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In The Mailbox: 06.21.22 (Evening Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Just another day in the Biden White House.

357 Magnum: Home Prices & Mortgages Soar – LGBT Community Hardest Hit
EBL: The Northman, Colbert’s Capitol Insurrection, and Summer Solstice
Twitchy: Here’s Another Teacher Telling Students “I’m Your Mom Now”, also, Colbert Rages At Tucker Carlson Over The Arrest Of His Crew
Louder With Crowder: Crypto Bro CEO Says Woke Employees Destroy Productivity, So He’s Offering Them A Buyout
Vox Popoli: NATO Wants World War, Build Your Own Global Economic Order, and Antifragility – An Interpretation
Stoic Observations: Jokes Of The Future

Adam Piggott: The Patriarchal Man Is Disciplined In Prayer
American Conservative: Foreign Funding Of Nonprofits Goes Unchecked, also, A MAGA Lament & Hope For The Future
American Greatness: J6 Show Trials Expose Democrats At Low Ebb, also, West Point Cadets Being Taught Critical Race Theory
American Power: Radicals Are Racist Criminals, also, First Day Of Summer!
American Thinker: The Democrats Vs. Morality, also, Guns & Poses
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Local Level News
Babalu Blog: Colombia’s Suicide, also, AMLO Vs. Cuban-American Senators
BattleSwarm: John Cornyn Booed Over Guns, also, Lithuania Blocks Russian Rail To Kaliningrad
Behind The Black: Today’s Blacklisted Americans, ROK Successfully Launches Its Nuri Rocket, and SLS Dress Rehearsal Aborts Again
Cafe Hayek: Busting Middle-Class Myths
CDR Salamander: A Kaliningrad Corridor Crisis?
Chicago Boyz: The Hill To Die On, also, How I Know Things Aren’t Too Bad In Odessa (Yet)
Da Tech Guy: Privilege Theory Vs. Reality At A Leominster Bar, Report From Louisiana – A Generic Economy, and The Medicare Morass
Don Surber: Biden Adopts Trump’s Mideast Policy, We Live In Bizarro World, and SCOTUS Is Shrinking Government
First Street Journal: The Abomination Of “Red Flag” Laws, also, I Owe Seth Williams An Apology
Gates Of Vienna: Mask Up, Germany!, A Resurgence of Jihad In Cabo Delgado, and “The European Union Is Completely off The Rails”
The Geller Report: After The Guns Were Confiscated, The Killing Fields Began, also, Germany’s “Green” Energy Disaster Is A Warning To The U.S. 
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of The Day, Titania, and Some Things Don’t Age Well
Hollywood In Toto: Sundown Trail Brings Positive Masculinity Back, also, Crimes Of The Future Is Pure Cronenberg (You’ve Been Warned)
The Lid: Adam Schiff Recycling “I Have Evidence Against Trump…But I Can’t Reveal It” Lie
Legal Insurrection: Customers Blast Harris Teeter For Pulling Pro-American Items, Tesla Lays Off LGBTQIAWTFBBQ & Diversity Heads, and Rapinoe – “Your Kid’s Volleyball Team Just Isn’t That Important”
Nebraska Energy Observer: Burke & Three Blind Kings, also, Boys
Outkick: Jets’ Garrett Wilson Stunned By Infamous NFL Rookie Dinner, Ole Miss Whups Arkansas 13-5 To Reach Semifinals At Omaha, and SI Swimsuit Vet Camille Kostek Reflects On BF Gronk’s Retirement
Power Line: Dissing DeSantis, A Milestone In Minneapolis’ Descent, and Riding Along With The MPD
Shark Tank: Crist Doesn’t Market LGBTQ Merchandize To Spanish Speakers
Shot In The Dark: Redder Flag, It’s Transit Memorial Day, and Best Effort
The Political Hat: Scientists Creating Living Skin For Robots Means Only One Thing – Bioroid Catgirls!
This Ain’t Hell: Actor Says If You Love Capitalism STFU About Gas Prices, Buttigieg – Secretary, Dept. Of Tantrums, and UK Troops Banned From NATO Over Barracks Orgy
Transterrestrial Musings: Chandler, And The Hits Just Keep On Coming, and Japanese Boobs 1 Feminists 0
Victory Girls: Demented Activists Descend On Justice Barrett’s House With Blood & Baby Dolls, also, Navy Prioritizes Pronouns Over Combat Readiness
Volokh Conspiracy: Excluding Religious Schools From Generally Available School Choice Programs Generally Unconstitutional
Watts Up With That: Disclosing The Real Climate Risk, also, Amazingly, Buzzfeed Readers Don’t Realize They did This To Themselves 
Weasel Zippers: MSNBC Claims Gas Prices Will Go Even Higher If “Fascist” GOP Takes Congress, “Is It Possible That [Inflation] Message Is Tone-Deaf?”, and Texas GOP Rejects Senate Gun Grab Proposal, Rebukes Cornyn
The Federalist: Fairfax County School Board Potentially Criminalizes Calling A Boy A Boy, “Pro-Choice” Democrats Demand Google Block Search Results For Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and SCOTUS Strikes Down Me. Tuition Program That Excluded Religious Schools
Mark Steyn: Step Inside Love, A Bifurcated World, and The Shame Of A Nation

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