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In The Mailbox: 06.28.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Blogroll has been pruned, thanks largely to Loyal Reader Randy Heath, who put together a really neat spreadsheet identifying dead sites, sites that had moved, and sites that are still blogging away. Thanks again for the help, Randy.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Seattle Wanted Fewer Police
EBL: 46 Migrants Found Dead in a Truck Trailer in San Antonio, also, Oh No, Now We Have Mormon Crickets To Deal With! 
Twitchy: Beavis & Butthead Find Out They Have White Privilege, also, Jeffrey Toobin Weighs In On Alleged Attempted Choking [No chickens were harmed]
Louder With Crowder: 14-Year-Old Starts Landscaping Business to Raise Money for Heartwarming Reason, also, Gay Man on Twitter Destroys Leftist Culture in Viral Open Letter
Vox Popoli: They Have No Idea, Canada is at War with Russia, and Another Convenient Death

Adam Piggott: Some points for Living
American Conservative: The Contempt of the World, also, How Will the US Rearm After Ukraine?
American Greatness: Trump Dismisses ‘Bombshell’ Testimony of Former White House Aide, also, Fauxcahontas Demands Abortion Centers be Placed in National Parks
American Power: Biden Lied to Country About Business Dealings With Hunter, also, Ace Has Questions
American Thinker: The Left-wing Insurrection Intensifies, also, The Rapid Onset Ruling-Class Disorder Crisis
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Continuing Exodus News
Babalu Blog: Lifestyles of the Rich and Communist, also, Almost all industries in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba shut down to save energy
BattleSwarm: Red China Last Year: Labor Shortage; Red China This Year: “$1.35 An Hour. Take It Or Leave It.”, also, Harris County Democratic Judge Indicated For “Official Oppression”
Behind The Black: Did pieces of a Red Chinese upper stage land in middle of Mediterranean last week?, Pushback: Students win major settlement with college for denying them their free speech rights, and Scientists claim rocket launches are going to damage ozone layer
Cafe Hayek: More on Nancy MacLean’s Egregious ‘Scholarship’
CDR Salamander: The War Gods of the Copybook Headings Return
Chicago Boyz: Abuse of Authority
Da Tech Guy: Report from Louisiana: Loose Thoughts, also, A reality check for journalists
Don Surber: Two wins for Christians, Clarence Thomas: Driving Libs Crazy, and Bring back Little Golden Books
First Street Journal: An economist actually admits that he was wrong, also, The West are about out of non-military actions to take against Russia
Gates Of Vienna: Saving the Planet — NOT, Don’t Take the Kids to the Pool This Summer, and The Africanization of Europe
The Geller Report: One more blockbuster SCOTUS decision could still be coming, also, “Safe Haven” Drag Queen Who Counsels Children Charged With 25 counts of Child Pornography
Hogewash:  Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Oberon, and A Pleasant Drive
Hollywood In Toto:  What We’re All Missing About Top Gun: Maverick’s Outrageous Success, TBS Has No Comment on Samantha Bee’s Incendiary Rant (Again), and Past-His-Prime Howard Stern Plays Media Like a Fiddle
The Lid: Thanks To Biden’s Open Border Policy, 51 Illegal Aliens Dead in Texas Tractor Trailer
Legal Insurrection: California AG OK With Denying Carry Licenses Based on Ideological Views, Hillary, The Comeback Kid?, and More Than One Million Voters Have Switched From Democrat to Republican Over the Last Year
Michelle Malkin: The Cowardly American Corporation
Nebraska Energy Observer: Personnel is Policy, also, Will there be an outcome?
Outkick: NFL Reportedly Considering Indefinite Suspension For Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson, Gina Carano Addresses Ronda Rousey Fight Speculation, and Avalanche Champ Gabriel Landeskog Lets Two-Year-Old Use Trophy As Sippy Cup
Power Line: The Answer for Democrats Is . . . No, No Way!, Kill for abortion, and Cashing In On Dobbs
Shark Tank: Demings Denounces Her “Defund The Police” Rhetoric Being Used Against Her
Shot In The Dark: The Right Indoctrination, Berg’s Eighth Law Is Universal & Immutable, and Psssst
The Political Hat: Arizona Will Fund Students Not Bureaucrats
This Ain’t Hell: Austin vows to maintain military’s access to abortion despite end of Roe, Update on sex trafficking Navy O-5 select, and Fake Soldiers Put Genuine Soldiers at Risk
Transterrestrial Musings: Dr. Birx, Science, and Lori Garver’s Book
Victory Girls: Dobbs Hysteria Makes Actresses Shout Their Abortions
Volokh Conspiracy: Justice Thomas and Loving v. Virginia
Watts Up With That: Forecast For 22nd June 2050, also, U.S. Heat Waves – Dessler Continues to Step In It
Weasel Zippers:  Watch Kamala Fumble Her Way Through Interview With CNN With Total Word Salad, French Prez Breaks Bad News To Biden, and Secret Service Throws Water On Liz Cheney’s Committee Bombshell
The Federalist: ‘This Is Not Inclusion, This Is Misogyny’, How Democrats Made Themselves Miserable And Want You To Be Too, and Joe Biden Knew About Hunter’s Foreign Dealings And Lied About It, Voicemail Shows
Mark Steyn: The Heart of a Poet, My Way, and Sundays with Sinatra, Mondays with Macron

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