last night, but then I ate dinner and *thud*.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

It’s everywhere.

357 Magnum: Armed Self-Defense, South African Edition
EBL: The Horrific Sex Trafficking Story You’re Not Hearing Enough About, also, Nina Jankowicz, You’re Fired!
Twitchy: Nicole Wallace – The “Typhoid Mary Of Disinformation”?, also, At Least 30 Senior White House Staffers Owe On Student Loans
Louder With Crowder: Twitter Exec Who Mocked Asperger’s Flees From James O’Keefe, Tries To Hide In Comedy Club
Vox Popoli: Three Steps Forward, also, Beyond Cringe

Adam Piggott: An Ode To Perth
American Conservative: Towards A Republican Counter-Elite
American Greatness: Democrat Witnesses Claim Men Can Get Pregnant, also, What Great Replacement? Oh, That One!
American Power: The World Order Reset
American Thinker: The New Racial Hatred
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Equal Protection News
Babalu Blog: Florida Democrats & Media Left Reeling After Biden’s Concessions To Cuba & Venezuela
BattleSwarm: Fifth Circuit Court Starts Dismantling The Administrative State
Behind The Black: Technical Issue On New Shepard Delays 5th Passenger Flight, Russia Launches Milsat With Soyuz-2 Rocket, and ESA Releases New Images From Solar Orbiter
Cafe Hayek: Open Debate Is Not A Luxury Only For Calm Times
Da Tech Guy: What It’s Like Being Married For 34 Years, also, Never Thought I’d See Freedom Become A Four-Letter Word In The U.S. 
Don Surber: GOP Primary Vote Up 30%, Democrat Down 6%, also, Censorship Won’t Stop Black Murders
First Street Journal: DHS “Pauses” Creation Of MiniTru, also, Comment Rescue – Elwood P. Dowd On Prenatal Infanticide
Gates Of Vienna: A Nice Culture-Enricher Gets Himself In Trouble, Guys & Dolls, and The Jab Is Harmless Because The Court Says So
The Geller Report: Elon Musk Warns Biden – Democrats Moving Economy Towards Venezuela, also, Clinton Lawyer Sussman Lied To Feds To Destroy Trump
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, A Black Hole Primer, and Truth & Disinformation
Hollywood In Toto: Kevin Sorbo – Walt Disney Is Spinning In His Grave, also, Why Sam Raimi’s Take On Doctor Strange Disappoints
The Lid: Hi, I’m From The Census Bureau. Give Me All Your Money Or I’ll Shoot.
Legal Insurrection: Illinois State Requires Students To Take DIE Course To Graduate, Biden Invokes Defense Production Act For Baby Formula, and Sen. Warnock Pushes Biden To Forgive Student Loans
Nebraska Energy Observer: Betrayal
Outkick: Stephen A. Smith Discusses Supposed “No Politics” Rule At ESPN, Jimbo Fisher Goes Off On Nick Saban, and Is Nick Saban Mad Because He Got Caught Following The NIL Rules?
Power Line: The War On American Energy, also, Musk FTW & The Progressive Roots Of “Replacement Theory”
Shark Tank: Gubernatorial Poll Update – Can Anyone Beat DeSantis?
Shot In The Dark: While We Wait On The SCOTUS Ruling, also, Lost
The Political Hat: California Madness – Discrimination Via Non-Discrimination Compliance, Government Lying To Convict The Police, and Outsourcing Fixing The State
This Ain’t Hell: Texas Man Arrested On Charges Relating To Stolen Valor, Captain Who Motorboated Subordinate During Promotion Ceremony Allowed To Retire, and Trouble In Paradise
Transterrestrial Musings: Alien Invasions, Justice Is Coming, and We Battle the Left
Victory Girls: DOJ Employees Want Leave For Out-Of-State Abortions
Volokh Conspiracy: Academic Freedom & The Mission Of The University
Watts Up With That: German Conservationists Defeat Lunatic Greens In Battle For “Grimm’s Fairytale Forest”, also, North America May See Natural Gas Prices Follow Global Ones
Weasel Zippers:  Reminder – Gas Was $2/gallon At This Time Under Trump, also, Bill DeBlasio Running For Congress
The Federalist: NY State Taxpayers To Pay $220 Million For Illegals’ Health Care, How The Left Has Poisoned What It Means To Be Healthy, and The Birth Control Industry Is Neither Liberating Nor Pro-Woman 
Mark Steyn: In Service Of Truth

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