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In The Mailbox: 07.25.22

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Extra-chunky Monday edition to make up for the lean, mean Friday post. Enjoy.
Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: How Should She Have Responded?
EBL: Democrats Prepare To Unleash Hell on Fed Chairman Powell For The Coming Recession, Soros-Backed DA Marilyn Mosby Loses Primary for Re-Election, and Saint James [Matamoros]
Twitchy:  A Lot Of “Honest Citizens” Allegedly Think Joe Biden Is One Of The Best Presidents, also, “Lives Were Lost”
Louder With Crowder: “Stick Your Progress Where the Sun Don’t Shine”, Blinged-Out Bishop Robbed During Livestream, and “Who is Paying You to Lie This Time?”
Vox Popoli: Where Were These Guys 3 Years Ago?, Europe’s First White Flag, Leaving the West Behind, and On Awards
Stoic Observations: An Interim Geopolitical Course Correction

American Conservative: Top Gun: Maverick — Not Feelin’ It, Why Did Sebastian Köhn Get Monkeypox?, and Why I Was Wrong About Top Gun: Maverick
American Greatness: Biden Regime Accused of Gaslighting Nation With ‘Soviet Level Propaganda’, Cheney Bracing for Massive Primary Loss in August, and Pentagon Memo Says Trump Gave Order to ‘Make Sure’ January 6th was ‘Safe Event’
American Power: Members of Pence’s Secret Service Detail Feared for Their Lives, also, He Built a Home to Survive a Civil War. Tragedy Found Him Anyway
American Thinker: The Globalist Effort to ‘Get Trump’ Is Backfiring…Bigly!, A Red Chinese Intelligence Operation in America’s Great Plains?, and Some Lessons from January 6 Committee Finale
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Cuban dictatorship declares capitalism for itself, communism for everyone else, Official Cuban government newspaper calls Health Minister a liar, reveals health crisis overwhelming island’s hospitals, and Cuban baseball legends Tony Oliva and Minnie Miñoso inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame
BattleSwarm: The Bomb That Ended A War, also, LinkSwarm for July 23, 2022
Behind The Black: Red China rethinking its proposed heavy lift rocket to make it a Starship clone, A large majority of today’s college students think blacklisting is a good thing, and Completely misunderstanding Trump’s influence in the Republican Party
Cafe Hayek: “Silence golden for market economy”, Getting Cause and Effect Straight, and Thinking Seriously About Responding to the Theft of IP
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday, also, Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: Visit to a Noteworthy Robot – The Amazon No-Check-Out System
Da Tech Guy: The Left: from Avant-Garde to Garde to Red Guards in One Lifetime, Cheney 2024? She’d be Running for the Cash & Status, and Why we’re not solving the veteran suicide problem
Don Surber: Taliban may get nukes thanks to Biden, J6 witch hunt ratings dropped 21%, and Trump will fire 50,000 upon his return
First Street Journal: It’s not just the killings – Philadelphia has become virtually uncivilized, Resistance is not futile. I will not be assimilated, and The poor Special Snowflakes™ are getting their precious little feelings hurt!
Gates Of Vienna: Escalation is Inevitable, Annalena Starts to Worry, and Three Culture-Enrichers Sentenced for Their Roles in the Easter Riots
The Geller Report: Steve Bannon Found “Guilty” Of Contempt of Congress,, also, CHILD ABUSE: Families flee Pennsylvania School After Boys ‘Encouraged To Wear Dresses’
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Eleven and Forty-Three, and Apollo 11 Panorama
Hollywood In Toto: Woke Scolds Come After Jimmy Carr (Again) for 9/11 Joke, Nope Disappoints at Box Office, Media Rush to the Rescue, and Yes, a Hollywood Legend Made Annie
The Lid: Source Documents Blow HUGE Holes In J6 Committee’s ‘Insurrection’ Narrative, California’s Green Obsession Created Toxic Waste Disaster, and The House Jan. 6th “Star Chamber” Shall Not be Opposed
Legal Insurrection: SCOTUS Leaves In Place Lower Court Order Vacating Biden Admin Immigration Enforcement Dodge, For Now, Twitter to Ban Use of ‘Groomers’ After Pressure From Liberal Outrage Mongers, and PM Zoolander Wants To Impose Drastic ‘Climate Change’ Restrictions On Farmers Just Like The Netherlands
Nebraska Energy Observer: Sometimes You Need Ajax, also, Change is good
Outkick: Pete Rose Set To Appear On Phillies’ Field For First Time In Over 30 Years, Jerry West Goes After J.J. Redick For Disparaging Older NBA Stars, Apple’s Likely NFL Sunday Ticket Win Signals Bigger Problem For ESPN & Traditional Networks, and MLB Analyst Confuses Ron Burgundy With Disgraced Porn Star Ron Jeremy
Power Line: More Evidence of the Pointlessness of Wind and Solar, When Reality Bites, and If I had a hammer & sickle
Shark Tank: Broward County Soil & Water Board Promotes Abortions & Democratic Officials
Shot In The Dark: Your Wish Is My Command, Uncancellation, and The Thing About Progressives Is
STUMP: Millennial Massacre Part 2
The Political Hat: Firing Line Friday: Is There an Ecological Crisis?, also, Queering Los Angeles Schools
This Ain’t Hell: A military staple is coming to an end, 17 weird things the military might teach you, Medals of Honor for soldiers who perpetrated Wounded Knee massacre may be rescinded, and Valor Friday
Transterrestrial Musings: Our Woke Military, The Value Of Space Exploration, and They Make It Sound Like A Bad Thing
Victory Girls: Bad News for George Gascon Is Rolling In, Florida Lawmaker Goes After Libs of TikTok, and 
Volokh Conspiracy: A Breakthrough on Reforming the Electoral Count Act [Updated], Colorado U.S. District Court issues TRO against magazine and gun ban, and California Enacts Gun Control Law Modeled on Texas’ SB 8 Anti-Abortion Law
Watts Up With That: Wrong, Legacy Media, Climate Change Is Not Causing Summer Heatwaves in the U.S. and Europe, Wind and Solar Fail to Reduce PJM’s CO2 Emissions, and Reuters:  How to Lie with Facts
Weasel Zippers: Kamala Harris Calls For Violence, House Dems Block Bill Preventing Oil Sales To Red China, and Residents In Portland Finally Fed Up With Drug Addicts In Their City
The Federalist: Recession? No Problem. Just Pretend It Doesn’t Exist, Canada Joins The Netherlands In Declaring Climate-Crazed War On Farmers, J6 Committee Hires Another Television Producer To Dramatize Show Trials, and More Than 100 Trump-Affiliated Lawyers Targeted By Dark Money Group
Mark Steyn: Trudeau the Truckulent, Coming Apart Together: John Carpenter and They Live, and Groom and Doom

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