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Late Night With In The Mailbox: 07.13.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Ninety Miles From Tyranny: The 90 Miles Mystery Box Episode #1777
357 Magnum: Carjackings In Chicago Set Six-Month Record
EBL: Bogoda Breakfast Taco Tuesday with Doctor Jill Biden, also, Monty Norman, RIP
Twitchy: Rep. Schiff Claims DOJ Has “More Than Enough” Evidence To Investigate Trump, also, New Yorkers! Fight Inflation By Spending $10 On A Popsicle!
Louder With Crowder “I Feel Sad for What Happened”, also, “Laws Prevent Reading This Material to Children”
Vox Popoli: 48 Facts Against the Vaxx, Evil Always Inverts, and Evolutionary Epicycles and Episyntheses

American Conservative: Boris Johnson Missed His Churchill Moment, also, A Military At War With Americans
American Greatness: John Durham Asks Federal Court to Issue 30 Subpoenas For Steele Dossier Source Igor Danchenko’s Trial, also, Biden Insists Democrats “Want Me to Run”
American Power: “I Made A Huge Mistake Voting For Biden”, also, Social Justice Warriors Turn Victims Into Killers
American Thinker: Republicans Must Listen to Voters, Not the Media, also, Who Runs the USA?
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Two more Radio Mambi hosts quit, refuse to work for Soros-funded leftist group, also, The 13 de Marzo Tugboat Massacre
BattleSwarm: Threaten To Kill Ted Cruz? Enjoy Your Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card
Behind The Black: Pushback: Doctor blacklisted by Twitter for citing peer-reviewed research threatens lawsuit, Icy scarps in the high southern latitudes of Mars, also How the localized nature of Democrat vote tampering will influence the 2022 election
Cafe Hayek: Milton Friedman on Inflation
CDR Salamander: Ukrainian Lessons as Old as Time: Logistics-Auxiliaries-Prizes
Chicago Boyz: Screen Size and Depth of Dialogue, also, Heatwave
Da Tech Guy: The Biden Administration Should Thank God for the Job Ron DeSantis is doing in Florida
Don Surber: Support for transgenders falls, Why Dems don’t care about inflation, and Democrats will kill small business with a $250 billion tax
First Street Journal: Why should we trust the credentialed media if they won’t check their own stories?, also, 73-year-old man murdered by teens in Philly
Gates Of Vienna: Some Like It Hot, The Grassy Knoll of the Lars Vilks Case, and The Third Boer War
The Geller Report: Trump coming to Arizona for rally in support of Kari Lake and other GOP candidates, also, Will The U.S. Fall Just As Rome Did?
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Stephen’s Quintet in a New Light, and Don’t Know Much Biology
Hollywood In Toto: How Warhol and Chappelle Approached Art, Truth and Beauty, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Bakes a Class Conflict Soufflé, and Avatar Baddie Stephen Lang Makes Mid-Century Worth a Look
The Lid: How Biden Blew The Chance For Middle East Peace
Legal Insurrection: Looming Rail Labor Strike To Further Stress America’s Reeling Supply Chain, Inflation is Heating Up – CPI Hit 9.1% in June, Highest Rate in 41 Years, and CNN Columnist Says Republican Latina Candidates “Not Real Deal”
Michelle Malkin: Why Some of Us Can’t Dine in Peace
Nebraska Energy Observer: Will the Centre Hold?
Outkick: Enes Kanter Freedom To LeBron James On USA, Brittney Griner – “Feel Free To Leave, Buddy”, Kansas City Royals Will Be Missing 10 Players in Toronto Due to Vaccination Status, LeBron James Fails Miserably In Attempt To Clarify Asinine Brittney Griner Comments, and ESPN Gets Duped By “Ballsack Sports”
Power Line: Who In His Right Mind, Guest Post: EVs Are Not the Future, and Inflation hits 9.1 percent
Shark Tank: Donalds Says Republicans Couldn’t Get Away With Making ‘Breakfast Tacos’ Remark
Shot In The Dark: The War On The Good Guys, Cancel Culture Keeps Banking Hours, and When I Fight Authority Authority Always Wins
This Ain’t Hell: Strategic Petroleum Reserve oil diverted to other countries, A pro-abortion group offers to pay people to harass justices, and Bidenomics – Recession checklist
Transterrestrial Musings:  Jeff Goldstein, also, Return Of The Jedi
Victory Girls: Inflation Is Why No One Cares About January 6th
Volokh Conspiracy: Stephen Carter Makes the Case for Barring the Bar Exam
Watts Up With That: Let the Litigation Flow!, also, Federalism Is the Key to Demonstrating the Disaster of Green Central Planning
Weasel Zippers: Several Babies Reportedly Left To Die In Minnesota After Failed Abortions, Sen. Hazy Moron (D-HI) Claims It’s Ridiculous To Refer To Founding Fathers When Interpreting Constitution, and A Very Confused Joe Biden Lands In Israel, Immediately Asks “What Am I Doing Now?”
The Federalist: Democrats’ Abortion Witness Further Proves Higher Education Is A Den Of Leftist Nutjobs, Senate Trotskyite Has No Idea How Mutual Funds Work, and How Vax Mandates And Regulatory Red Tape Created A Critical Airline Pilot Shortage
Mark Steyn:

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