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Still More Aspiring Rapper Updates

Posted on | July 28, 2022 | 1 Comment

Javorius Scott, a/k/a “JayDaYoungan”

It’s been a busy week in the hip hop community, as young performers are being gunned down with astonishing frequency:

Louisiana rapper JayDaYoungan was fatally shot in his hometown of Bogalusa, north of New Orleans, police said.
The musician, whose real name is Javorius Scott, was killed Wednesday just after 6 p.m. He was 24.
Police said they received a call about a shooting just before 6 p.m. Wednesday. One of the injured people was brought to Our Lady of the Angels emergency room. Another victim, still on scene, was critically wounded and was transported there by ambulance.
Police were then notified of another shooting shortly after 7 p.m., about 4 miles from the first shooting. Authorities said a car was hit by bullets, but the occupants were not injured, police said.
In a Facebook post, Bogalusa Police confirmed Scott’s death “as a result of his injuries.” The other victim, identified by multiple news outlets as Kenyatta Scott Sr., the rapper’s father, was said to be in stable condition. . . .
Bogalusa Police investigators said they believe the two shootings are linked.
Investigators have connected Scott to crimes involving gang rivalries in parts of rural Louisiana in recent months. They said they believe the violence is retaliatory. An investigation is continuing.
In June 2021, Scott was released from prison after serving seven months on charges of possession of a firearm while under indictment for a crime. In September that year, he was arrested on charges of obstruction of justice and accessory to a second-degree murder that occurred in Louisiana. The next month, he was arrested for multiple felonies, including the illegal use of a controlled dangerous substance in the presence of minors. . . .
Scott has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram. His most recent video, “First Day Out Pt2” had amassed 1.9 million views on YouTube.

Do not weep for JayDaYoungan, but instead shed a tear for America’s youth, who have lost an inspiring role model. Meanwhile, in Tampa:

Ari Williams, a/k/a “Rollie Bands”

Five days after up-and-coming rapper Rollie Bands was fatally shot in Tampa, Florida, following a social media post daring critics to confront him, his killer has not yet been arrested.
The 27-year-old performer, real name Ari Williams, was the father of a six-year-old girl. In response to his killing, Williams’ family and friends are calling for justice.
“His daughter deserves that. His mom deserves that. Our family deserves that,” his aunt, Towanda Covington, told local news station WFLA-TV.
Williams was gunned down Friday in the parking lot of his apartment complex, minutes after posting a message on Instagram telling his enemies he was on his way home. “If a ni–a want smoke, I’m at my crib in 5 mins,” he wrote in an Instagram Story.
The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office released a press release saying Williams likely knew his killer. “At this time, the shooting does not appear random,” the sheriff’s office said.
Williams’ family told WFLA he had a disagreement with someone earlier Friday, before he expressed his frustration on Instagram.
“It doesn’t matter what kind of statement, he didn’t deserve for his life to be taken,” Covington said.
Williams’ friend, Tim Simmons, added that a social media post should not get someone killed.
“He shouldn’t have did that, but he also shouldn’t have died because of that either,” Simmons said.

Let this be a lesson for young aspiring rappers: If you taunt your enemies on Instagram, you’ll be making headlines. Not in a good way.