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In The Mailbox: 06.09.22 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: If You Point A Gun At A Security Guard
EBL: Felicia Sonmez Thinks She’s Hot, also, Cassandra Chastain lays The Smackdown On Bully
Twitchy: CNN’s Chris Cillizza – “This Is A Huge Night In Washington”
Louder With Crowder: Elon Musk Forces Twitter To Bend The Knee
Vox Popoli: Forever Swept Away, Historical Injustices, and Starve Harder
Gab News: Weapons For Spiritual War

Adam Piggott: The Paradigm Shift In War
American Conservative: Washington’s Failed Push For An Anti-Russian Global Consensus
American Greatness: Why I Refuse To Testify Before The Illegitimate J6 Committee, also, The Subordinate Citizen
American Thinker: If You’re Reading This Message, You’re Ready To Resist Tyranny
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Sovietization News
Babalu Blog: Soros-Backed Group Panics After Radio Mambi Staff Threatens To Quit, also, The Revolting Achievements Of Cuba’s Education System
BattleSwarm: Soros-Backed DA Chesa Boudin Recalled, also, New Trend For Young Chicoms – Give Up And “Let It Rot”
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted American, SpaceX Successfully Launches Egyptian Comsat, and ULA’s Vulcan Rocket Likely Delayed Until 2023
Cafe Hayek: My Review Of Thomas Piketty’s Time For Socialism, also, Government-Imposed Protection From COVID Can Be Hazardous To Our Health
CDR Salamander: I Guess We Need A “Bad Ukraine Takes” Series
Chicago Boyz: A Promise Or A Threat?
Da Tech Guy: Emily DeRean On How To End Up Alone With Cats, It’s Not The Presence Of Guns In Schools It’s The Absence Of God, and The Unintended Consequences Of Israel’s Invasion Of Lebanon
Don Surber: A Decision Bigger Than Guns & Abortion Looms, 20 Million Biden Voters (24%) Disapprove Of Him, and Trump’s .943 Batting Average
First Street Journal: More On The South Street Gunfight, also, Hold Them Accountable!
Gates Of Vienna: Russia Retaliates For Sanctions, Pakistanis Gone Wild, and Everybody Gets To Stay!
The Geller Report: Former Dem Rep Pleads Guilty To Stuffing Ballot Boxes, Slow Joe Loses To Air Force One Steps Again, and Newly Leaked Memos Show DGB To Be State Propaganda Machine
Hogewash: Well, That’s OK Then, Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, and 70 Years Ago Today
Hollywood In Toto: Comedians Rally Behind Lewis CK For New Film Project, Watcher Can’t Lap Rear Window, Other Voyeur Classics, and Jurassic World Dominion – Bloated Blockbuster Ends Trilogy On Weak Note
The Lid: Hunter Biden’s Hooker Got $20,000 In COVID Relief Payments
Legal Insurrection:  LA County DA Gascon May Be Following Boudin Out, Liberal Media Predictably Downplays Or Ignores Threat To Justice Kavanaugh, and I’m Not Watching The Made-For-TV J6 Show Trial
Nebraska Energy Observer: The Hand That Feeds
Outkick: NAACP Wants Jack Del Rio Fired For J6 Comments, ESPN Promotes Everything – Except Sarah Spain Calling Rays Players Bigots, and Tony La Russa Has Officially Gone Mad
Power Line: Are The Democrats To Blame?The Schumer Fatwa, and Is It Immoral To Drive An EV?
Shark Tank: DeSantis Rips Push For Special Gun Control Session
Shot In The Dark: Terrorism, White Out, and Lessons Unlearned?
The Political Hat: Woke Education – Race-Based Grading, Abolishing Honors Classes For Equity, Banning Whites From Theater
This Ain’t Hell: 10th Mountain Division CG Wants Troops To Use Their Cell Phones Less, USMC Osprey Crashes In So Cal Desert, and Army Couple Allegedly Steals Millions
Transterrestrial Musings: The Next SLS Shoe, Naomi Wolf, and SLS Boondoggle Update
Victory Girls: Biden On Kimmel – It’s Obvious Why He Went There, also, Colbert Supplies Trailers For Tonight’s Show Trial
Volokh Conspiracy: New Details On Attempted Assassination Of Justice Kavanaugh, also, Press Coverage Of The Assassination Attempt
Watts Up With That: 2022 Monarch Butterfly Update, also, New Zealand Imposes Climate Change Meat Tax
Weasel Zippers: West Point To Remove Robert E. Lee Portrait, also, Ron Klain – “America Feels More Like Itself Again” Under Joe Biden
The Federalist: Corporations See Dollar Signs, Not Rainbows, During Pride Month, Democrats Think Teens Can Sterilize Themselves & Kill Babies But Are Too Young For Self-Defense, and Team Zuckerberg Trying To Hide Partisan Tilt Of “Zuck Bucks” In 2020 Election
Mark Steyn: Killer Joke, The Bafflement Of Doctors, and Racist & Woke

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