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SJW Snowflakes Melting Down Again

Posted on | July 1, 2022 | 1 Comment

Before getting to our main topic here, let me call the reader’s attention to one seemingly minor detail about that photo. See the green sign? See the fine print at the bottom? “RiseUp4AbortionRights-dot-org”? That’s a front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party, a Maoist cult founded by Bob Avakian in Berkeley decades ago, the result of a split in the radical Left during the Nixon years. So who is calling for “ABORTION ON DEMAND & WITHOUT APOLOGY”? Commies, that’s who.

Commies want to kill your baby. Commies want to make baby killing a central premise of their political platform. But at least the RCP is honest about being Commies, whereas Democrats . . .

Well, if Democrats couldn’t lie, they’d have nothing to say at all. But because they control the major institutions of education, journalism and entertainment, Democrats are able to create an echo chamber effect where people are bombarded with propaganda from all directions, so that it takes a strong mind to resist believing Democratic myths like the “constitutional right” to abortion as the essence of womanhood.

And so we see headlines like this:

‘It’s Scary’: Students Fear Going
to College in Red States After Roe

I won’t bother excerpting much of this, as readers can click and find their own favorite idiocies in that Vice article. One that I found particularly amusing is the lead anecdote about Sasha Rosenfeld from New Jersey, who is afraid about attending Oberlin College (!!!) because it sits in the red state of Ohio. Oh, the Fear and Loathing:

Committed to attending Oberlin in the fall, Rosenfeld started talking to friends about what she would do if she needed an abortion and couldn’t access care at college. One of her friends who lives 300 miles away in Chicago offered to pick her up and drive her out of the state if she ever needed the procedure.
“If I got pregnant — no question about it — at this point in my life, I would take Plan B [or] get an abortion,” she said.

Permit me to assert that the chances of Sasha Rosenfeld accidentally getting pregnant are very close to zero, but not for the reason you might expect. No, she’s not a fat purple-haired non-binary blob, like some of the pro-abortion militants you’ve seen bemoaning the end of Roe. Miss Rosenfeld is actually quite lovely — a slender brunette with a sunny smile who ran on her high school cross-country team in Maplewood, New Jersey. The reason that Miss Rosenfeld is very unlikely to suffer an unexpected pregnancy is because she is a radical feminist whose mother is the lesbian wife of left-wing radio personality Nancy Solomon.

Miss Rosenfeld calls herself “queerspawn,” which is to say she is what folks of my generation might have called a “turkey baster” baby. Miss Rosenfeld’s existence is a sort of protest against heterosexuality, and I’m sure she would never want to disappoint her mothers by expressing anything except vehement disgust toward males. And yet, despite her lifelong anti-heterosexual indoctrination as “queerspawn,” Miss Rosenfeld is gripped with fear about the (entirely hypothetical) prospect of needing an abortion as a consequence of a (preposterously far-fetched) scenario in which she somehow conceived a child through what some of us still quaintly think of as the normal method of impregnation.

Just suppose — since Miss Rosenfeld seems willing to indulge in wild speculation — that she actually were capable of feeling sexual attraction toward a male. As I say, this is entirely speculative, as nothing in her biography or published writing hints at any heterosexual inclination. Yet if she did harbor such a desire, what are the chances she could find a heterosexual male at Oberlin willing to do the deed with her?

Call me old-fashioned, but I think one proxy for the virility of a college’s male student body is the success of their football team, and by this measure, Oberlin is a pathetic joke. Last season, their football team posted a 1-9 record, getting blown away by such gridiron powerhouses as Ohio Wesleyan (62-6), Denison (59-12) and DePauw (66-13). Oberlin’s football team is the laughingstock of a very weak Division III conference. So if it’s swaggering masculinity you’re looking for, you’re not going to find much of it at Oberlin. Even if Miss Rosenfeld were interested in heterosexual coupling (which, as I say, is mere hypothetical speculation), she probably wouldn’t have much luck at such a testosterone-deficient institution as Oberlin College. Yet the imaginary danger terrifies her.

“It’s misogyny in our world that categorizes
feminism, and feminists, as undesirable.”

Sasha Rosenfeld

Undesirable to whom, Miss Rosenfeld? But probably no one in the echo chamber where you have been raised as “queerspawn” ever asked such a question, or was prepared to explain why this might be relevant, and certainly your worldview won’t be challenged at Oberlin. The chances of you encountering a Republican at Oberlin are not much higher than your chances of becoming pregnant which, as I say, are very close to zero. Yet how could Democrats maintain their ironclad grip on your mind without filling your pretty little head with absurd fears? So you’ll likely go on protesting on behalf of the “right” to abortion, even though the likelihood of you ever needing to exercise this “right” is infinitesimally small.

When this particular tempest in a teapot dissipates — when all the pro-choice sky-is-falling noise proves to be mistaken, and life in America goes on just fine despite the recent Supreme Court ruling — I wonder if some people will wise up to the scam by which they’ve been hustled? Probably not many. True Believers are seldom disillusioned by mere facts.



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