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In The Mailbox: 07.01.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

First, thanks to everyone who bought stuff through my Amazon links in June.
Secondly, Sarah Hoyt and Bob Zimmerman are both rattling the tip jar this month, and if you enjoy either or both of their blogs, I encourage you to throw some dollars at them while those dollars are still worth something.
Thirdly, this is the 159th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Let us never forget the courage and foresight of Brigadier General John Buford.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

FFS read another book, you hoes

357 Magnum: An Interesting Question From The LA Times
EBL: Kristyn Crawford Sexually Harrassed at ABC – George Stephanopoulos, Disney, and Network Retaliate
Twitchy: Brit Hume Goes Scorched Earth On The J6 Committee & Its Defenders, also, Christina Pushaw Gives Advice To Laid-Off Journalists, Whining Ensues
Louder With Crowder: Tim Allen Breaks Silence on Failed ‘Lightyear’ Movie
Vox Popoli: Spiderman is Gay, Close Your Account,  and Intentio Nocendi
According To Hoyt: Wrecking Ball, also, It Is Us At The Gate
Monster Hunter Nation: WriterDojo S2 Ep26 – Historical Fantasy
Stoic Observations: Post-Racial Multidimensional Taxonomy

Adam Piggott: One Night in Bahrain
American Conservative: Lessons from a Turkish Coup
American Greatness: Trump Is the Greatest Man Alive , also, Buttigieg Launches $1 Billion ‘Anti-Racist Roads’ Project
American Thinker: The United States Has Become Two Countries Within a Nation
Animal Magnetism: Rule Five Path to Manhood Friday
Babalu Blog: Population in Cuba sees biggest drop in 60 years, also, Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Calleja, most powerful man in Cuba behind Raul Castro, is dead
BattleSwarm: LinkSwarm for July 1, 2022
Behind The Black: FCC approves Starlink for moving vehicles; rejects DISH’s request to use Starlink wavelength, Today’s blacklisted American, and In 2022 freedom continues to fuel the launch industry towards new records
Cafe Hayek: The Typical Politician Is Loathsome
CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: Anecdotes – The Exotic Airbnb
Da Tech Guy: Here’s a SCOTUS Case Just Waiting to Happen
Don Surber: Justices stood up to the mob. LGBT is next, also, Biden delivers his recession
First Street Journal: It seems that some “men” are really immature little boys, also, For print newspapers, tempus is fugiting
Gates Of Vienna: The Mysterious Death of Lars Vilks, The Gilt-Edged Twilight of the Abendlandes, and Can Swedish Culture-Enrichers Be Racists?
The Geller Report:  Trump Still Winning Big In Polls Despite Jan. 6 ‘Witch Hunt”, also, Bill Gates $13.5 Million Farmland Purchase Triggers Outrage in North Dakota
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, The Supreme Court Term,  and LRO’s Extended Mission
Hollywood In Toto: Make This Franchise Stop (Please!)
The Lid: When Chuck Schumer Fought To Keep Filibuster, also, “Over-The-Horizon Capability” In Afghanistan Was Another Biden Lie
Legal Insurrection: Yale Divinity School Claims There’s No Biblical Basis for Abortion Bans, Researchers Find College is Making Young People Less Patriotic, and “Climate Activists” Slash SUV Tires in NYC, Say Other U.S. Cities Will be Hit Next
Nebraska Energy Observer: And Then There Were None
Outkick: Miles Bridges’ Wife Shares Images Of Alleged Assault From Hornets Forward, Former Baltimore Ravens LB, Jaylon Ferguson, Dead Of Accidental Drug Overdose, and Megan Rapinoe, Who Claimed Girl’s Sporting Careers Aren’t ‘That Important,’ Will Receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom
Power Line: Green Dreams Dashed, Biden Brigade Misfiring on All Cylinders, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: GOP Campaign Volunteer Assaulted, also, Dem Rep Lois Frankel Threatens Small Business Owner
Shot In The Dark: Long & Winding Road, Layers & Layers Of Gatekeepers, and Think “Walz Checks” Only Gassy
STUMP: Happy Bobby Bonilla Day for 2022!
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday – What Do We Owe Our Country?
This Ain’t Hell: Annual Fundraiser, Man Ordered to Stop Falsely Claiming to be Navy SEAL, and Valor Friday
Transterrestrial Musings: Chasing Utopian Energy, Gravitics, and The Market
Victory Girls: Are Democrats Losing Confidence In Biden?
Volokh Conspiracy: “I Was Told There Would Be a Handbasket”, also, Justice Kagan Throws Down the Gauntlet
Watts Up With That: SCOTUS Has Crippled Biden’s EPA – But There’s Only One Way to Stop Them for Good
Weasel Zippers: Americans Should Pay More For Gas To Protect Liberalism, “I Don’t Count Drunk Driving As a Felony”, and This Is America’s New “Nuclear Waste Disposal Chief” – He Has Two Degrees From MIT (If You Can Believe It..) And Likes To Roleplay As A Dog
The Federalist: Representatives Demand Answers From State Department For Funding Atheism Abroad, The J6 Show Trial Is Lying About Election ‘Fraud’, and Biden Regime Admits On Camera – Ushering In ‘Liberal World Order’ Is More Important Than Affordable Gas
Mark Steyn: Live Around the Planet – Dominion Day 2022, also, Dominion Lost

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