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In The Mailbox: 07.07.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box, Episode #1770
357 Magnum: Get Woke, Go Broke
EBL: Save Dutch Cows and Cheese, also, James Caan, RIP
Twitchy: Taylor Lorenz Calls Out Elon Musk For Procreating, also, “Well…Bye!”
Louder With Crowder: Women Destroy Restaurant, Send Employee To Hospital Over $1.75 Sauce, also, Elderly Bodega Employee Charged With Murder By NYC DA For Defending Himself From Career Criminal
Vox Popoli: Joe Rogan is a Narrative Puppet, Contemplating the Non-Problem of Evil, and The Dutch Farmer Rebellion
Gab News: Was Your Pastor Silent On Roe?

Adam Piggott: Love as opposed to Power
American Conservative: Conservatives Must Prioritize the Second Amendment, also, Free Jose Alba!
American Greatness: Gov. Abbott Empowers Texas National Guard and State Troopers to Return Illegal Aliens Back to the Border, also, Tucker Carlson – Biden Selling U.S. Emergency Oil Reserves to China is Impeachable–Possibly Indictable Offense
American Power: Why the Left Truly Is Evil (and Not Stupid), also, The Price of an Unpopular Argument
American Thinker: The Mass Psychosis of Liberals, also, Follow the COVID Money
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Trust in Media News
Babalu Blog: Miami radio star Lourdes Ubieta quits Radio Mambi, refuses to work for Soros-funded leftist group, Police killing of young black Cuban exposes Castro dictatorship’s police brutality and racism, and Dengue fever alert – Cuban dictatorship unable to prevent massive epidemic
BattleSwarm: Tank News Roundup: America Gets A New Light Tank, also, Boris Johnson To Resign
Behind The Black: SpaceX launches another 53 Starlink satellites, U.S. missile test explodes 11 seconds after launch, and Today’s blacklisted Americans
Cafe Hayek: Paris Will Need a New Moniker
CDR Salamander: Pluperfect’s Programmatic Imperfection on the Future Perfect’s Presentism
Chicago Boyz: Advanced Incompetence
Da Tech Guy: A good ride, The 3% Solution in Pro-Life States, and Shades of Steve Martin and a Startling Surprise in this story about the NYT & July 4th
Don Surber: Twitter hypocritically sues India, African reporter asks question the rest won’t, and How to become a media hero
First Street Journal:  Another begging letter from The Philadelphia Inquirer, also, Gun Control Laws and Our First and Second Amendment Rights
Gates Of Vienna: The Four Great Lies of the Globalists, On Holiday With the Reaper, and Energy Poverty in Germany
The Geller Report: You Know What Would Deter More Shootings Than Red Flag Laws?, also, “Justice Gone Mad!”
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, also, A Galaxy with Extra Arms
Hollywood In Toto: Andrew Schultz Defies Censors, Plots Solo Infamous Special Release, also, Macy Gray, Bette Midler Battle to Survive Latest Woke Wave
The Lid: Climate Crazies Glue Themselves To 500 Year-Old Copy Of ‘The Last Supper’
Legal Insurrection: NY Times – Be Afraid Of ‘Far-Right Latinas’ Like Mayra Flores, Recall Gascón Submits Over 700,000 Signatures to LA County Registrar, and European Union Votes to Classify Natural Gas and Nuclear as ‘Green Energy’
Nebraska Energy Observer: And then, there’s Canada
Outkick: Brittney Griner Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges In Russian Court, Raiders Hire First Black Female President In NFL History, Sandra Douglass Morgan, and Hockey Goalie Mikayla Demaiter Is Back Between The Pipes, Derek Jeter On Dad Duty & Kyle Schwarber Is On A Heater
Power Line: Montana for me — but not for thee, 4th of July Shootout Averted, and Worst Sports Story of the Year
Shark Tank: Wassermann-Schultz Asserts Republicans Want Mass Shootings
Shot In The Dark: Breaking News Wind From Seven Years Ago, Paris, and Highland Park
STUMP: Top Causes of Death in U.S. for 2021, by Age, Ranking Table, Fairly Finalized
This Ain’t Hell: Five More Are Accounted For, Last of the “Band of Brothers” Passes, and Space Force Launch’s Intelligence Center
Transterrestrial Musings: The University, Packing The Supreme Court, and BoJo
Victory Girls: Kansas Life Amendment and Pro-Abortion Lies
Volokh Conspiracy: Elected Official vs. [Chocolate] Dick At Your Door, also, $370K Verdict in Bee Libel Lawsuit
Watts Up With That: Dutch Police Shoot Live Ammo At Anti-Climate Rule Protestors, also, Hot Sand
Weasel Zippers: Biden To Make Deported Illegal Aliens Eligible For Citizenship, Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Shot, and Dem Rep. Cori Bush: “We Must” Start To Perform Late-Term Abortions In National Parks
The Federalist: Truth Social Doesn’t Just Want To Distinguish Itself From Tech Giants, It Wants To Rival Them, Fauci Just Canceled $1.8 Million In Grisly Beagle Experiments After Fake Fact-Checkers Lied To Save His Behind, and The Military’s Recruiting Crisis Will Continue Until Its Woke Messages Stop
Mark Steyn: What Was It All For?, The Long Goodbye, and As Goes Morality, So Goes Civilization

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