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In The Mailbox: 05.26.22 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box Episode #1728
EBL: The Anatomy Of A School Shooter, also, Ted F***ing Williams
Twitchy: Woman Begs For Help On NYC Subway As Onlookers Do Nothing
Louder With Crowder: Courageous Border Patrol Agent Rushes Into Uvalde School Alone, Kills Shooter
Vox Popoli: National Review Is Literally Gay, SFWA Devours Itself, and Soros Knows He Failed
Stoic Observations: Death Comes To Texas

American Conservative: Putin Needed A Scowcroft
American Greatness: The Speech Of An Indecent Man
American Power: School Mask Mandates Coming Back?
American Thinker: Forget The Marxists, Here’s The Real Enemy Of America
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Placeholder Totty
Babalu Blog: Russia Proposes Sending Its Wounded Soldiers To Recover At Cuban Apartheid Beach Resorts
BattleSwarm: Texas Runoff Results
Behind The Black: Pushback – Navy Loses In Attempt To Fire Officer Who Refused The Jab, Starliner Successfully Lands In New Mexico, and Expert Calls For Red China To Find A Way To Destroy Starlink Constellation
Cafe Hayek: Beware Some Economic Commentary
CDR Salamander: How Do You Work With The Russians At The Negotiating Table & Post-Conflict?
Da Tech Guy: Van Morrison Continues His Attack On Lockdowns & Government Overreach, Reassessing Presidential Legacies, and Opening Day For The 1970 Draft League
Don Surber: Democrats Are Breaking America, Reaganauts For Ron? and Ten Other Companies Join State Farm In Dumping Groomers
First Street Journal: WuFlu & The Administration’s Theater, also, Sanctions Against Russia Go Up In Gas
Gates Of Vienna: Nothing To See Here, Just Another Lunatic, Singing, Cursing, Screaming, Smoking – But Not Teaching, and Honor Killing In Nacka
The Geller Report: Biden’s Anti-Policing Policy To Be Unveiled On Anniversary Of George Floyd’s Death
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Deranged Gringx Politician Beclowns Himself, and Opening Our Eyes Even Wider
Hollywood In Toto: GLAAD Calls Out Ricky Gervais But Ignored Jimmy Kimmel’s Homophobic Jokes, also, Bob’s Burgers Movie Brings Belcher Clan Back From Creative Abyss
The Lid: Biden Administration Revoked Mike Rowe’s Filming  Permit Over Politics
Legal Insurrection: Marjorie Taylor Greene Cruises To Victory In GA-14, Democrats Desperately Seeking An Alternative To Biden For 2024, and Baylor U. Establishes First LGBTWTFBBQ Student Group
Michelle Malkin: Sabotaging America’s Military From Within
Nebraska Energy Observer: Fatherhood, Biden, & Elections, also, Forewarned Is Forearmed
Outkick: Steve Kerr Is An Emotional Hypocrite, Will The Raiders Sign Kaepernick? and NFL Appeals Court’s Decision To Proceed With Gruden Lawsuit
Power Line: Bedtime For Beta, What To Do About School Shootings? and Greatest. Correction. Ever.
Shark Tank: Eskamani Fires Back At Fine Over Gun Comments
Shot In The Dark: All About Meeeee, I Rarely Spike The Football, and The Battle/s For The GOP
The Political Hat: Meanwhile In Philadelphia, Sexual Kinks For Kids
This Ain’t Hell: Researchers Think They’ve Found The Cause Of Gulf War Illness, Panel Unveils Nine Army Base Renaming Recommendations, and Another Russian General Dies In Ukraine
Victory Girls: Mental Health Issues Are Not “Bulls**t”, also, Mortgage Crisis Here We Come, Doo Dah, Doo Dah
Volokh Conspiracy: In Defense Of The LSAT
Watts Up With That: Major Aussie Energy Retailer Collapses, also, Biden – High Gasoline Prices Are “An Incredible Transition”
Weasel Zippers: Biden Advisor Doesn’t Rule Out Electricity Blackouts Across America This Summer, also, Gallup Poll – 83% Of Americans Think Country’s Headed In Wrong Direction
The Federalist: Administration Insists Schools Must Put Boys In Girls’ Restrooms To Get Federal Money, RNC Takes Legal Action To Stop Pennsylvania From Permanently Loosening Mail-In Ballot Rules, and Sandy Hook Proved The Need To Improve School Security, But Congress Armed Ukraine Instead
Mark Steyn: Release The Monkeypox! also, A Sacrificial Lamb

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