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In The Mailbox: 06.07.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: The Institutions Of Woke Will Eventually Go…Well, You Know
EBL: Biden Hated Worse Than Trump & Carter
Twitchy: Obama Campaign Manager Calls Out Occasional Cortex Over Primary Endorsement, also, Senator Stabenow (D-MI) Drove Her Electric Car From Michigan To DC And Didn’t Care How Expensive Gas Was
Louder With Crowder: Goodbye To Acosta & Stelter? also, Kid Rock Refuses To Apologize For Drunk Anti-Oprah Rant
Vox Popoli: Tactical Attrition Warfare, The Downhill Slide, and Some Thoughts On Hitler

Adam Piggott: The Patriarchal Man Is A Leader
American Conservative: Defund The Colleges, also, Is The Red Wave Starting In California?
American Greatness: What The J6 Committee Hearings Won’t Cover, also, Another Pro-Life Facility Firebombed; Pro-Abort Terrorist Group Jane’s Revenge Takes Credit
American Power: San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin Doomed By Rising Crime & Angry Voters
American Thinker: Brexit, Blexit, & Now Chexit, also, Why Trump Shouldn’t Run For President In 2024
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily College Debt News
Babalu Blog: First We Had Fauxcahontas, Now We Have Hoaxtuey, also, Heavy Rains Collapse ~300 Buildings In Western Cuba
BattleSwarm: Five Indicted APD Officers Sue DA Garza, City, & SJW Groups, also, The Great Leveler Is Coming, Mimi
Behind The Black: The Oppressive & Ignorant Blacklisting Culture Now Dominating Politics, Spiders Galore On Mars! and New Shepard Flies Six Passengers On Suborbital Loop
Cafe Hayek: Anti-Antitrust, There Is No Good Practical Case For Price Controls, and Enough With “Greedflation”
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday, also, Combined Amphibious Operations In The Indo-Pacific  – On Midrats
Chicago Boyz: Anybody Surprised? also, When Juries Nullify & Comedians Comment
Da Tech Guy: Never Forget These Two Things About The Biden Economy, Chris Jacobs Discovers Pissing On Your Base Makes Re-Election Impossible, and America’s Worst Mayor Running For A Second Term
Don Surber: Why They Fear Steve Bannon, Why Biden Called For A Ban On Scary-Looking Rifles, and The Media Got Ukraine Wrong
First Street Journal: The Left Just Doesn’t Think You Want To Live Properly, also, This Is How Prosecutors Should Treat Criminals
Gates Of Vienna: Brave New Canada, “The Values We Treasure”, and Celebrate The Deviants!
The Geller Report: Doctors Sue Administration For Unlawfully Blocking Them From Treating COVID With Ivermectin, Another Democrat Op Pleads Guilty To Election Fraud In 2020 Ariz. Primary, and Largest Migrant Caravan Ever Marching To Our Southern Border
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Joe Biden Frustrated? and Meet Your Neighbors
Hollywood In Toto: How The Passenger Shakes Up Staid Horror Formula, also, Reporters & Critics Ignore What Is A Woman?
The Lid: Naked With Gun And Hooker – Hunter Biden’s Latest, also, Occasional Cortex Says Congress Is Corrupt But Claims She’s One Of The Normal Ones
Legal Insurrection: Mayor Groot Wants A Second Term, Independent MIT Alumni Group Receives Major Donation To Promote Free Speech, and Ilya Shapiro Resigns From Georgetown, Blames Dean Treanor For Embracing Anti-Free Expression “Hostile Work Environment”
Michelle Malkin: Goofus & Gallant Go Woke
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, No Flak From Me, and Red Army
Outkick: NYT Accuses Tampa Bay Rays Of Condemning Gay Culture, LeBron James Has Gone Silent About Killing Of 17-Year-Old In His School’s Parking Lot, and New Details Paint Deshaun Watson As Possibly Horniest Client In Massage Therapy History
Power Line: The Madness Of Slow Joe – Sun King Edition, Experts (Noun) – People Who Are Wrong About Everything, and Does America Need A Queen?
Shark Tank: Former Green Beret Jerry Torres Pivots, Will Challenge Kathy Castor In FL-14
Shot In The Dark: Things Are Just Great, Thanks For Asking, also, Journalism
The Political Hat: Strength, Not Preemptive Surrender
This Ain’t Hell: Steven Eggert – Fake Special Forces Fire Starter, Reyel Simmons, Fake SEAL – Go Big Or Go Home, and Our Favorite Dancing Ghoul Is Back
Transterrestrial Musings: Matt Walsh, The Latest “Assault Weapon” Idiocy, and The Day That Saved The World
Victory Girls: Biden Shocked To Learn Presidenting Is Hard, Gerrymandering Is Only Bad When Republicans Do It, and Salon Writer Shoots At Republicans & Misfires
Volokh Conspiracy: Are Red Chinese Gamers Leaking The PRC’s Military Secrets?
Watts Up With That: Biden’s Blood Panels? also, More On Energy Fantasy Vs. Reality In Woke-Land
Weasel Zippers: Soros Spent $40 Million To Elect 75 SJW Prosecutors, Why Children Shouldn’t Be At Bars, Strip Clubs, Or Drag Shows In One Picture, and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) Catches Flak From Islamists For Celebrating Pride Month
The Federalist: Joe Biden’s Not A Victim, He’s The Aggressor, Sam Brown’s Team Silent On Candidate’s Attacks Against Adam Laxalt’s Parentage, and Why Handwritten DOJ/FBI Notes Released By The Special Counsel Are Huge
Mark Steyn: Deep State’s Revenge, The Tumult & The Shouting Dies, and Pistol Whipped – Living Up To The Legend Of The Sex Pistols

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