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In The Mailbox: 06.21.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Took yesterday off out of sheer laziness.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

Now that the deal is done, it’s a good time for this meme. Again.

357 Magnum: Are We Surprised He Removed An Ankle Monitor?
EBL: Top Gun: Maverick, Spiderhead, and Trans Dudes Banned From Women’s Swimming
Twitchy: Sam Stein Helps Karine Jean-Pierre Carry “We’re Not In A Recession” Word Salad, also, Loser Canadian Troll Pretends He Likes New Nickname #LordMapleLeaf
Louder With Crowder: Dave Chappelle Discovers His Haters Are Cheap Losers
Vox Popoli: Even Worse Than Expected, The Fault Of The West, and In Which A New Strategy Is Required

Adam Piggott: Podcast #155 – The End Of Covid Episode
American Conservative: Racism Is Universal, also, January 6 Was Not A Coup
American Greatness: Pope Francis Retiring Soon? also, Biden & Oil – Destroy America In Order To Save It
American Power: A Manifesto On National Conservatism, also, Germany Reboots Coal-Fired Power Plants As Russia Cuts Off The Gas
American Thinker: J6 committee Is Failing But They Don’t Know Why, also, Living Under Nazi Dictatorship
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Vicious Police Brutality Under Cuba’s Communist Regime, also, Socialism & Narcoterrorism Win In Colombia, Freedom & The Rule of Law Lose
BattleSwarm: Japanese Boobs 1, Woke Feminists 0, also, Border Security Win For Abbott?
Behind The Black: NIH To Discriminate Against Whites In Research Grants, SpaceX Successfully Launches German Milsat, and ISS Forced To Dodge Space Junk From Russian ASAT Test
Cafe Hayek: The Deficit Of Economic Knowledge Is Unfortunately De Maximus, And So It’s Long Been, and Looking Back On A Disgraceful Academic Performance 
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday, also, Bother Not The Oil & Wine – Bother First The Defense
Chicago Boyz: Life In A Realm Of Scarce & Expensive Energy
Da Tech Guy: Lawrence MA – Indoctrinate Your Children Well?, Honey Bees & Communism, and Season Six Of Peaky Blinders
Don Surber: Biden Goes Full King George III By Restricting Ammo, It’s Drag Queen Story Hour At National Review, and A Country Its Leaders Don’t Live In
First Street Journal: In Which Larry Krasner Shows Just How Much Respect He Has For The Philadelphia Police
Gates Of Vienna: Stormy Weather, But I Was Only Quoting The Koran! and Stultitiae Laus
The Geller Report: Disney’s Woke Lightyear Flops At The Box Office, also, The FBI Is A Threat To Democracy
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post Of The Day, Three Ways Of Seeing The Tarantula Nebula, and Don’t Know Much About History
Hollywood In Toto: Rules Of Attraction – Hard To Watch, Impossible To Forget, also, Mr. Bean Accidentally Torches Woke Amy Schumer
The Lid: Ashley Biden’s Diary Reveals Joe Biden Might Be Even Creepier Than We Thought
Legal Insurrection: Comeback Time For Bibi?, Scottish Blood Donor Rejected After Refusing To Answer Question About Pregnancy, and U. Chicago Facing Reparations Demands
Nebraska Energy Observer: Random Observations, also, Baby, It’s Hot Outside
Outkick: Curt Schilling – This Is Why The Washington NFL Team Are Such Losers, Padres In Trouble, and Where Does Klay Thompson Go After Winning The Championship? In-N-Out
Power Line: Stephen Hunter – The Massacre Spree That Never Was, Whither Ukraine? and How Reality Intrudes
Shark Tank: Florida Dems Break Rules, Raise Money During Legislative Session
Shot In The Dark: Unspoken, Junetwentieth, and Meet The Gatekeepers
The Political Hat: Cuba, Then Venezuela, Now Colombia?
This Ain’t Hell: Transgender Veterans Still Waiting On VA’s Promise Of Surgery, Man Drives Into Pro-Trump Store, and Another Two Are Known
Transterrestrial Musings: The PRC & America, An AI Bot, and Paul McCartney
Victory Girls: Will The Housing Market Really Hit a Wall? also, Stephen Colbert’s Crew Breaches Capitol With Democrat Help
Volokh Conspiracy: The Meaning Of Juneteenth, also, Will Your Smart Devices & Home AI Have A Legal Duty To Fink On You?
Watts Up With That: The Democrats’ Energy Disaster, Heatwave Lockdowns Have Arrived, and German Vice Chancellor Announces Return Of Coal
Weasel Zippers: Pro-Abortion MSNBC Compares Voter ID Laws To Strangling Babies, CNN Reports Hispanics Fleeing Democrat Party, and Hillary Says 2024 White House Bid “Out Of The Question”
The Federalist: The Last Game In Town For Checking Big Tech’s Power, Would A Fanatic Have Tried To Assassinate Justice Kavanaugh If Merrick Garland Had Enforced The Law? and If Democrats Were Serious, Adam Schiff Wouldn’t Be On The J6 Committee
Mark Steyn: Everywhere & Nowhere – Percy Faith & A Summer Place, Happy Fathers Day! and Death In The Streets

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